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Ruka's POV

I was glaring at Adiou with all my might. He sheepishly stole looks into my eyes to see if I was still mad. "Erm… I don't get it. What did I do wrong?" he asked pouting. "Oh, I don't know," I replied sarcastically, twirling a strand of my hair in my hand, " YOU GOT YUUKI-SAMA DRUNK WHILE WE WERE KIDNAPPING HER!!!!!!" I screamed. Everyone turned to look at me, but no one protested to what I was saying. Adiou was trying to make himself shrink, like he would do in school when we were younger and he was getting punished by the teacher. Oh, but I was MUCH more mad than that freakin' teacher. We were kidnapping a pureblood-which was risky already- to tick off another much more powerful pureblood, and now he had gotten our victim drunk. How in the world were we supposed to work with a drunk pureblood??? "But whenever I get drunk, I feel so happy and bubbly. Yuuki-sama was looking sad. I was only trying to help!!" He defended. I continued to glare at him. " Ruka!! Hehe, everyone is spinning!! Is it a dancing party thingy? I WANNA JOIN!!" Yuuki spoke then started to sing a Michael Jackson song. The combination resulted in a sound that was like a donkey watching a cat puke up a dying frog. It was that bad. "You're right, Ruka. Maybe I did do the wrong thing." Adiou started, "She's singing that song ALL wrong!!!" He said before joining in himself. "Oh, no. You get back here, mister." I said pulling him away from a swaying Yuuki. "JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!" Yuuki yelled out randomly. I sighed and rolled my eyes. "What should we do about this?" I asked everyone. Adiou raised his hand. "What?" I spat. " I think we should re-educate her in the art of Nemo. She got that wrong. It should go…" He said before I cut him off. "That is the LAST of our worries." I hissed. "I told you we would so die. But no one listened did they?" Rima stated. "Oh, shut up." I mumbled. "IF WE WERE A MOVIE, I'D BE THE BEST FRIEND, YOU'D BE THE RIGHT GUY..." Yuuki started. We WERE going to die.

Zero's POV

I felt myself falling into a dark abyss, well at least darker than usual. Ichiru was dead? Since when? My whole family had died… and now him??? I ran to the Chairman's office. "Oh. Zero." He said simply when I basically broke down his door. "When did Ichiru die?" I shouted my bloody rose pointed at his head. It never occurred to me that it wouldn't hurt him, but it was a gun. "Zero, you ate him. He was like your before dinner snack. Why didn't you tell me you were going to eat him? I had this great recipe…" he whined. "Liar!!" I yelled and ran out the door. I sat down on my dorm bed. "Zero… I've come to haaaaaunnnnnt you!" a ghostly voice stated. I turned and saw a figure. "Ichiru?" I asked. "Noooooooo, I'm the Kool-aid maaaaannnnnn." The voice said. Another voice came in an other direction. " And I'm the Pringles guuuuuuuyyyyyyyy." "We've come to rape yoooooouuuuuu." They said in unison. "NO IT'S MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!! I'M BEING RAPED BY THE LOGOS OF SNACK FOOD ITEMS!!!!" I screamed. "Or, was it being raped by Brad Pitt?" I rethought. "THIS IS PRETTY BAD TOO!!!" I decided. I turned and jumped out the window. Except for the fact I had no window. Which would mean I hit the wall. Hard. I felt the room spin and I started getting black patches in my eyesight. The last thing I saw was the two logos standing over me.

Yori"s POV

I was sitting in a chair right next to Zero's bed in the infirmary. He had been found in his room unconscious. Since I happened to be volunteering in the infirmary the time it happened, I was stuck with him. I checked my watch. He should've been awake a minute ago. I was about to get the head nurse when I saw him slightly open his eyes. I watched him carefully. He opened his eyes and looked around. He stopped and looked at me. "It's a good thing your awake, Zero. I was staring to wor…" I said before being cut off. "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU LOGO!!!" He screamed. He picked me up and threw me across the room. By the time I stopped wailing in pain, he was gone. Why did Yuuki always pick guy freaks as friends?

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