Chapter 1-Devil's Return

Naruto was a boy, who wanted so much in the world, and was given so little because of the burden he had with the Kyuubi inside of him. All he wanted was to get stronger, to show everyone he wasn't a monster, and that there was a difference between a jail of a demon with that of the demon itself.

Now because of Jiraiya's attempts of him tapping into the Kyuubi's chakra in an attempt to summon the Toads, Naruto was certainly now going to die after being pushed off into this ravine, and trying to save his ass using the demon's power. Unfortunately, Naruto was too afraid right now to even do such a thing, and with so little of his own chakra being used up he had found there to be little chance of summoning a tadpole like last time.

'I have to do something or else I'm flesh paste!' thought Naruto, as he reached out for the jagged edge of the cliff side with his right arm using what little chakra he had left to stick to it.

Unfortunately, all things with jagged edges tend to shred other things that try to cling to them, and this was no exception with Naruto's arm practically being mauled by the wall, and the young boy could only scream out in pain while trying to survive this immense fall that would lead to his death. While he did this, Naruto was hit with images of the past, and how the people of Konoha treated him because of his burden.

Could this be the end for him?

How would the old man explain his death?

Would anyone even miss him?

It was at that thought that the image of Hinata flashed into Naruto's mind and it was then that realization of why she was always blushing hit him like a ton of bricks.

Unfortunately, it was at that time the ground hit him too, and landed him in a big crater that held his body imprinted from the fall knocking Naruto right into the depths of his mind.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

"You've finally arrived here. I was beginning to wonder when you would," said a smooth deep voice that could make even the strongest of warrior's blood run cold with fear.

"Who are you? Where am I?" said Naruto, as he stood up in this dank sewer filled with leaky pipes, and a cage with the word "Seal" written on a piece of paper in the middle that kept the doors shut.

"Were in your mind my vessel. Not very impressive since the way you have been treated by these miserable flesh rats has made your mind most unpleasant a place," said a deep demonic voice from beyond the cage, and in that instant red chakra flared to reveal the giant Nine Tailed Fox known to all as...Kyuubi!

"And now we are here together, which is perfect since the fox is the final piece to this puzzle, and the means for you to live Naruto," said the figure with silver hair, wearing a blue trench coat, and was wearing black from his shirt down to his boots.

"You didn't answer my question. Who are you?" said Naruto, as he knew about the fox, as it didn't take a genius to figure it out, but the guy in front of him with the same blue eyes as him he couldn't figure out, and as far as Naruto knew...he only had one guest sealed inside of him.

"I am Sparda no Vergil. I am your ancestor that lived nearly one millennia ago before the Elemental Countries even existed," said Vergil before looking at Kyuubi, who was now growling at him, and flaring his crimson chakra even more.

"I knew I recognized you! You are one of the Twin Sons of Sparda: The Legendary Demon Knight!" said Kyuubi snarling at Vergil and the form of the said man turned to stare at the fox without fear.

"Yes I am. As I said before, Naruto is my descendant, and has the power to awaken his demonic blood again that has long been dormant after being watered down by human blood over the years," said Vergil, as he saw Kyuubi look at him, and then at Naruto in what looked like fear.

"As if the Yondaime sealing me up in his own kid is bad enough, but to find out it was inside the actual descendant of Sparda is even worse!" said Kyuubi, as he saw Naruto look at him in shock, and the fox realized that his vessel didn't know about his heritage.

"My Father was...the Yondaime?" said Naruto, as he saw Kyuubi nod, and Vergil as well to further confirm it.

"He was the only one at the time to have the strongest blood of our family after so many years and I believe he could have even awakened it had a certain fox not attacked," said Vergil, as he saw Kyuubi growl at him, and then looked at a still shocked Naruto.

"It wasn't like I just woke up one morning to destroy this village of arrogant fools. I was summoned to this world by Uchiha Madara by using his cursed eyes to have me attack the Leaf," said Kyuubi, who had no love for the Uchiha Clan, and wished the man that summoned him along with the entire clan to die painful deaths.

"Still, that would explain why you did it, and not entire your fault. Not that it matters now since I'm about to die," said Naruto, as he looked depressed, and saw Kyuubi's eyes widen in shock.

"What?!" said Kyuubi, as he had no intention of dying, and having his soul taken to the Shinigami.

"That stupid jerk Jiraiya pushed me off the ravine cliff side to activate your power so I could summon a large Toad. I couldn't do it because I was so afraid and I tried to grip the wall edge. It slowed me down, but it messed up my arm rally bad before I hit the ground, and now I'm most likely going to die without anyone even caring that I'm going to kick the big one," said Naruto, as he kicked some of the water on the ground, and had an angry look on his face.

"Under normal circumstances you would most likely die, but we can offer you a chance to change all that, and transform you into something incredible," said Vergil, as he now walked towards Naruto, and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"What do you have in mind?" said Naruto, as he looked at Vergil, and saw the man smirk back at him.

"Kyuubi is going to jump start the dormant devil blood in your veins. You would have fully awakened it on the bridge back at Wave Country had you finished your initial intent of killing Haku, but you stopped right before you could deliver the finishing blow, and resulted in your devil staying dormant," said Vergil and saw Naruto looking away from him for a few seconds.

"I couldn't kill her. Haku wasn't a bad person and she deserved to be shown mercy," said Naruto, as he had no regrets in sparing Haku from that killing blow, and just wished the girl was alive to live in the village happily.

"And we respect that. When Kyuubi gives you his soul, you will be empowered with the devil blood of your family, and all of my knowledge in terms of fighting. In truth, you will become me, and you will be...unstoppable," said Vergil, as he saw Naruto's eyes widen at the thought, and the chance to show everyone just what he could do.

"There is just one problem with your plan Son of Sparda. What makes you think I will give my soul to one of your blood?" said Kyuubi, as he was not about to help someone who was descended from the traitorous demon's bloodline.

"You either do this or your vessel dies from his injuries from the fall and you can have a one on one meeting with the Shinigami right before he devours you into his stomach," said Vergil, as he saw Kyuubi growl at that, and scanned the boy's body for the injuries that covered Naruto's form.

"What you say is true. It seems I have no choice, but to give into your idea, and give you my soul along with all my power. At the very least, can you promise me one thing, and one thing only?" said Kyuubi, as the fox sounded depressed, and looked at both individuals with his burning crimson eyes.

"What is the promise?" said Vergil, as he saw the Kyuubi close it's eyes, and then open them again before letting out a sigh.

"That you kill all the Uchiha Clan members. They are a clan that should not live in this world," said Kyuubi, as he knew that at least through Naruto he could get some measure of revenge, and through a Namikaze that is descended from Sparda himself.

"Done!" said Vergil, as Naruto looked like he wanted to protest, but stopped when the taller man put a hand on his shoulder, and shook his head to tell Naruto to not protest this decision.

"He's my friend Vergil-san. How can I kill a friend?" said Naruto since the Uchiha was kind of like a brother to him and he thought of Sasuke as such that would push him to the brink when it came to training.

"Naruto, I understand your reluctance, but your so called friend will destroy you without hesitation, and betray you for power," said Vergil, as he saw Naruto look away in denial, and was surprised when the Kyuubi decided to speak.

"The Son of Sparda is right kit. The Uchiha Clan is well known for only two things that they are quite proud of. Betraying others and copying the skills of those they betray. Trust me when I tell you that the Uchiha is not worthy of being your friend and he will betray you as all Uchiha do," said Kyuubi, as he saw Naruto look at him, and then back a Vergil before nodding.

"I understand," said Naruto, as he let out a sigh, and readied himself for what needed to be done.

"Good. Now brace yourself Naruto, as this will painful, and will blow your mind away," said Vergil, as he turned to Kyuubi, and the demon let out a mighty roar before beginning the process of giving everything he had to the two to make the fusion complete.

Naruto was going to be in for one wild ride.

(Hokage Tower-At the Moment)

"YOU DID WHAT?!" yelled the Hokage, as he had moved so fast you wouldn't think it was possible for an old man to do that, and had Jiraiya pinned to the wall while squeezing the life out of his student while tears fell from his eyes.

"I tried to get him to use the Kyuubi's chakra by pushing him off a cliff," said Jiraiya, as he tried to break the hold, and was then slammed back against the wall hard.

"What could have possessed you do it in that way? It's bad enough the boy is hated by these stupid people, but for you to do that to your students own son, and your Godson no less is inexcusable!" said Hiruzen, as he threw Jiraiya away from him before stepping back until he reached his desk now fully crying.

"I'm sorry! All right! I fully expect him to tap into the fox's power and summon a large enough Toad to save him. Why hasn't his training progressed like it was supposed too?" said Jiraiya, as he had hoped the old man would make Naruto strong enough to be able to summon Kyuubi's power at will.

"The Councils didn't want the boy to become powerful because of the Kyuubi and with Danzo pushing the boy to be a weapon of the village I ha to make a choice on which side to support. I had hope Kakashi would be able to help Naruto with training when I setup the teams, but the man only trains the Uchiha because of what happened years ago, and has only taught Naruto tree walking chakra control. Had you been a proper Godfather, the boy wouldn't be so crippled by the Councils decisions, and I could have done more for him," said the Hokage, as he let out more tears then he had ever before in his entire life, and felt the guilt of the past 12 years of not protecting Naruto properly eating away him.

That was when the two felt it.

The feeling demonic bloodlust on such a level it made them fall to their knees in fear.

In fact, everyone in Konoha did, and everyone had frozen in fear at the demonic power of the crimson purple energy that rose high into the air. It formed into a demonic creature of epic proportions with demonic wings before it let out a mighty roar that shook the ground around Konoha.

And then just as it came it immediately left.

'What was that? It was like the Kyuubi 12 years ago only...only worse!' thought the old Hokage, as he now struggled to his feet, and Jiraiya was doing the same.

"Sensei I..." said Jiraiya, but was silenced by a hand from the Hokage, and the old man looked at him now with cold hard eyes that held no love for the Toad Sannin.

"Don't! Don't even try to apologize Jiraiya. I will announce Naruto's death after the Chuunin Exams are over and I want you to know I will hold you responsible for this when I reveal the boy's heritage to the village. That you killed the Yondaime's son and it was you that neglected your duties to him for the sake of your research!" said Hiruzen, as he gave the hand signal to tell Jiraiya to get out of his office, and sat down in his chair before crying again at his failure.

After few minutes, the old Hokage summoned his ANBU to him, and told them to check out the ravine that Jiraiya took Naruto to in order to search for anything that could be connected to the demonic power felt by all. The ANBU obeyed and headed out though even they were silently afraid of whatever caused that demonic power to erupt.

(Weeks Later-The Day of the Chuunin Exam Finals)

It had finally come. The day of the Chuunin Exam Finals had come for everyone that had wanted to see the competitors fight for the glory of their village. Though for the Hokage, he watched the audience around him with a heavy heart, and wished to see only one of the competitors now among the line down in the arena floor.


The ANBU the Sandaime sent never came back, as they had gone missing for several days before another team was sent out to find them, and they were found only they weren't just dead like the old Hokage suspected.

They had been cut ruthlessly to pieces.

Jiraiya was now standing behind him with a serious look on his face that now masked his secret shame and knew that it wasn't going to be long before everyone heard of it. He knew that Naruto's life was going to be bad, as he had told Minato that from the start, but his stupid apprentice just wouldn't listen, and thought Naruto would be the symbol of hope for everyone.

All it did was make the boy a symbol of their hate.

It was during his time away from the old man after the confrontation with him over what he did to Naruto did Jiraiya realize how much of a failure he had become. How much he should have done for Naruto, but didn't do it, and now couldn't because the boy was most likely dead. Oh Jiraiya had heard from the second ANBU team about how the first one was obliterated from this world and the Sannin suspected it was possibly the fox's doing now that it was free with Naruto's last act in this world to bring vengeance against the arrogant people in this village.

It was practically poetic justice.

Jiraiya then turned to the Kazekage sitting in the chair next to his sensei and immediately sensed something was off about the man along with the bodyguards he carried. While the Exams would start soon, Jiraiya would keep his eyes on the Kazekage, and make sure this man was in fact who he was underneath his face cloth.

"Where's Naruto? And Sasuke-kun?" said Sakura, as she waited for her two teammates to arrive for the Exams, and Ino beside her was wondering as well.

"I don't know. Naruto was looking forward to this fight to avenge Hinata after what Neji did to her," said Ino, as she did think it was romantic that Naruto would do something like that for Hinata, and was slightly jealous of the Hyuuga girl because of it.

Why couldn't she get a guy like that?!

'Naruto-kun. Where are you?' thought Hinata, as she held her hands over her heart, and wondered where her crush was.

'This is not like Naruto-san to be late for something this tremendous. If anything...he should have been here early,' thought Shino, as he looked on waiting for his teammate's crush to arrive.

'Naruto, please forgive this old man, as I was too weak to do what was right, and show me mercy when I reach the afterlife,' thought Sarutobi, as he sighed when he came to the decision he had made with the intention of ending his life after revealing everything to everyone, and making his death a rather public event to destroy these people for what they had done to the poor boy.

With a wave of his hand, the Sandaime commanded the Jounin Proctor Genma to begin the Chuunin Exam Finals, and had to hold back the tears that wanted to escape him again.

"The first match of the Chuunin Exams will now begin. Will Hyuuga Neji and Uzumaki Naruto step forward while the other competitors go the fighters box to wait until it is your turn," said Genma, as he heard the crowd cheer, and the Jounin wondered if it was for the obvious reason that Naruto wasn't here.

'Coward. He says he'll make me pay, but in the end he's nothing, and will be nothing just like you Hinata-sama!' thought Neji smirking at the empty space that was supposed to be where his opponent was supposed to stand and it increased when he came to the belief Naruto wasn't going to show up at all.

"Since Uzumaki Naruto is not here, Hyuuga Neji is the...," said Genma, but was silenced by a blast of killer intent so powerful that Gaara in the stands nearly had to grip the metal railing for support while Shukaku was screaming at him to run away of all things.

The source of the killer intent was a boy slightly taller then Neji, with spiky silver hair, cold blue eyes, and was wearing a blue trench coat. The lone figure was dressed in black from his shirt to his steel toed boots, and had a sheathed katana sword in his hands that were currently behind his back.

"Hyuuga Neji is my opponent. Start the match," said the figure, as he looked into the Hyuuga Prodigies eyes, and saw the confident look on the boy.

Oh how he was going to enjoy beating his ass.

"I'm sorry sir, but you are not Uzumaki Naruto, and I will have to-ACK!" said Genma, as he tried to put a hand on the boy's shoulder, and found his hand crushed by the said boy in one swift second.

"I am Naruto you fool. Now start the match so I can kill this Hyuuga prick," said Naruto, as he threw the Jounin away to mend his hand before turning his eyes to the Hokage now leaning over the railing to look down at him with hope in his eyes now filled with tears.

'He's alive! Naruto's alive,' thought the Hokage, as he could finally makeup everything that happened to the boy, and do what should have been done from the start.

Jiraiya was looking down and saw the boy's eyes were filled with a cold fire in them that made a chill run up his spine. The last time Jiraiya had seen eyes like that on a Namikaze aimed at him was the time when he had been caught by Minato peeping in on Kushina at the hot springs.

Jiraiya thought he wouldn't be able to walk after Minato got through with him.

"Hokage-sama, is that boy really Uzumaki Naruto?" said a Jounin walking up to the old Hokage and the Sandaime looked at the Jounin with fierce eyes filled with fire thought to be lost so long ago.

"Of course it is you fool! Tell Genma to begin the match now," said Sarutobi, as he was not about to deny the boy his fight, and hoped he would have a chance to apologize to the boy for everything he failed to do.

"I just received word that you are Uzumaki Naruto so the match will!" said Genma, as he flexed his right hand involuntarily, and brought his left hand down to start the match.

"It doesn't matter how much you changed over the course of this Month given to you to prepare Naruto-san. You are a loser and you will never defeat someone that is a Hyuuga Prodigy," said Neji, as he got into his Gentle Fist stance, and began to look into Naruto's eyes that betrayed nothing while saying everything.

"Before I destroy you Hyuuga Neji, will you answer me one question, and one question only?" said Naruto, as he still had his hands behind his back with his sword wrapped around his hands too, and saw the confusion in the boy's eyes.

"You should be more worried about how to live after this match Naruto-san rather then me answering your question," said Neji, as he activated his Byakugan, and gasped at the sight of the purplish crimson energy that flowed through Naruto chakra network.

"Humor me Neji-baka! Do you have any kind of remorse for doing what you did to your cousin Hinata during the Preliminaries?" said Naruto, as he waited for Neji to attack, and knew the only way to do so was to attack the man's inner being.

"Remorse? Of course I feel remorse. I feel remorse in the fact I couldn't deliver the final blow because of the Jounin senseis that interfered on her behalf!" said Neji, as he smirked at that memory, and saw Naruto's cold blue eyes narrow at him.

In the stands, Hinata held her hands to her chest, and was on the verge of crying while her sensei sat beside her comforting her over that memory before glaring down at Neji. Neji's teammate Tenten felt sick in her stomach knowing that she helped train the Hyuuga boy for this moment and felt the need to apologize to someone though she didn't know who.

"I see. Thank you for telling me this, as I now will feel no remorse when I do what I would rather not do in front of Hinata, and make her cry again like she is about to now," said Naruto, as he moved his sword to his side, and flicked the hilt with his left hand's thumb.

"It is Fate that I win this day Naruto-san. Perhaps you have gotten stronger since last time, but I am by far the strongest of the Leaf Genin competing here today. Kneel before your better and surrender to me before I kill you," said Neji, as he found Naruto's calm behavior completely the opposite of what he saw in the Preliminaries, and wondered what had changed the former blonde now silver haired boy.

"No Neji-san. Fate has no power over me this day. Do you know why? Because I have the drive and the will to cut through it like a blade while you surrender to Fate's veil like the weak Hyuuga Branch piece of trash you are," said Naruto smirking at a shocked Neji, who had become infuriated by Naruto's words, and rushed forward to slay this commoner before him to show that Fate was on his side today.

His Gentle Fist style would have struck true had they not been stopped by two things.

One was Naruto moving even faster then Neji.

And two...Naruto spun after dodging before slashing into Neji's unguarded back with his sword...Yamato.

After getting out of the ravine, Naruto found his body had changed along with his clothes that took on the form of his ancestor, and his mind that was once filled with little to no information was now filled with all kind of information in terms of Taijutsu along with swordsmanship. Acting on instinct of the memories Vergil gave him, Naruto summoned the sword to his being using the fox's chakra that was now his own, and brought the sword to his hands.

His thoughts on the sword were temporarily put on hold when the ANBU came, as they drew their weapons thinking that he was Kyuubi in human form, and was ready to be killed.

They were slaughtered without mercy.

Now here Naruto was walking up to his down opponent before kicking him onto his back to let the wound get infected dirt and placed the tip of his sword at Neji's neck. Neji for his part had not expected Naruto to move so fast and certainly not with the expertise in using a sword with the level equivalence of a Master.

'This cannot be! Fate was suppose to be on my side. How can this commoner defeat me so easily?!' thought Neji, as he looked into Naruto's cold blue eyes, and how they just judged him like a spider looking down at a helpless fly.

"You know Neji, I could end your life right here, right now in front of all these people, and I could away with it just like you tried to do in the Preliminaries against Hinata. I should slice you open and spill your blood all over for these people to see. I should make you beg for mercy after that crap you pulled in the Preliminaries in trying to make Hinata submit to you with your words on her being weak!" said Naruto, as he pressed the tip of his sword further into Neji's neck until it was just a simple muscle movement away from piercing skin, and ending the Hyuuga's life.

"Are you?" said Neji, as he found himself between pain in his back he received from the sword wound there, and the sword Naruto was wielding that was currently touching his neck just below the jugular.

"I could. I should. But I won't because then Hinata would cry even more. I don't want to her to cry over your death since she wants to free your arrogant ass of that seal on your forehead," said Naruto, as he took his sword away from Neji's neck, and flicked the boy's headband off his head to reveal his Cage Bird Seal.

"She wants to what?" said Neji, as he ignored Genma announcing Naruto the winner, and calling for medic so he didn't die.

"You heard me. She hates that seal more then you do and that's saying something. If she wanted to beat you, all Hinata-chan would have to do is use that damn seal, and make you submit with everyone watching in a very humiliating way back in the Preliminaries. Yet, she didn't, and chose to fight you honorably in Gentle Fist Taijutsu. I want you to reflect on what I have told you Neji, as you heal from your wound, and know that if you cross Hinata in any way possible that hurts her...I will kill you," said Naruto, as he sheathed his sword, and walked away to the fighters box while ignoring the shocked crowed.

"I will. Thank you Naruto-sama," said Neji, as he was being carried away by the medics, and looked into the sky to see birds flying freely in the air.

"My name isn't Naruto anymore. It's Vergil. Namikaze Vergil," said Naruto now having renamed himself Vergil and revealed his heritage to the audience.

'He knows? How?' thought the Hokage, as he looked to Jiraiya, who shook his head to indicate he never told the boy, and also wondered how he knew.

'Could the Kyuubi have told the boy? And even so, how would the demon fox even know that?' thought Jiraiya, as he sensed the demonic aura around Naru-Vergil, and wondered if the Kyuubi had taken control of the boy before altering him to its own specifications.

'He's a Namikaze?! How could I have missed it?' thought Orochimaru in his disguise and silently seething at the notion that he missed out acquiring the ultimate vessel that could surpass the Uchiha.

The boy once know as Naruto cared not for these thoughts since he couldn't read minds and even if he did he still wouldn't care what the trio thought. For now he would join the others in the fighters box that were all staring at him like he had grown two heads, as was the audience itself, and it made the now Namikaze smirk at them.

"You have questions," said Vergil calmly, as he looked at the now empty arena floor, and waited for the next match to start.

"What the Hell happened to you?" said Shikamaru, as he got straight to the point, and saw Naruto look at him with an expression that would make the Hyuuga's run for their money.

Hell, even the Aburame Clan seemed to look more emotional compared to the Namikaze right now, and that was saying something.

"You could say I made the preverbal deal with the Devil," said Vergil, as he turned to the look at the Hokage, who was whispering something to a nearby Jounin, and within a few seconds the Jounin appeared next to him in a "poof" of smoke.

"The Hokage would like to speak with you," said the Jounin, who seemed hesitant to put his hand on the boy since Genma was an example of what happens to those that try to invade the young Genin's personal space, and pay for it heavily.

"I know," said Vergil, as he vanished from sight, and was instantly in front of the Hokage now shocked that the boy could do that.

He wasn't the only one.

"Naruto," said the Sandaime, as he saw the boy standing in front of him on the railing of the Kage Booth before the silver haired youth stepped off of it, and looked at the old man walking towards him now with tears in his eyes.

"Hi Gramps. Call me Vergil from now on. Oh, did anything happen in the Month I was gone?" said Vergil, as he gave the old man a smile, and the Sandaime hugged the boy tightly to see if the body in front of him was real.

"Forgive me my boy. I failed you in so many ways for the past 12 years of your life," said the Hokage, as he felt the boy hug him back, and pat him on the shoulder.

"You had your hands tied behind your back Gramps. I understand. Just don't take any shit from the Councils anymore, let me do my thing, and we'll call it even when you hand over the title of Hokage to me. Oh, FYI just so you know, I took the liberty of taking over the Namikaze Estates, and spent the whole Month there learning a lot of stuff thanks to the Shadow Clone Jutsu," said Vergil, as he saw the Hokage's eyes widen, and Jiraiya's jaw drop with his eyes bulging out of his sockets.

'This kid is only using a fraction at best of his skills! How powerful could Naru-uh Vergil really be?' thought Jiraiya, as he saw the boy let go of the Hokage, and then look directly at him with ice cold blue eyes that were very similar to Minato's back in the day.

"Hello Ero-Sennin. I do believe we need to have a!" said Vergil, as he had his right hand off his sword, and turned the hand into a fist that pulsed with incredible power.

"Um...yeah about the whole pushing you off the ravine thing to activate the power that was sealed inside of you, I just want to say I'm sorry, and that I-AAAAAHHHHH!" said Jiraiya, as he let out a girly scream after Vergil kneed the poor Sannin right in the family jewels that sent the student of the Sandaime some 20 feet into the air before Vergil spin kicked him into a nearby wall.

"Apology accepted Ero-Sennin. Though for the record Godfather, this beating is going to be one of many, as I expect you to train with me whenever I ask for it, and should you say no...I'll chop your balls off!" said Vergil, as he turned to face the Hokage, and saw the man look like he had actually regained some of his lost age.

"Hokage-sama, the Uchiha has not arrived yet, and the next match he has with Subaku no Gaara is supposed to start now. Should we postpone the match?" said the Jounin that had spoken to Vergil briefly and saw the Hokage thinking before Vergil decide to speak his mind.

"The Uchiha had his chance to compete today, but blew it by not showing up, and should not get a free pass because of his clan name. Clients will expect the Shinobi they hire to be on time and if we excuse Sasuke because of his clan, then we are telling them that we don't care about them. We tell them that they should have to wait for an uncertain and unknown amount of time because of spoiled children like him," said Vergil, as he looked down at Subaku no Gaara waiting now in the arena floor for his competition, and the crowd wishing for a fight.

"Naru-uh Vergil is indeed correct, as the Uchiha is not here, and we cannot have all of our clients' think we favor the Shinobi that are from the clans here in Konoha. Uchiha Sasuke is disqualified from his match and we will proceed with the next one," said the Hokage, as he knew the Councils would blow out their vocal cords to yell at him, but Sarutobi didn't care, and wasn't going to care what they said.

Why have an Uchiha fight when a Namikaze could do so much better?!

The Jounin nodded in regards to the Hokage's words and informed Genma to make the announcement that got many people in Konoha booing the decision. Vergil nodded before he disappeared again, but reappeared in the stands right next to Hinata's row, and the girl was now blushing from his presence once more.

"How are you feeling Hinata-chan?" said Naruto, as he saw the girl looking at him with shock, and her face turned even redder.

"I-I'm doing well N-Naruto-kun," said Hinata, as she rose to meet him, and was shocked to see him do something she never thought he would do.

He took her hand and kissed it.

"That's good to hear. I must apologize though for what I did to your cousin. Hopefully, the pain I inflicted on him, and my revelation will help Neji understand that Fate is only as powerful as we let it believe it is. Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, could you please call me Vergil? It is my new name" said Vergil, as he saw the girl shooting steam out of her ears, and the girl fainted into her sensei's lap.

"What happened to you?" said Kurenai, as she saw her student lying in her lap blushing red with a smile on her face, and then looked up at Naruto now named Vergil seeing the young Genin smirking at her.

Why did Kurenai feel like she was blushing now?

Why did Tenten and Ino feel like it too?

"I grew up," said Naruto, as he turned to the fighter's box, and vanished before appearing in front of the other fighters still looking at with cautious eyes.

'So smooth. So calculating. So handsome!' thought Temari, as she saw the once blonde now silver haired Genin stand next to her, and her breath was increasing noticeably.

"Will Subaku no Kankuro and Aburame Shino please come down to get ready for the next fight," said Genma, as the crowd was finally coming back to its senses, and wanted to see another fight.

"Proctor I forfeit!" said Kankuro earning him boos from the crowd and the cold blue eyes that narrowed in on the puppet user with displeasure.

"Okay. Subaku no Kankuro forfeits so Aburame Shino is the victor of this match. Will Subaku no Temari and Nara Shikamaru step forward for their match," said Genma, as he saw Temari fly down on her fan, and she looked ready to bash her opponent's skull in.

That and impress a certain silver spiky haired devil swordsman.

"Troublesome. Maybe I should forfeit too since I'm fighting a girl again," said the lazy as usual Shikamaru only to be sent over the edge of the railing by Naruto by slugging the Nara over the head with Yamato's sheath.

"Consider yourself very lucky Shikamaru. I could have done something else, but decided against it, and thought Temari deserved to get her licks in on you," said Vergil, as he saw Temari blush, and Shikamaru trying to get up from the crater he was in.

"Damn you Naruto or Vergil or whatever the Hell you call yourself. When I get back up there, I'm going to use my shadows to hurt you, and do other troublesome things too," said Shikamaru, as he got off the ground only to be attacked by Temari, and iron fan she was now using like a club.

Shikamaru mentally noted how the Suna's girl's clubbing style was similar to that of his Mother's when she used the frying pan on his Father.

Maybe it was genetic in all women to know that particular stance when hurting a man?

"Insult Vergil-kun will you? We'll I'm just going to have to beat the crap out of you!" said Temari, as she let out a battle cry, and swung her fan at him, and the Nara barely dodging the attack.

And the one after that.

And the next one.

And the next one.

And the next one for the next 10 minutes straight with Temari attacking him ruthlessly with her fan.

"Stop! Stop! I give up! Proctor, tell her to stop! Naruto! Vergil! Whatever your name is, please call off this crazy troublesome woman, and save me!" said Shikamaru, as he was able to jump out of the way of the Wind Jutsu Temari shot from her fan, but landed on his butt, and was now at the blonde Suna girl's mercy.

And in a Nara male's experience...women don't show mercy.

"Winner! Subaku no Temari by forfeit!" said Genma, as he felt pity for Shikamaru, and decided to give the kid a break.

"But I want to hurt him for Vergil-kun!" said Temari, as she looked up at Vergil with puppy dog eyes, and Shikamaru was shaking his head along with his hands to tell Vergil to say no.

"Make it quick Temari-chan and then come back up here," said Vergil, as he heard the girl's yell of "Thank you!", and then the screams of pain delivered onto Shikamaru with the final blow being Temari's iron fan folded up before hitting the lazy Nara hard over the head making him look like an ostrich when the cloud of smoke lifted.

With her objective complete, Temari put her fan on her back, and skipped to the steps of the fighter's box where she was humming a tune all the way up making everyone except her little brother sweat drop.

'Women. You can't kill them. And you can't do anything to make them not hurt you for being you,' thought Shikamaru, as he finally got his head out of the ground, and spit out the large clump of dirt in his mouth that had a worm in it.

"O-kay! The next match will be Subaku no Gaara fighting Namikaze Vergil. Will both fighters please come down for your match," said Genma, as he Gaara appeared in a swirl of sand yet again, and Naruto was some 10-15 feet away from him.

Genma was about to start the match when a wind blew into the stadium to reveal Uchiha Sasuke and his teacher Hatake Kakashi right behind him.

"I'm sorry. We're not late for Sasuke's match are we?" said Kakashi, as he his one eye form into a U-shape, and many in the stands were sweat dropping at this man's lateness.

"Actually you're very late Kakashi. The Hokage disqualified Sasuke and were now into the semi-finals," said Genma seeing the other Jounin's shocked look, and Sasuke looking absolutely livid from that news.

"What? Who is Gaara fighting? I'll take that weakling's place!" said Sasuke, as he saw Gaara standing in front of summon the Uchiha didn't recognize, and wondered who it was the Kazekage's son was fighting.

"Namikaze Vergil. Formerly known as Uzumaki Naruto," said Genma seeing Kakashi look like he was ready to have a heart attack and Sasuke looked unimpressed though the anger on the Uchiha's face never left him.

"So he beat Neji. The Hyuuga Clan must be weaker then I thought," said Sasuke, as he walked over to the two fighters, and then looked into Vergil's eyes.

"Leave Sasuke. This is not your fight," said Vergil calmly turning to the side slightly, as he now had his sheathed sword in his left hand, and his right hand twitched a little too.

"You leave loser. I'm an Uchiha. You're nothing, but some pebble on my road to gaining power to kill my older brother, and I'm going to fight Subaku no Gaara," said Sasuke, as he took a single step towards Naruto, and instantly regretted it.

He regretted it because Vergil had drawn his sword in a blink of an eye and had the long katana blade barely an inch away from Sasuke's own.

"Leave Sasuke. I will not tell you a third time and if you refuse again I will make you very similar to Kakashi in terms of how you wear your headband from now on," said Vergil, as he saw Sasuke looking nervous, and so was the audience since not many of them thought anyone would dare raise a blade to the "Last Uchiha".

"Hokage-sama! Stop Naruto, he's gone mad, and is threatening his own teammate," said Kakashi, as he looked for the old Fire Shadow for help, but found the man was not going to be so sympathetic towards the Uchiha, and the look in the old man's eyes made it clear he wasn't going to bow to the Councils anymore.

"The Uchiha had his chance to be here on time Kakashi. Now it's Vergil's turn," said the Sandaime, as he saw Kakashi was shocked yet again, and turned to look at Sasuke trying to be defiant of his teammates weapon.

He wasn't fairing very well.

"I wish to fight the Namikaze Heir. He is clearly the stronger of the two Shinobi before me," said Gaara, as he had heard of the Namikaze Clan, and to fight one of its members made fighting a member of the Uchiha Clan seem dull by comparison.

"Let's go Sasuke. There is always the next exam that will be hosted here in a few more Months," said Kakashi, as he pulled Sasuke back from Yamato's tip, and tried to keep calm under Vergil's penetrating blue eyes that made him want to take a good...hundred steps back from the silver haired boy.

"You will have to forgive the Uchiha for his stupidity Gaara-san. The arrogant tend to be the first that want to die in battle while thinking they'll live to see the next day. Such is the way of fools," said Vergil calmly, as he sheathed his sword, and looked at the statue like form of Subaku no Gaara standing there with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I agree. Can we begin now?" said Gaara, as he looked at the proctor, who looked up the Hokage, and saw the old man nod his head to proceed.

"Namikaze Vergil VS Subaku no Gaara. Ready...fight!" said Genma before getting far away from the two knowing they were about to do serious damage to the other.

"As you are the guest here in Konoha and the Uchiha was quite rude I'm giving you the first move in this fight," said Vergil, as he bowed his head slightly, and then waited for Gaara to make his move.

The move was the cork on the gourd to fly at him before the sand in it began swarming around Gaara like mystical spirit. The cork was caught by Naruto before he threw it over his shoulder and cocked his head to the right for a second.

"Prove my existence in this fight Namikaze," said Gaara in a deadly tone and all Vergil did was smirk in response before rushing forward.

Gaara's sand launched itself at Vergil, as it sensed the swordsman's approach, and tried to wrap around the Namikaze like so many victims had done so in the past. However, Vergil was too fast for the sand, and drew his sword slashing all around Gaara with the sand the Kazekage's son produced taking the hits that were delivered.

"This Namikaze guy can't win. He could slash at Gaara until he was green in the face and he still wouldn't be able to hurt our brother," said Kankuro, as he saw Vergil move faster then when Lee moved with weights, and yet the Genin couldn't get past Gaara's defense.

"That's what we first thought about that Rock Lee character Kankuro. Vergil-kun is even faster and I don't think he's missing on purpose," said Temari, as she saw the flashing of the blade Vergil used, and saw what looked like wind surrounding the blade.

It concerned Temari greatly, as she saw Vergil attacking with ruthless precision while Gaara stayed perfectly calm despite the fact sand was flying everywhere, and after about 5 minutes the Namikaze was in front of Gaara some 15 feet away before looking back at his opponent. For a moment, neither of them moved, and many in the audience were on the edge of their seats at seeing the display of incredible power coming from the boy they had hated for so long.

Then, in a mere flash of a second, Gaara's body gushed out sand from his armor that had covered his skin, and blood his body rained down all over it before the Kazekage's son fell to his knees with a shocked look in his eyes. Gaara himself couldn't believe it, as he looked at the blood around him that was his blood, and coming out of his body at the hands of the half-devil before him now sheathing his blade.

Gaara's scream of pain and agony that soon followed echoed throughout the entire arena into everyone's soul making them shiver in fear of being in that state should they make the silvered haired Namikaze their enemy.

"I hope you understand Gaara-san that I take pleasure in causing you untold amounts of pain with Yamato. However, I do what I must to ensure your plan in the invasion does not happen, and find a way to fix what has been broken in you," said Vergil, as he saw Gaara look up at him in fear, and sensed Shukaku quivering along with it's vessel at the power the half-devil possessed.

"You are strong. You have given me a fight like no other. You have hurt my body like no other. I...give up," said Gaara, as he looked up at Vergil, who looked at Genma, and saw the man nod his head at hearing the surrender though the nod was more of a reflex then anything.

"Winner of the Chuunin Exam Semi-Finals: Namikaze Vergil!" said Genma, as he raised his hand towards Vergil, who walked away from the arena floor back to the fighter's box, and stopped when he felt a Genjutsu begin cover the arena.

'It begins,' thought Vergil, as he looked at the Kage Booth where an explosion from a gas bomb hitting the floor of the booth covered it enough to make the Leaf Shinobi hesitant to move, and made the half-devil tighten his grip on the sheathed blade while enemy forces that were disguises as spectators sprung from the crowd to engage the Leaf.

Vergil was no longer the supposedly stupid boy he had been for well over a decade, as his mind had been flooded with knowledge of past, and that of the present. Images from the first Chuunin Exams, the Preliminaries, and Subaku no Gaara's demonic taint from the demon sealed inside of him when facing Lee in the Preliminaries came running through his now tactical mind.

Gaara was possibly the level of a Kage already so why put him in the Chuunin Exams?

Answer: To use during the Chuunin Exams in a way that would cause chaos.

However, with this key form of the attack against Konoha stopped from being carried out by the enemy, all that was left was the mastermind behind it all, and it certainly wasn't the Kazekage. The man maybe a Kage, but he was no master tactician, and the only one that could pull off a skilled invasion was none other then Orochimaru of the Sannin. The man hated Konoha almost as much as the people in it hated the former blonde fox vessel and would do anything it took to teach the Sandaime a very lethal lesson when it came to choosing successors.

(Kage Booth-At the Moment)

"You were a fool to spare me all those years ago Sarutobi-sensei. Even with our means to destroy everyone in this stadium removed, the combined might of Suna, and Sound will crush your weak little Leaf Shinobi into nothingness," said Orochimaru, as he removed the Kazekage robes, and grinned viciously at the Sandaime now dressed in his combat armor with Jiraiya right beside him.

"You were always one for the theatrics Hebi-teme," said Jiraiya, as he got ready for battle with his sensei, and saw Orochimaru look beyond the stadium like he was searching for something.

But that something never happened.

'Where are the explosions? Where are all the Suna and Sound Shinobi I already had get into position to invade with my snake summoning?!' thought Orochimaru, as he frowned when he didn't hear anything aside from his bodyguards raising the barrier around the trio, and then the barrier that protected them from any harm from two of the three Shinobi trapped inside of it.

"Looks like someone's plan didn't go according to what was drawn up, but then again all plans almost always never go the way we want, and tend to change in the moment they are set into motion," said Jiraiya, as he saw where Orochimaru was looking, and knew that whatever his former teammate had planned wasn't happening.

"This is insane! How do we get the Sandaime and Jiraiya-sama out of this thing?" said one of the ANBU watching the events unfold and saw the smirks on several of the four bodyguards of Orochimaru.

"You can't! This was designed to keep you out and them in," said Jirobo, as he saw the ANBU looking on, and powerless all the same.

"Yeah! You think you assholes are so tough, well you pig fuckers are going to see why our Boss is powerful, and is going to win this little standoff," said Tayuya, as she saw the ANBU look at her, and were no doubt glaring at her through their masks.

If Tayuya could flip them off she would have.

"Such foul language. If it weren't for the fact you have red hair, breasts, and your voice is feminine I would have mistaken you for a man," said Vergil, as he appeared next to her corner of the prison, and ignored her growling with the grinding of the teeth to match it.

"And who the Hell do you think you are? Huh? Probably some fucker that gets himself off with that sword of yours entering your ass at night from the look of it," said Tayuya, as she waited for Vergil to lose his cool, and mouth off at her like many would in his place for her choice of language.

"Please, I don't want to hear about your secret fantasies that you dream of having at night of someone doing that to you girl," said Vergil, as he walked away from the angry girl while the battle inside the barrier had Orochimaru with his sword drawn, Jiraiya dodging a cut from the poisonous blade, and the Sandaime using Enma the Monkey Summoning Boss in his staff form to attack his former pupil.

"You! What are you doing here demon filth?!" said one of the ANBU, as he saw Vergil walk slowly, and methodically towards them until the boy stopped in front of the ANBU unit before turning to face the barrier in front of him.

"Me? I am here to help the old man by breaking this barrier. However, you made it clear that I shouldn't be here so I'll leave, and let it be known that the ANBU refused my help to save the Hokage because of your bigotry ways," said Vergil, as he turned to leave, and sensed the ANBU stiffen.

"Wait! If you know the way to take down the barrier to save the Hokage, then please do so," said the second ANBU behind the first.

"Why? I'm not welcome in this village even after you all heard what my last name really was meaning you don't care about the Hokage in general. If you did, you would have honored my Father's dying wish, and reinforced the Sandaime's law regarding the fox while protecting me when I was a child. You think I owe you anything for what the Kyuubi did to Konoha all those years ago? What I owe you is nothing, but a good quick stabbing of my sword through your guts, and cutting you all vertically in half in front of your families," said Vergil, as he saw them tense when he turned slightly to face them, and sensed the first ANBU glaring at him heavily.

"Damn demon! I don't care if you're the Yondaime's son, you're still a monster, and deserve to die like the Councils said you should," said the first ANBU, who was not going to change his opinion about Vergil for anyone.

"If that is your final answer, then I am leaving to kill more of the invaders like I did the one's outside our walls, and further increase my reputation amongst our clients," said Vergil, as he had spent quite bit of time before the exams killing the Suna Shinobi that were preparing the summoning circle, and the Sound Shinobi that were hiding in wait to spring their trap during the Chuunin Exam Finals.

It was a shame no one really wondered why he was so late getting to the stadium in the first place. Though if it weren't for the Shadow Clone Jutsu, Vergil doubted him getting to the stadium on time would have been even possible, and missed his fight with Neji.

"No! Please, we are sorry for what we did, and wish to seek your aid to help the Hokage in his time of need," said the third ANBU of the group and knew that the only way to save the Sandaime was to make piece with the half-devil.

Vergil stopped walking away after that and didn't move for a good 10 seconds before turning around to face the 3 ANBU. Walking back up to them, Vergil stopped less then two steps from them, as he turned to face the barrier again, and unsheathed Yamato with it spinning above his head, and brought it down hard to his side before sheathing it again with a slow yet calculating grace.

"It is done," said Vergil, as his sword was fully sheathed with a clink sound before the purple barrier collapsed in front of him, and the trio that was once in the barrier looked at him in shock.

"Thank you for helping the Hoka-AH!" said the second ANBU, but screamed in pain with the others, as they were no cut into hundreds of pieces, and died a painful death.

"I said I would help the Hokage. I never said I would spare you maggots for your past transgressions," said Vergil, as he walked

"How? How is that possible?!" said Orochimaru, as saw the silvered haired entity looking at him, and then realized this was his chance before striking out at Sarutobi with his ever trusty Kusanagi.

Jiraiya saw this and was able to flank Orochimaru knocking him away from their sensei before the poisonous sword could cut the old man.

"Protect Orochimaru-sama!" said Kidomaru, as he along with the other Sound Four now moved to stop Vergil's advance, and tried not to feel intimidated by the smirk on the half-devil's face.

"Idiots," said Vergil before he moved faster then they could see and knocked the four down using Taijutsu mixed with using his sheathed sword in the process.

The Sound Four were down on the ground unconscious before another team of ANBU arrived on the scene and Vergil walked over them to get to a now at a disadvantaged Orochimaru.

"Surrender Orochimaru your plan has been ruined, you're surrounded on all sides, and you have no means to beat us," said Sarutobi, as he saw Jiraiya move to his right, and saw Vergil on the left with ANBU ready to strike from the Sannin's back.

"Sorry Sarutobi-sense, but you should know that a Shinobi of my caliber always has a backup plan, and has the means to escape," said Orochimaru, as on of the ANBU behind the Sannin took out the others, and then removed his mask to reveal himself to be none other then Kabuto.

"Time to go Orochimaru-sama," said Kabuto, as he went through hand signs, and shot out an A-ranked Fire Jutsu at the trio before him.

"Not yet. Keep them occupied a little longer Kabuto. 'Summoning Art: Impure World Resurrection!'" said Orochimaru, as he managed to raise a coffin with the word "First" written on it, and grinned knowing the odds just went up in his favor.

"You need to stop him Jiraiya!" said Sarutobi, as he was on tired legs, and saw Vergil spinning his sword in such a way that it blocked the Fire Jutsu from hitting them so it would give Jiraiya a chance to attack his former teammate.

Seeing this, Kabuto cancelled the Fire Jutsu, and moved to intercept Jiraiya in order to hold him off long enough using chakra scalpels, and kept the Toad Sannin from getting close. With the coffin down, the Shodaime of the Leaf came walking out looking well preserved, and looked at the old Hokage along with Vergil with sleepy looking eyes.

"Is that you Sarutobi? You've gotten old since last I saw you. Who is the silvered haired boy with the sword? A student of yours?" said the Shodaime, as he saw Vergil bow out of respect, and the Sandaime trying to stand.

"More like a Grandson then anything though not by blood I'm afraid, yet I wish he was," said Hiruzen, as he smiled at Naruto, who smiled back, and then turned to face the dead man now standing before them.

"I see he inherited your hair color," said the Shodaime, as he saw Vergil smirk, and the Sandaime sweat drop.

'What is it about me being old that everyone finds amusing to poke fun at?!' thought the Sandaime, as he focused on the Shodaime, and Orochimaru standing right behind him with a kunai with a seal tag hanging off of it.

"Enough of this reunion. I originally planned for you to fight all of your predecessors Sarutobi-sensei, but one of them is more then enough to-AHHH!" said Orochimaru, as he screamed out in pain when he lost the seal tag on his kunai along with his right arm after Vergil through Yamato at the Shodaime's face with enough force that it would go right through the skull, hit the seal tag making the dead body decompose into the original body that was used in the sacrifice, and tear the Sannin's arm clean off.

No one saw Vergil's right hand looked unnatural before it transformed back to a human appearance.

"You were saying Orochi-teme?" said Vergil, as he saw Orochimaru stumble back in pain, and was soon supported by Kabuto, who came to the aid of his Master, and they immediately fled with some Sound Shinobi that broke away from the stadium fighting.

"Should we pursue?" said Jiraiya, as he looked at the tired Sandaime, and saw this battle took its toll on him both physically as well a psychologically from memories of years past.

"No. Orochimaru will make another appearance again eventually despite his failure here today. In the mean time, we must tend to those injured, and see what has happened during our little confrontation with my traitorous student," said the Sandaime, as he saw the all people in the stadium were safe, and the allied forces that invaded that weren't killed had been captured along with the Kazekage's siblings.

Though from the looks of things, the older siblings didn't put up a fight, and their sensei Baki was currently dead at the hands of a female ANBU with purple hair wrapped in a ponytail.

Retrieving his sword, Vergil sheathed his trusty blade before turning to face the body a weak, as well as a barely alive Tsuchi Kin letting out a small whimper from her mouth, and her eyes staring up at the half-devil also indicated she wasn't dead. Picking her up, Vergil turned to the Sandaime before nodding his head, and then vanished to take Kin to the hospital to be revived into a state of better health in order to get answers out of her later.

"Things have definitely turned interesting around here," said Jiraiya, as he saw his new student leave, and then looked to his sensei having finally stabilized his breath with Enma in animal form supporting him.

"Yes. Though I'm afraid things will get more difficult for Vergil because of the Councils, as they will want answers to this new found power, and may demand it be sealed up in the name of...'village security'," said the Sandaime, as they had used that excuse before, and right after when the Kyuubi attacked to keep the poor boy crippled in developing into a fine Shinobi.

"Well I have your back in this one sensei and I doubt the clients will enjoy seeing the last Namikaze being treated unkindly by those 'traditionalists' that cling to the old ways that don't work well in this world," said Jiraiya, as he patted his sensei on the back, and the Sandaime nodded in agreement.

"Yes. Soon word will spread of Konoha's last Namikaze and I have a feeling the boy will become quite famous like his Father," said the Sandaime, as he smirked at the thought of Vergil sticking it to those old fools, and obtaining what they would deny the half-devil.

"You may have to revoke your law on him," said Jiraiya, as many questions were going to be asked by everyone, and the law pertaining to Vergil made things complicated.

It said you could mention the boy having the Kyuubi sealed inside of Vergil, but it didn't forbid anyone from calling the boy other names, and let the hint linger long enough for the younger generation to pick up what was meant by it.

"I know. Though it may happen with Vergil going along with you to retrieve my second successor," said the Third, as he turned to his student, and saw Jiraiya raise an eyebrow at that.

"A successor? Who?" said Jiraiya, as he wondered just who had the right, and the might to be the Sixth Hokage of Konoha.

"Senju Tsunade. Your old teammate and my student," said Sarutobi, as he saw the shock on Jiraiya's face, and smirked when it went pale at the thought of running into the woman again.

Tsunade never did forgive Jiraiya for that strip poker game she had with him when they got drunk that one time and she woke up in with very little dignity with even less clothing on.

Oh and Jiraiya had apparently taken several pictures he used for inspiration for some of his best selling Icha Paradise books.

Yep. Jiraiya was most definitely screwed.

(Omake-Shikamaru VS Temari: The Other Version)

"Troublesome. Maybe I should forfeit too since I'm fighting a girl again," said the lazy as usual Shikamaru, as he looked down to see Temari waiting for him, and he gulped at the thought of the blonde in the arena meeting his Mother if the girl stayed in the Leaf long enough.

'Looks like someone is about to chicken out. I'll have to punish him for it and I think I know how,' thought Vergil, as he silently put down his sword before walking up behind Shikamaru with a demonic smile on his face, and struck making the shadow user cry out for help.

'What's going on up there?' thought Genma along with Temari, as they heard Shikamaru yelling at Vergil to stop whatever he was doing, and what they saw happened next had shocked everyone.

Shikamaru was thrown out of the fighter's box.

Shikamaru was thrown out of the fighter's box in only his underwear.

Shikamaru was thrown out of the fighter's box in only his underwear and crashed landed right in front of Temari giving him a few up her skirt.

"EEEP! PERVERT!" yelled Temari, as she took her iron fan, and hit Shikamaru out of the stadium that also involuntarily made the Nara male to lose his underwear.

"Uh...the winner is Subaku no Temari," said Genma, as he saw Shikamaru's boxers float down, and wondered where Temari had Shikamaru had landed.

(With Shikamaru)

"OW! Damn it Vergil, you troublesome bastard, when I get my shadow possessing hands on you, I'm oh," said Shikamaru, as he found himself in the hot springs on the female side, and in front of him was none other then Mitarashi Anko with an evil gleam in her eyes.

"Come here little boy," said Anko, as she crackled her knuckles, and Shikamaru was now whimpering in a corner while shivering in fear.

"Have mercy!" said Shikamaru, as the woman hovered over him in a towel, and was shaking her head.

"Show mercy? Where would the fun be in that?! Now for the sake of what little sanity I have...scream for me!" said Anko, as she attacked without mercy, and poor Shikamaru complied with the Special Jounin's request in screaming out in pain.

(Back at the Chuunin Exam Stadium)

"That was illogically called for Vergil-san," said Shino, as he saw Vergil turn to face him, and the Aburame felt his bug shiver when he did.

"I speak softly Shino, but make no mistake I carry a big stick, and I will use when it is used best. Besides, you knew Shikamaru was going to forfeit, and that in itself is even more illogical," said Vergil, as he saw Shino nod at that since that was true, and ignored the piercing look the half-devil was giving him.

'As long as Temari wins her match without making an effort I don't really care,' thought Kankuro, as he saw Temari skip up the steps feeling happy, and then gave Vergil a shy look.

"Thank you for the assist Vergil-kun," said Temari, as she pressed her fingers together in a very Hinata like way, and blushed at being near him.

'Okay, NOW I care!' thought Kankuro, as he was itching to use his puppets, and would have had it not been for Gaara glaring at him.

"You're most welcome Temari-chan," said Vergil kissing her hand and making Temari faint.

'I'LL KILL HIM!' thought Kankuro, as he was now livid, and moved to strike.

Only to be sent flying by Temari out of the fighter's box into the female hot springs with Anko still tor-uh playing with the poor Nara.

"Oh look! I've gotten myself another playmate. It must be my birthday!" said Anko, as turned her attention to Kankuro, and saw the man trying to get away to no avail.

Life was good for Mitarashi Anko right now and it was all thanks to Namikaze Vergil.

(End Omake)

(YAY! All done. I hope you like this first chapter of what will be many. I know you are probably disappointed in the fights, but I was thinking like Vergil in terms of fighting, and thought he would take care of his enemies quickly. I don't see the man drawing out battles with his opponents so that's how I wrote it. Until next time...PEACE!!!)