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I was sitting with Aro waiting for the time until we had to eliminate someone. We were tallying the votes one last time to make sure we had the right person. "Aro, we're still getting votes. Maybe one of us should tell them that voting is closed and any votes sent in from now will not be counted. Otherwise we'll be here all night," I suggested to him. He nodded and headed into the live audience room to make the announcement as I continued tallying votes.

When Aro came back into the room, I had got it narrowed down to three people. No more votes came through and I was stuck. "What do we do? We have three people up. I say we evict them because they're the only one of their kind, but what about them? They are both up for eviction, right?" I quickly checked my clipboard to make sure. I groaned as I saw they both were. This was going to make for a difficult elimination.

"Welcome back to the first elimination of the season! We have many shocking surprises coming to you, live tonight!" My voice boomed around the mini-stadium we had set up next to the house where the evictee or evictee's would be to come out of the house through a separate door that led onto the stage. I joined Aro next to the seats we had set up. "We're going to check on the housemates before letting them know who must leave," I smiled at the camera before turning to look at the TV monitor placed on the wall behind our heads.


"Hi!" All of us housemates chorused, as if we'd rehearsed it, when we saw Emmett and Aro staring at us through the plasma on the wall. They waved back and asked if we were ready to know who would be leaving the competition tonight for good and would never be to return to the Big Brother house. We all nodded and I put on my best, "well let's get on with it," look. Emmett chuckled before producing an envelope from under the table. "As we all remember, tonight the people up for eviction are… Tanya, Irina, Esme, Carmen, Siobhan, Leah and Emily! So Far I can tell you the first three who are staying in the house tonight and have survived their first eviction. So could you seven lovely women please come forward? Thank you. Tonight's survivors are… Esme, Siobhan and Carmen! You may all sit back down. So that leaves Tanya, Irina, Leah and Emily. We will return after this commercial break!"

We glanced around nervously at each other. Jasper and I had discussed how we wanted all the wolves out of the house and the Denali's gone too. Before long, Emmett had spoken up and made a few people jump. I saw the anxiety creep upon Tanya's face when she realized she might be going tonight. "Okay you guys. We have some big news coming tonight. It won't be anything you're expecting so don't try and figure out what the news is, because we're not telling you until we tell the vampire world. So sit back, and those not up for elimination can relax. But don't get too comfortable. Our news may come as a shock to some," Emmett winked before turning back to whisper to Aro before the camera man counted us back into the show.

"And welcome back! We're down to our last four eliminee's. Wait, is that a word?" Aro glanced at Emmett before continuing his spiel. "So now we're going to reveal some big news. Could Tanya and Irina take a step back, we're going to begin with our wolves this evening. Our big news is that we've been chatting to our dear friend Billy Black. He has told us that our dear wolf friends are needed back at the reserve so as of tonight; they will no longer be contestants of our show. Thank you all for playing. Wolves, you have ten minutes to pack all the belongings you brought with you into the house before you will need to leave the house."

As Aro completed his sentence, the whole house sat in complete shock at what he had just announced. I was thinking to myself, "the wolves will be gone?" We all glanced quietly at ourselves as the wolves got up to pack, in an equally quiet trance. You could tell by some of the glum looks on their faces that they did not want to leave, but actually wanted to stay in the house.

Ten minutes passed and the wolves were waving us goodbye as left into the diary room and went through another door. We watched as they walked onto the plasma screen. They'd obviously gone into the room that Emmett and Aro had built for elimination rounds. No one had made a sound since this announcement had been made to the house.

Billy Black appeared from another door that seemed to be made for the audience to enter and sat next to Aro. "Hi everyone. I know it comes as a surprise to you that you've all been evicted from the house on the first eviction but there are some private matters happening back at the reserve that you all need to come back for. If it wasn't for the high importance of the matters, I wouldn't bring you all home. I apologize to you all missing out on the fun here at the house but maybe we can set up our own Big Brother after the matters at hand have been sorted," Billy spoke sincerely to them before motioning with his hand that he wanted everyone to leave as fast as they could so that he could get home. They all waved goodbye as they followed Billy out of the building.

"And we'll be back with the Vampire eviction after this commercial break!" Emmett turned to face the camera with a cheery look as he announced the next commercial break. I'd been watching Tanya constantly after Aro had told us the news. She had gone from looking relieved until the moment Emmett announced that either Tanya or Irina would be leaving even though all the wolves had just been evicted. She now had a look of anxiousness again. I was trying to hide my smile.

"Welcome back to the final part of our first eviction episode. We've just said our farewells to the wolves and we're down to the vampires. We may have surprised you with the shock eviction of all the wolves, but our surprises this episode are far from over," Emmett cheerfully said aloud. He turned to the TV screen and continued, "Tanya, Irina. You are the final two vampires in the bottom two for eviction. As spoken from the viewers worldwide, the vampire that has been voted as our first evictee…" Emmett kept the suspense going by opening the envelope extremely slowly even though we all knew full well he knew who was going. I leaned over to Edward and whispered, "Do you know who it is?" By the smirk on his face, I knew that he definitely knew who was going to be evicted. As I continued to stare at him, he reluctantly leaned over and whispered back, "Both of them." I furrowed my eyebrows at him in disbelief. He mouthed back, "Why didn't you just look into the future?" I gave this a thought before mouthing back, "I wanted to keep the game fair by not cheating." He smiled back at me and turned to see what Bella wanted on his other side. I poked by tongue out at him, and when he noticed, he nodded towards the TV screen letting me know that Emmett had finally finished the apparently tedious task of opening an envelope and was ready to tell everyone who was being evicted.

I still wasn't sure that it was going to be both going home, but I watched as anxiously as the others. "The first evictee of this show is… Irina! You have 5 minutes to say farewell to the housemates and collect your belongings. Come through the diary room door and you'll see another door on the other side. Come through that door and we'll meet you soon! Viewers at home, enjoy this montage we put together of Irina's time in the house." I turned to face Edward. I raised my eyebrow and he mouthed, "Just wait." I glanced at Tanya who was smiling obnoxiously large. Irina was crying as she hugged everyone. When she reached me, I stood up and gave her a big hug. I felt kind of bad that Irina had to be sent home first.

We all sat down on the sofa's and watched the TV screen as Irina appeared next to Emmett and Aro, giving them both a hug each before sitting in-between them. "Thank you, Irina, for appearing on the show. It was wonderful watching you perform as you did. We hope you enjoy continuing to watch the show from your luxury hotel room in the new hotel we have built just for our Big Brother evictee's. This way you don't have to go home to an empty house," Emmett gave her one last hug as he ushered Irina out the same door the wolves had left through. Tanya was making herself comfortable on the sofa next to Siobhan who was trying as subtly as possible to move away from her. Emmett turned to the screen once more and announced, "That's not all, folks. Tanya please step forward once more." Tanya reluctantly got up as she had obviously just got as comfortable as she had wanted. "Tanya, you have also been evicted from the Big Brother house tonight. Please collect your belongings and say your farewells. You have 5 minutes," Emmett finished. I smirked at Edward and he gave me an I-told-you-so look. We watched as Tanya burst into tears trying to get hugs from everyone. No one hugged her as they watched her bawling. Eventually she got the hint and wiped her face before picking up her bags and heading to the diary room. The moment we heard the door slam everyone gave loud cheers.

When Tanya came out through the other door, Emmett immediately ushered her through the final door, whispering something in her ear. As he was doing this, Aro stood up to say a few final words. "Thank you for tuning in tonight. We'll see you all again on Thursday for the elimination games. Goodnight everybody!" Aro waved as the cameraman panned out and the live audience cheered.