Sam knelt down in front of her daughter's grave. She put down some flowers. She read the tombstone like she had so many times before.

"Lila McCall- beloved daughter. An angel not ready to leave Heaven. 11/8/04

Sam smiled a little bit. Jason picked those words. It was hard to believe it had already been a year and a half since her little girl died.

"Hi, baby. It's Mommy. I'm going to try to get you a little brother or sister. I am going to the doctor to see if I can get pregnant." She looked down. "I hope I can. Jason and I need this so much." She paused. "I still can believe he was your biological father."

She stood up. "If only I could tell him the secret. I love you, Lila." She left.

"Hi, my name's Sam McCall. I have an appointment with Dr. Makentire."

"She will be right with you." a nurse said. Sam went over and sat down.

"Hello beautiful." Jason said, kissing Sam.

"You remembered?" Sam asked.

"I'm going to find out if I can ever be a father. How could I forget?"

Sam stood up. She began to feel dizzy. She fell over and Jason caught her. "Something's wrong."

Dr. Makentire came over. "I want to take you into surgery. I think I can fix the problem."

"Okay." Sam said.