We all gathered around as Emmett looked like he was about to explode with excitement. I'd been polite enough, not to look into anyone's future to see what Emmett had in store for us, but when Emmett is this jumpy, you know it's not a good sign. Once everyone had gathered around, Emmett stood up looking very proud of himself. "I'd like to inform everyone right now that you can't back out at any moment starting NOW! That includes you Edweirdo," Emmett said. Edward sneered at Emmett. Em was just teasing and Edward knew that, but Eddie hated being called anything other than Edward. He was so boring and old-school. I was getting lost in my train of thoughts when Emmett suddenly carried on. "I've signed everyone up to Big Brother! And it's going to be filmed right here in our own home! I was talking to the Irish coven, and they said they would join in, and the Denali coven said they'd love to," Emmett said emphasising Denali while giving Edward an evil look, but yet Emmett still carried on. "They will be arriving any minute now. This is why you can't back out! I've had this all sorted for 2 weeks but didn't tell anyone. Well I'm going to go freshen up! Goodbye housemates!" and that was the last we saw of Emmett for a while.

We all sat in shock as we tried to process what Emmett had told us he had just done. I couldn't believe he was actually being SERIOUS about making a vampire version of Big Brother. It wasn't until my chain of thought ended that I wished another had started as I now had 7 vampires staring at me intently. I kept shrinking (wishing that I was) until Nessie grabbed my hand and showed me in my mind what everyone wanted to ask. "Look everyone, I know you're all wondering why I didn't tell you in advance, but I promised Emmett I wouldn't look ahead of time of any of us, the Irish coven or the Denali coven so I wouldn't ruin the surprise for him. He looked pretty serious about this surprise. I wasn't expecting it to be this stupid of an idea!" I squeaked out as they stared intently at me. "Everyone, Alice was just respecting Emmett's wishes. I'm sure Edward did the same thing," I heard Esme speak, and everyone's eyes shifted to her, giving me a chance to escape. A hand grabbed me and pulled me into their lap as I tried to leap past them. I looked at the cute loving face of Jasper who now had me all bunched up in his arms. He made me rest my head against his shoulder as we listened to Edward explain why he had followed Emmett's word.

It had been a good solid hour since we had last seen Emmett. We had been discussing the situation currently at hand, and we still had drawn no conclusions as to what we were going to do. The next thing we heard was camera crew people at the front door which had diverted everyone's attention. We all stared at the door in horror before witnessing Emmett bringing in the camera crew and escorting the Denali coven and the Irish coven into our home. As soon as Maggie caught sight of Nessie and me, she skipped up to us and gave us a group hug. This whole mascopade that Emmett had started was really going to take its toll on Nessie and Maggie as they were the youngest.

"Okay everyone. This is going to be aired on Vamp T.V. it's a new station that Aro has made up for the purpose of this. Jane and Alec have made another show for other times of the day, but other than that, we will be the entertainment 24hrs a day. The way this is going to work is that everyone is in here for the game. Everyone's cars have been taken to the Denali coven which is where the eliminated contestants go. Oh and Aro got the whole house enclosed in a giant cage. NO ONE under ANY circumstances, except elimination, is allowed to leave the cage. He has also been allowed to renovate the house. He is planning on making a bedroom house for everyone to share, and then he is making this the everything else house. And we will feed on bottles of blood. They are all marked with which animal. Sorry to the Denali coven and the Irish coven, but you won't be allowed the chance to drink human blood. That is why Felix and Demetri are our camera men. They will be wiring the house up. Well I guess that's all. We are all staying up in the Denali Coven for renovations, which should be done in an hour or two. So off we head!" Emmett explained to us. None of us moved except for Emmett, the Denali and Irish coven and Nessie. Maggie and Nessie were out of the door within seconds while the rest of us sat in silence. Everyone began to look around the house after Emmett left. Esme looked like she was about to faint.

Emmett came back into the living room and helped everyone out of the house one at a time. Once he had evacuated us and piled us into the cars, they sped off in the direction of the Denali coven. The drive was too long and tedious for anyone's liking except for Maggie and Nessie who were drawing pictures the whole ride. The more I concentrated on Maggie and Nessie, the less tedious the drive seemed. Halfway during the drive, I ended up drawing with Maggie and Nessie. They taught me how to draw all sorts of things which helped bide the time in the car. It wasn't long until we reached the Denali house. It was big like our house, so everyone would fit. Our car was the last to arrive at an unpleasant and apparently unwanted surprise.

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