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Kaname's POV

I walked up to the grand door that led to Yuuki's and my room. Grasping the cold brass doorknob in my hand, I slowly pushed open the door. I scanned the room and my eyes came to rest on Yuuki, with an eager look on her face. She was staring at the computer screen, motionless. I would've thought she was in a coma or something, but

I heard her steady breathing. "Er… what are you doing, dear?" I asked, approaching her. "I'm on twitter." (A/N don't own twitter either, again sadness) she replied, still staring at the screen. She didn't even look at me! When did she start paying more attention to the computer than to me?!?! I should've never bought it. Even though it did help with my paperwork. Maybe when she turned around I could throw it out the window. Wait… no… the computer had never done anything to me. I had even been my friend in a weird way. "And what is twitter?" I asked trying to stop my natural pureblood obsessive-ness disorder. " Oh!!!! I got a reply!!!" she squealed in delight. Then she proceeded to tap away furiously on the keyboard. Gasp. No attention again. I felt myself weakening. No screaming fangirls. No drooling Yuuki. No attention. I think I'm melting! Weakening…slowly….slowly…weakening. Was that a smirk from the computer? IT HAD FOUND MY KRYPTONITE!!! OMG!!! "TRAITOR!!!" I screamed running out of the room. I needed to find a fangirl, quick.

Yuuki's POV

What the hell was that? That old man just couldn't keep up with the times.

Aidou's POV

"Ok, WHO STOLE MY POCKY?!?!" I yelled angrily (and sexily, man did I look good!! Wait…no…focus…angry face) Ruka shook her head. As well as Kain looking bored, Rima looking blankly at me, Ichijou trying to engage Shiki in a game of go-fish, and Shiki ignoring Ichijou and chewing on my pocky. Well I guess I must have misplaced it. Wait…. "SHIKI!!! YOU BAKA!!! WHY DID YOU TAKE MY POCKY?!?!" I yelled, once again, shaking my fist in his face. "Hm?" he replied with no emotion. I think he may be a secret emo. "Why-did-you-take-my-pocky." I repeated slowly. "Because it was sitting there and I was hungry." He replied, as if that was the natural response. I slapped my forehead in one of those why-do-I-even-try motions. "You ruined my genius plan, Shiki. I was going to give Kaname-sama the pocky. Then I was going to tell him that he had crumbs on his face. Then I was gonna give him a napkin. Then I was going to offer to throw it away, when secretly it would become part of my collection. It was perfect. AND YOU RUINED IT!!!" I said, then I slumped down on the couch pouting. "Whatever." He said rolling his eyes. "Here." He threw a pocky stick over to me. My eyes lit up. "Thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU!!!" I said, hugging Shiki as hard as I could. "Get off of me, freak." He growled, throwing me against the wall. "Ow." I whimpered. Kaname-sama came tearing down the stairs. "Kaname-sama! Here!" I said brightly, handing him the stick of pocky. He paused and stared at it a second. "No, no, NO!!! YOU'RE IN IT TOO!! ALL OF YOU HAVE JOINED RANKS WITH THE COMPUTER!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!" He screamed. Then he ran out the door. I stood there a second, staring at the place where he just stood. I turned around and saw that everyone was looking at me. " Awww man." I sighed.

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