Late July, 2005

InuYasha lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling, frustrated beyond belief.

"You're acting just like father did."

It'd been a little over a week since Sesshoumaru had dropped that fucking bombshell on InuYasha, and he still wasn't sure of what to think of it.

The fact of the matter was that he'd never really gotten to know his father. The youkai had been killed when InuYasha was just a child; his memories were fuzzy at best and based more on pictures than actual interaction. His mother, of course, would tell him stories of her beloved but these really weren't the same as actually being with him.

Was being like his father a good thing? The man had been amazingly well-connected, well-respected (despite having fathered a hanyou), a shrewd businessman and, by all accounts, a loving husband.

So why did Sesshoumaru sound so… sort of disgusted by the whole idea?

It was irritating… to put it lightly. Sesshoumaru was being confusing as all hell, and it wasn't like InuYasha knew anybody in this kami-forsaken empty area of land. He'd gone out for a few runs here and there but it was horribly humid out and he'd only gotten about a mile before turning back, sweating profusely and huffing like he hadn't run in years.

It didn't help that he hadn't been able to sleep at all. At least, not since the dinner at the wench's house. Every time he closed his eyes, he pictured her standing the hallway… water dripping down her towel-clad body, eyes sparking as she glared after her brother, chest heaving from yelling…

"Aw, man," InuYasha groaned, shifting a bit as his shorts grew increasingly uncomfortable and confining.

Stupid bitch, intruding where she wasn't wanted… much less needed!


Dinner – like all the others before it – was stilted. Sesshoumaru tended toward silence anyway, and InuYasha didn't have anything he'd like to say to his brother. He'd prefer to eat in his room, but Sesshoumaru had shot the idea down rather quickly; he insisted on "proper" meals.

InuYasha scowled. "Proper" his ass – Sesshoumaru had something up his sleeve and InuYasha wasn't too thrilled about having to sit around, waiting to find out.

"InuYasha," Sesshoumaru finally said, breaking the silence and causing InuYasha to nearly leap out of his chair in shock. "I notice you have barely left the house since arriving. Is there are reason?"

"It's fuckin' hot out there," InuYasha said, a bit baffled that the fact had somehow escaped the youkai's notice. "And humid as hell! It's like running through an ocean! I don't get that wet in the damn shower!"

Sesshoumaru allowed himself a small sniff. "You will adjust to the weather in time; what better way to do so than to actually venture outdoors?"

"I don't have anywhere to go," InuYasha pointed out. "I hate running for the sake of running. It's stupid."

"It's exercise and will keep you in shape."

"I'm a damned hanyou! I have the metabolism of a youkai and the scrawniness of a human; I don't need to be in any more shape!"

Sesshoumaru let out a snarl. "Must you argue with everything?"

"When you're bein' stupid, yeah!"

The two had slowly leaned in toward each other, eyes narrowing angrily. Sesshoumaru didn't often let himself give in to simple emotions, but his ward knew how to push his buttons better than anybody.

A knock at the door interrupted what may have been an epic battle.

And with that knock, Sesshoumaru's scowl melted into a hint of a smirk that raised the hair on InuYasha's neck. Nothing good could happen when Sesshoumaru was that pleased.

Zilch. Nada. No-thing.

"Ah, our guest has arrived."

"Guest? What guest?" A brush of reiki against his youki had InuYasha scrabbling out of his chair. "No, no, no! I did not invite the wench over!"

"But I did, InuYasha, and as this is my domicile, I will invite anybody I wish."

"Why?" Even InuYasha would admit he was whining at this point… and he didn't have a decent explanation. Kagome was argumentative and frustrating but also gorgeous and sweet and…

'And giving me more wet dreams than I suffered through in puberty!'

Without any further ado, Sesshoumaru threw open the door (well, gently opened it, but it everything seemed louder and more intimidating suddenly) and led in the miko who still haunted his thoughts and dreams.

'Damn it.'


Slamming the door behind her, Kagome stalked away from the house. InuYasha was lucky her father had come to pick her up, or she would have fried him to a crisp…

Or kissed him.

No! No, no, no! Kissing was baaaaaad. Wrong! She didn't want to kiss an uncouth, rude, annoying boy like him! Especially when he was being such a jerk!

Okay, so his ears were absolutely adorable. And looked as soft as her favorite teddy bear.

And his hair was to die for. So thick and shiny; she wondered what kind of shampoo and conditioner he used. Did he blow-dry it out? Somehow, she had a hard time visualizing him primping in front of a mirror every day. She pouted at the thought – it wasn't fair! How could somebody so absolutely annoying be so sinfully delicious-looking?

She honestly hadn't expected InuYasha to be so… exasperating. Sesshoumaru was refined. A little boring sometimes, but well-mannered, polite, and always willing to help her out as necessary. It was possible he was just kissing up to her father, but even so – he did so in a way that wasn't overly exaggerated or condescending towards her. Of course, he'd warned her of his younger brother's "attitude" but Kagome had written it off as sibling rivalry.

Yeah, right! It was like InuYasha was determined to fight everybody on everything!

She hadn't even done anything wrong! Just invited him to a movie; she thought it'd be fun to get to know him, now that she could look at him without turning sixteen shades of red and thinking of the way he'd stared, wide-eyed, at her barely-covered body the day that brat Souta had stolen her bra.

But no, he couldn't be polite! He didn't want to see "a girly movie" and the action flick she suggested "had a stupid story." Psh, like he'd pay enough attention to the story? There was a scantily-clad woman and explosions – what else did guys go to movies to see? In her limited experience, that was pretty much it.

Of course, her friend Miroku would accompany her to chick flicks just to ogle the other ladies in the theater. So maybe her experience was… special.

Still, if he hadn't wanted to go, he could have just said "no" rather than making disparaging comments about her choice in movies, her other suggestions, and even her attitude toward his brother…

Jerk! That's what he was! A jerk!

And yet, she couldn't help but feel bad for him. She wondered if he'd had any friends in Japan. The country was well-known for being very proper, very focused on blood-lines and families. A half-demon wouldn't have fit in very well…

Once she cooled down, she decided, she'd figure out how to get InuYasha out of his shell. There had to be something in him worth salvaging!


InuYasha lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling, seething.

What right did she have to come in and turn his life upside-down? Why the heck was he so nuts around her, anyway? Ignoring her was like climbing a mountain – a snow-covered one, with ice and wind and no hiking gear. It was nigh-impossible; the worst part was that he wasn't sure if he wanted to ignore her.

In fact, ignoring her hurt. Caused a part of his mind to scratch for freedom, to fight with him to grab her and take her far away.

Hence his irritating attitude. He didn't want to ignore her, but he didn't want to give in. She destroyed his self-control; InuYasha absolutely loathed that. No matter the fights he'd been in, he'd always been firmly in control. He hadn't lost himself to his demon-half more than once in his life.

Kagome made him toe the line of wanting to lose control.

And so he picked at her. Sniped at her, verbally sparred. She was gorgeous when she was glowing with frustration and anger; and she was paying attention to him, which made that tiny part of him purr with happiness.

'Damn it.'

Anger… frustration… loss of control. And happiness. How could one stupid human girl tie him up in knots like this?

Unaware that he was growling to himself, InuYasha was pulled from his musings as Sesshoumaru peeked his head around the door.

"You'll figure it out eventually… and when you do, it will be amusing."

InuYasha rolled to the side, glaring up at him. "Just what is that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly what I said."

"I don't get it." InuYasha snagged his pillow and took aim, sighing with frustration when Sesshoumaru easily dodged the projectile.

"You're ridiculous. You let yourself lose control; you snipe at the one woman who will make you happy."

"She doesn't make me happy!" InuYasha protested. "She pisses me the hell off!"

Silence reigned.

Sesshoumaru glared.

"I was wrong about you," he finally said. "You won't figure it out – you're a fool."


Geez, has it been a while or what? I apologize for the several-months-long delay; I've been playing in other fandoms and real life has been ridiculously hectic. However! I have sworn to never leave a story unfinished and I meant it! The rest of this story is fully planned out… now it's a matter of getting it onto "paper" and posted :)

This is a story based on a series of prompts for the LiveJournal community un_love_you.

There will be 30 chapters, one for each prompt.

Prompt: "I was wrong about you."

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