Fire and Ice Chapter 8:

Figure It Out


"So you moved away from us only to run into werewolves?" Caleb questioned, more than a little irritated and hurt.

I folded my arms across my chest. "It's not like I sought them out."

Edward placed a hand on my lower back. "And this Jacob is…"

"A friend. I met him at the diner I work at and immediately sensed something was off. He sensed the same from be."

"But werewolves?" Caleb said, still trying to wrap his mind around that fact.

"What else exists?" Pogue muttered.

"They aren't as bad as the movies make them. They actually want to protect their territory and all the people in it. They are almost like…warriors."

"Bella, werewolves can be volatile and hard to get along with. They are more reactive than proactive," Alice stated, eyeing me with worry.

"Yes, you were in danger from the moment you met them," Edward informed, puling me close to his body in an effort to protect me.

"Maybe. But I want to help put an end to these murders just as much as they do."

"Speaking of which, there's something you need to know," Caleb said, coming over to rest a hand on my shoulder. I immediately tensed at the seriousness and dread in my brother's voice.

"What is it?"

Alice stood up from her spot in the corner of the living room. "Bella, there is an army of newborn vampires being built. They are near here which is how we were able to find you. One of the vampires in my vision said your name."

I moved over to the counter of my kitchen, trying desperately to absorb all of the information being presented to me. I hadn't noticed how much danger I was in. How much danger I was putting the innocent people of Forks in. "What do they want from me?"

Alice huffed. "That I couldn't see but I am keeping an eye out."

I nodded, only half hearing her. Strong, cool arms surrounded my waist, easing some of my tension. I turned to face him, looking into his dark eyes. His face was different. Dark circles outlined his now dark golden eyes. He looked as if he had been haunted. "You all have to leave."


"Excuse me?"


I sighed as they all protested. "You are in danger if you stay here. You have to go back to your lives."

Caleb stepped in front of me. "You are my sister. You are insane if you think I'm just going to leave you to fend for yourself." His expression hinted that he thought I had lost my damn mind.

Edward, who had moved beside me, laced his fingers through mine. "I'm not letting you go again, love. Ever."

"We can help you fight, Bells," Pogue stated.

"Silly, Bella," Alice giggled. "Can't you see how much you mean to us, to all of us?"

I looked around at all of their faces, the faces I thought I would only see in my dreams now.

Yes, I could see how much I meant to them because I could feel how much they meant to me.