It had to have been one of the hottest days of the year; just over 100 degrees outside. The sun was pouring into the Arcade through the windows. The familiar bell over the entrance rang indicating a new customer.

"It's soooo hot outside," complained the new visitor, and she hopped onto a stool at the counter.

"What is that you╒re wearing Odango?"

In all her excitement to see the part-time arcade clerk, she hadn't noticed that she had sat down next to her rival.

"It's a sundress baka," she spat, "What does it look like?" and turned her attention to the employee schedule posted on the wall, pretending it was more interesting than conversing with the handsome college student.

Her light pink dress was sleeveless with a scoop neck and the hem was mid-thigh length. On her feet were flip-flops, colored to match her dress, and she wore two pink bows around each bun.

"You look like a stick of bubble gum!"

"I do NOT!" she fumed and turned to face him, "Pink just so happens to be my signature color."

"Pink?" the man raised an eyebrow, "Why pink?"

"Because it╒s cheerful. It signifies happiness, love, and friendship. And because it is NOTHING like you!" she glared and snapped her head back to eye the schedule.

He took the last sip of his coffee and picked up his books. Before leaving he whispered huskily into her ear, "Pink also stands for romance, Odango."

Her cheeks burned and she turned again to counter his statement, but Chiba Mamoru was already gone.