A/N this is my first fanfic. Please don't be too harsh on the first reviews. Hope you like it. This is New Moon in Edward's POV. I don't own him. Stephanie Meyer does, but I didn't have any other idea on what to do for my first fanfiction.

The Prologue:

She is so beautiful when she asleep. The way she was twitching tonight though. The only word all night out of those soft, full lips was, "Grandma!" I was confused but didn't fret on it. When she awoke she would realize today was her birthday. While I stayed frozen as a seventeen-year-old boy, she would turn the inevitable eighteen. Well that's how she would look at it. I knew she wouldn't enjoy it. My family was throwing a birthday party for her. Of course Alice's idea. The sun started to rise. Time was short, but I would see her soon enough, again.

1. Inevitable Subject as Always:

I ran to my house, changed, grabbed the keys to my Volvo, and was on my way again. I drove extremely fast as I was anxious to get back to my Bella... umm.... my Bella has a nice ring to it. Alice had decided to come along today but I didn't mind.

Edward.... do you think she'll like my present?

"Of course, but she did say she didn't want anything or any attention."

She must know that I wasn't going to listen to her. Who wouldn't want presents on their birthday?

I pulled into school and got out followed by Alice who came to stand next to me. I could already hear her beat up truck rearing in the distance. I smiled to myself. My Bella was here at school. What was she going to think once she saw Alice holding the tiny package in her hand? Of course I would never know. Her mind was the only one I couldn't hear, forever a mystery. I was getting good at guessing what she was thinking, but still I was almost always wrong about her reaction to certain things.

She slammed the door to her truck and started to walk to me, but Alice didn't give her time.

"Happy Birthday, Bella," she all but screamed.

"Shhh," Bella said. The first thing out of her tiny, soft lips. As she looked around as if making sure no one heard.

Still Alice pressed on, "Do you want to open your present now or later?" Please... PLEASE say now.

They finally made their way to where I was standing. "No presents," she said sternly in a mumble.

Who doesn't want their birthday celebrated? Oh well she can't stop the party. " Okay.... Later then. Did you like the scrapbook your mom sent you? And the camera from Charlie?"

She sighed as she realized that Alice knew what all her presents were. I wasn't the only one in my family that was gifted, Alice had seen what Bella was getting as soon as the person chose to get that item.

" Yeah. They were great," She seemed exasperated with this wonderful day. I couldn't grasp why though. She should be happy she was another year older. I was happy and content, I had not taken her life away. I had not put the burden of eternity on her. What was wrong?

Alice chimed in," I think it's a nice idea. You're only a senior once. Might as well document the experience." Maybe that will help.

"How many times have you been a senior?" What can I say she's too smart for her own good.

"That's different."

Now we were going to have the whole I want to be a vampire discussion again. Well I don't want to put this kind of life on you. Why, don't you want me to be able to stay with you forever. Well, why can't you just live with the time we have now? I want to always be with you. Here it comes... I hope not for my sake of the argument, two against one. Maybe I will dazzle her. I held out my hand and she took it without any comments.

"So, as discussed, I am not allowed to wish you a happy birthday, is that correct?" I wanted to but I wanted her happy so my lips are sealed.

"Yes this is correct."

"Just checking." I wanted to say it anyway she was adorable when mad at me. "You might have changed your mind. Most people seem to enjoy things like birthdays and gifts."

Just then Alice thought... She isn't like most people remember? And began to laugh her musical laugh. She then said, "Of course you'll enjoy it. Everyone is supposed to be nice to you today and give you your way, Bella. What's the worst that could happen?" Oh no, she opened that door again.

"Getting Older." Maybe if I smile it will dazzle her she'll forget this whole conversation and go to class.

"Eighteen isn't very old," Alice said, " Besides don't women normally wait till their twenty-nine to get upset over birthdays?"

This is not going to help I can see it in her eyes. Even before she mumbles, " It's older than Edward." My name formed in her mouth made me feel as cold as I truly am. I sighed. When can we get off this subject?... Please say something else Alice. Talk about the weather, school, I wouldn't care if you talked about shoes right now, just anything but her birthday.

" Technically," Alice began in a light voice, " Just by a little year though." No help at all. Edward sorry I brought it up again, but do really think it's such a bad subject?

I can't believe we are still having this conversation. What will it take to get her to understand that I am not changing my mind on the whole vampire thing? I told them both it was never going to happen, not on my watch. Nobody will go against my wishes. Please just change the subject.

"What time will you be at the house," Alice asked. Thank You. I could kiss you right now.

Now she looked mortified. Well at least we were off the immortal subject.

"I didn't know I had plans to be there."

"Oh, be fair, Bella," Alice was now going to give it to her," You aren't going to ruined all our fun like that, are you?"

" I thought my birthday was about what I want." Another agruement between best friends really quite cute.

Before this turned out to be another horrible conversation, "I'll get her from Charlie's right after school." I hope she didn't realize I ignored her comment all together.

"Have to work." Well, Alice can tell her the good news about work.

"You don't actually," Let's see how this event turns out, "I Already spoke to Mrs. Newton about it. She's trading your shifts. She said to tell you' happy birthday.'"

Her next excuse," I--- I still can't come over," wait here it comes," I, well, I haven't watched Romeo and Juliet yet for English."

Edward does she really think that's a valid excuse, Alice snorted, "You have Romeo and Juliet memorized."

I can't wait to see what her next statement is."But Mr. Berty said we needed to see it performed to fully appreciate it---That's how Shakespeare intended it to be presented." Can't believe, as bright as she is, this is the nest she can come up with. I rolled my eyes. This isn't going to end well, but Alice would have given up if she saw Bella winning this agruement.

"You've already seen the movie," Alice said. I can see who's not going to give up without a fight. I didn't mind that Bella didn't want to go. She was going to be alone with seven vampires. I hoped that one day she would run away screaming in terror, but that was unlikely to ever happen. Maybe I can offer her the best doctors in the world, if she would just admit she had a problem with her fear factor in her brain.

"Not the nineteen-sixties version. Mr. Berty said it was the best."

At that moment Alice lost her little grin. "This can be easy, or this can be hard, Bella, but one way or the other---"

Time to step in and let both sides win."Relax, Alice. If Bella wants to watch a movie, than she can. It's her birthday."

"So there." So childish to say, but so unconditionally adorable.

She's really going to hate me for this next thing."I'll bring her over around seven," ah the crease in between her eyes, "That will give you more time to set up."

Thank You, Edward. I owe you one. Alice started to laugh then said, "Sounds good. See you tonight, Bella! It'll be fun, you'll see." She smiled, showing all her teeth, and pecked Bella on the cheek before dancing off to class.

"Edward, please---," I silenced with my finger pressed against her warm soft lips. I could feel the warmth of her breath against my cool skin.

"Let's discuss it later. We're going to be late for class." We had almost all the same classes together. It still seeks to amaze me how I can dazzle so many female staff members at our school. We walked into class and took our usual seats.

My no longer rival Mike Newton was in our class. He was still thinking he had a chance with Bella.

One day he'll break her heart. Guess who will be there to mend it. That's right me. Then...

I can't believe he still has those dumb fantasies about her. I want to tell him they will never come true, but that would be extremely incompetent. How would I be able to explain knowing those little visions of his? I am glad he no longer stares at Bella with those Bambi eyes like she's doing something wrong loving me. When he uses to do that she got this guilt look in her eyes. I hated him for it, but now us as a couple isn't that good of gossip anymore. We had been together for half a year now. It still bemused me how she could love a monster, but I no longer waited for her to run screaming from me.