Disclaimer: It is unfortunate for me to inform you that I do NOT own the Twilight Saga, or the Covenant. I'm just a lowly, obsessed fan who loves creating a story.

Hello, my loves! I'm baaaaaccccckkkk haha! So there are a few things that I want every one of my readers to be aware of before jumping into Into the Fire:

I wanted this sequel to be different, meaning I wanted it to be a bit more. Whenever a movie or a story comes out with a sequel, the fans always expect it to be better! And I don't want anything less. So I thought of it as a movie sort of.

There will be blood. There will be power. There will be violence. There will be romance. There will be depression. Which is why this story might be bumped to rated M. Not because I'm planning on getting grimy or dirty or anything at all haha! I just want this story to hold more depth than it did in the first story.

Thirdly, I know all of you were wondering if this is just going to be centered on Edward and Bella and the answer is…..of course NOT! This is a Twilight and Covenant crossover meaning you can't have this story happen without the Cullens and The Sons of Ipswich.

Now… onto the Prologue!


The woman's heart pounded frantically in her chest. There was no escape, no way out. She could no longer hear the pursuit of her attackers but something told her she didn't have to to know that they were near. Laughing filled the air, wringing the silent night of its serenity. The woman pumped her legs faster although she knew there was no winning this fight.

Her time would soon be up.

A shadow leapt down in front of her. As the shadowed figured stepped into the path of the streetlight, she noticed the striking features and traits of the man she assumed would be her murderer. His hair was a very light blond as if it had never been kissed by the golden rays of the sun. His eyes were the color of rubies which contrasted frightfully with his pale, albino skin.

The man's cold, lifeless lips curved upward into a sinister grin, daring her to run. She could hear more chuckling and knew they were not alone. Surrounding her were two others, both male and resembling their friend. The one to her right had a scar over his left eye which made him seem all the more dangerous.

"This one should taste yummy, Riley," the third one, a redhead with freckled cheeks exclaimed. She gasped, her hand flying to her pounding chest.

"Aw, I think you scared her, Doyle," scar-face joined in.

They all laughed and continued with their taunts. The blonde leader stepped up. "Don't worry, darling. We won't bite," he replied tauntingly. "That's Big Red's job."

She was merely human, therefore not quick enough to fight them off and before she knew it, she was flying through the night. Her screams went unheard.


Beep, Beep, Beep!

I groaned and rolled to my side, effectively falling off my low bed. "Great." I pushed myself off the gray carpet and made my way to the bathroom. I twisted the knobs of the shower until hot water sprayed from the shower head. This was my routine.

Every morning.

Every morning since I left my love and my family.

And I regretted it greatly.

Even the most monotonous things seemed tasteful when I was surrounded by the people I loved. Now…it was bitter moments that could never let my mind leave the pain I had caused.

I climbed in after shredding my clothes and sighed as the water sprayed over me, leaving a tinge of feeling in my usually numb corpse. I hated feeling this way. Missing the love of my life…the one I had left.

I thought about what state I would have been in if it was Edward who had left me. No doubt the state wouldn't be much better than the one I was in now.

I hated myself for causing everyone grief. I could feel the emptiness and mourning in my bones. If only I could go back.

Never once had I regretted my gift, but I couldn't risk putting the Cullens in danger. The one element to kill a vampire was the one element I depended on to survive.

Yeah, like I said, I hated myself.

I dressed quickly, slipping on the white t- shirt and black dress pants Waylon required us to wear at the diner. Yep, you heard right. Isabella Marie Danvers, daughter of a prestigious lawyer who went to Harvard, was working at a diner here in Forks, Washington.

Ah, Forks.

A dreary, wet, cold, city with a population of about three hundred. However, I can't say that I hate it completely. It fit my mood, my soul, and the Isabella I am now perfectly. And for that reason, I'd never felt more comfortable being alone than I did now.

I sighed and grabbed my bag after checking in the mirror to make sure I was at least decent. When I was done, I stepped out of my apartment and into the hall. Not many tenants lived on this floor and for that I was grateful. I like my peace and quiet. Privacy was all I had now.

I took in the brisk air when I finally made my way outside. The coffee shop I loved to stop at was only a block away. We weren't allowed to drink from the coffee stash at work for Waylon lived by the motto "save some for the customers". What the boss wants, the boss gets.

"Hey, Cody!" I greeted when I entered the café. Cody was one of the few I felt comfortable around. One of the few who could make me forget.

"What's up, Bella?!" the shaggy, blonde barista shouted back from behind the counter. You would think just by looking at him he would be living somewhere other than Forks. Maybe somewhere along the coast where he could ride the waves all day. He definitely fit the surfer description.

"Same as always?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yep," I replied smiling. I leaned against the counter and let my eyes roam around. It was practically empty aside from the usual customers such as Mr. Rowland who claimed he was a "writer", but never actually did any writing.

"Think he's surfing porn?"

I turned back to Cody and giggled. "God, I hope not!" He laughed with me and handed over my espresso. I pulled out a ten and slipped it to him before walking away. "Keep the change!" I called.

"You're too good to me!" he yelled back. I laughed as I walked back into the cold air. There was a certain eeriness around the town today and I could feel it tingling through my body. However, I didn't know what it was.

I had been using my powers often, but only to see if I could gain control. I never overused and never tried anything unless I was alone. I had gotten considerably better. My emotions barely triggered a reaction for which I was proud of.

"There you are, Bells!" a curly blonde in her mid-twenties shouted cheerfully as soon as I entered the diner. I glanced at the clock and then back at her, raising an eyebrow.

"It's 8:15, Susie."

"Oh, I know that, doll face!" she replied, swatting her hand and rolling her eyes playfully. "We were just wondering if you caught sight of today's paper."

I headed to the door that led to behind the counter. "No, why?"

"Because," Colleen, a busty red-head in her thirties started as she came out of the kitchen. "It's going to be the talk of the town." She threw a newspaper down on the counter in front of me and I peered over to get a good look at it.


Stab wounds to the neck? The phrase kept repeating itself over and over again in my head. A picture of the woman was next to the text and I could tell that she was not many years older than me. Who would do such a thing? What would do such a thing?

Her body was cold and there seemed to have been a bit of blood drained from her…

"Did you know her?"

I snapped my head up and turned to Susie. "Sorry what?"

"Did you know her?" she asked, nodding to the woman. I shook my head and whispered no.

"Now I want you girls to be careful, got it?" Colleen demanded. She was always the mother here at the diner since she was the oldest. Waylon didn't hire anyone over thirty five.

We nodded and put the paper away so we could get back to our daily ritual. I sighed and grabbed my apron, slipping it on just as two policemen entered. "I got it," I told Susie as I headed in the direction of where the men had taken a seat. Susie gave me a disappointed nod but said nothing. She always loved grabbing the policemen. 'I do love a man in uniform' she had once informed me.

The two officers glanced up from the conversation as soon as they saw me come over. They both gave me flirtatious smirks and one even had the audacity to lick his lips. Great! I should have given them to Susie. "What can I get you boys today?" I asked politely, pulling out my pen and pad that I took orders with.

"How about your special for today with a cup of coffee, and a side order of you, sweetheart?" one with brown hair and beady eyes said. He was lucky I'd been practicing self control because the old Bella would have torched his ass.

I smiled a wide, fake smile. "I'll be back." I swiveled around on my heels and headed back to the counter where Susie stood reading a magazine. "They're all yours." I grabbed a rag from the kitchen sink and began wiping off the counter top when the doorbell dinged. I sighed and glanced up. My eyes met the dark ones of a tall, well tanned man. He had long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and some sort of tribal necklace swinging around his bulky neck. I would have definitely noticed him before just by his attire. While everyone else was dressed in coats and sweaters, he wore a simple t-shirt and ripped jeans.

He took a seat on a barstool and stared patiently at me, not frowning nor smiling. I cleared my throat uncomfortably and went to stand before him. "Morning. What can I get you?"

"Just some coffee would be nice," he replied, offering me a small smile. I gave him a nod before going to retrieve his coffee.

"My, my, my. That Sam is quite a looker, huh?"

I turned to Colleen and glanced in the direction she was looking in. The tall, dark, and silent man. I laughed. "Yeah. How do you know him?"

"Oh, he's been here quite a few times. He lives on the reservation." Ahhh, La Push. Now I knew why I had never seen his face. "But don't get your hopes up, sweetie. He's taken. Him and his girl Emily have been together for quite some time. Heard they were engaged." Me?! Get my hopes up? I almost laughed if it didn't hurt so much to be reminded. Edward was my one and only true love. That would never change. However, something about this Sam character didn't seem…normal.

"Here's your coffee, sir."


I smiled and nodded before letting him be. I went back to cleaning around the diner, occasionally eyeing the russet toned man who sat mere feet away from me. What was that uncomfortable buzz going through my veins? Just as I was about to throw away the dishrag and retreat to the back, my eyes caught something bronze and white flash by.

I blinked and popped my eyes wide open. There was no one except for a small, curly, bronze haired girl skipping along behind her mother. I smiled at the sight, but that quickly became a frown.

Thinking of him again, I thought with a depressed sigh. I had to get a better grasp on my sanity before it was too late.

Author's Note: So I hope you liked it. If you didn't, remember this is only the beginning. I'm trying to set the stage. Next you'll see a little less Bella and a little more Edward and those sexy Covenant boys haha.