Chapter 10-Devil's Aid

Namikaze Vergil walked through the dense trees with Jiraiya to Taki where the village leader was expecting them after the Sannin sent a messenger bird. While Taki itself was officially neutral to all five major Shinobi villages due to its own lack of size, they had favored Konoha in the past when the Shinobi Wars broke out. They had given Konoha key pieces of information on their enemies like Iwa and Kumo when near their borders. It was because of Taki that Konoha had won the last war since the leader of the village also happened to be a good friend of Jiraiya's.

At least he was until his death a short while back.

Now his son Shibuki had taken over.

"Just remember Vergil, this isn't our village, and Taki has been good to Konoha in the past. If we piss them off, they might become our enemies," stated Jiraiya with Vergil giving him a bored look.

"Then they shouldn't treat the seven-tailed Jinchuriki like a mere guard dog and kick her when she's down," replied Vergil before walking past the Sannin with Jiraiya making a "can't argue with that" face.

When the two Shinobi of Konoha entered the village, they headed straight for the tower where Shibuki would be waiting for them, and hopefully see things with an open mind. Jiraiya had never talked to Shibuki before so he didn't know if the boy was like his Father or a complete jerk that didn't care about Taki's Jinchuriki.

"Shibuki-san I presume?" asked Jiraiya when they made their way into the young man's office.

"Yes I am. You two must be Jiraiya of the Sannin and Namikaze Vergil from Konoha," replied Shibuki seeing them nod.

"Yes. We're here to see you about Taki's current seven-tailed Jinchuriki. I believe her name is Fu?" said Jiraiya with Shibuki nodding while looking a bit timid in front of the two.

"I see. Sadly, she is not in the village right now," explained Shibuki with Vergil letting out a growl.

"Meaning she is currently living out in the forest like an animal while being treated like one," countered Vergil seeing Shibuki shying away from him.

"Its not my call. I maybe leader of Taki, but the Council has made themselves the ones who decide how the girl is treated," explained Shibuki while Vergil scoffed at him.

"Some leader," mumbled Vergil while looking out the window to see the village below.

"I'm doing the best I can with what I have in front of me!" exclaimed Shibuki since he was still young and trying to juggle so many things at once.

"And yet you put Fu in the hands of bigots that see her as just a pet or weapon to unleash whenever they want regardless if she wants to fight? You let them control her life and deny the girl freewill?" questioned Vergil while getting in the boy's face with Jiraiya putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Easy there Vergil. Shibuki-san here is new to this and its not as easy as it looks. Few are chosen to lead and fewer are good at it," said Jiraiya with Vergil narrowing his eyes at Shibuki currently sweating under his gaze.

"This village is unworthy of the power she possesses. This village is unworthy of her loyalty," Vergil finally said before leaving the room.

"Just who is he?" asked Shibuki with Jiraiya letting out a sigh.

"Honestly? I'd say a devil with a human heart," answered Jiraiya with Shibuki going pale in the face.

"What reason do you wish to see Fu for Jiraiya-san?" asked Shibuki with Jiraiya sitting down in the chair in front of him.

"We need to warn her about an organization named the Akatsuki. They are hunting down all Jinchuriki with the intention of extracting each of the nine Biju from the body of their human hosts," explained Jiraiya with Shibuki listening further to what the Sannin was now telling him.

(With Vergil)

'Fools. All of them are blind fools. Just like those in Konoha that see only the weapon, pet, or demon when they look at Jinchuriki. They never stop to consider the feelings of the one holding it!' thought Vergil with his thoughts on the matter making him want to butcher everyone here and say "screw you!" to diplomacy.

The half-devil only stayed his hand because he had something else in mind to stick it to these bakas!

"Excuse me! Can I help you with anything?" asked a Merchant vendor, who saw an out-of-towner when he saw one, and hoped to make some money.

"Yes. Can you tell me if you know the general area that Fu lives in outside of Taki? asked Vergil with the Merchant's smile turning into a frown.

"Why?" asked the Merchant while trying to be somewhat professional.

"Does it matter?" countered Vergil with the Merchant clearly debating on whether or not to tell him.

"You should stay away from that monster boy. She's trouble. Pure and simple. We only keep the demonic thing around to use her power to protect us. Its all she's good for...well for now anyway," answered the Merchant with Vergil's eyes narrowing at the man.

"What do you mean exactly when you said 'for now anyway' in regards to her?" asked Vergil with the Merchant scoffing slightly.

"You know what I mean. You're a guy and this demon has a nice female form. In a few more years, the Taki Council will choose only the most worthy of men to take her, and we can produce strong offspring from the act. Granted, she'll probably resist at first, but the demon will break eventually, and Taki will give us a means to continue to grow until we're among the five Shinobi villages," boasted the Merchant.

"Really?" asked Vergil discreetly reaching for the handle of Yamato with the Merchant puffing out his chest with his eyes closed.

"Yep! One of the members on the Taki Council happens to be my older brother. He's got a bit of pull on it and assured me I'd be one of the guys chosen to bend that bitch over and make her scream!" the Merchant exclaimed before letting out a hearty laugh.

"I see. Say I wish throw my hat into this ring regarding the girl, but wanted to see her for myself before making that conclusion. Where would I go to see for myself if its worth it?" asked Vergil with the Merchant looking up in deep thought.

"Oh I'd say she's about 10 miles East outside of Taki. She's normally around there during this time of the day since its where the Taki Council ordered her to be before going she moves to the Northern Sector in the next...3 hours!" explained the Merchant, as he now pointed East, and then North where Fu would soon be in a few hours.

"Thank you sir. Your last moments living in this world were not wasted by helping me," replied Vergil, as he was in front of the Merchant one second, then he was behind the Merchant next, and his sword was half way out of its sheathe.

"W-What?" asked the Merchant before the sound of Vergil sheathing his weapon fully was heard and the "clink!" sound of the sword's sheath touching the sword's hilt.

Blood spurted from the Merchant's diagonally upward from his lower torso up to his right shoulder and would have screamed out in pain if not for the kunai lodged deep within his throat. Vergil of course was walking away by this point, as the slowly dying man behind him struggled to stand, and live while failing on all counts. By the time anyone came to the dead man's side and asked questions on who did this to him...Vergil was already out of sight several blocks down.

He had a Jinchuriki to find and rescue from this place.

(Akatsuki HQ)

Tobi slugged Itachi hard in the face for what seemed like the one hundredth time that day, as the slayer of the Uchiha Clan tried to fight back, but was no match for the masked man, and was bleeding all over. Tobi had long known Itachi was a spy for Jiraiya to give Konoha information on their actions and up until now the man behind the Akatsuki had allowed it. Tobi wanted the pieces on the chess board to be mobilizing slowly, but surely at the idea of facing him, and the organization itself. What they lacked in quantity they made up for in quality with their members being S-ranked Shinobi. Now one of their most powerful was gone and his partner/spy was on the ground slowly dying.

"Have you anything to say before I kill you Itachi?" asked Tobi with Itachi looking at the masked man and let a smile appear on his face.

"Yes. I do actually. I've seen the only person capable of defeating you. He's young, but strong, and one day soon...he'll kill you. I only wish...I only wish I could have been the one to do it myself. Wishful thinking I suppose," answered Itachi before making a hand sign removed the Genjutsu on his body covering him with explosive tags.

"When did you do this?" asked Tobi with Itachi making a hand sign and activated them while grabbing the masked man's leg.

"Before I came here. I knew you'd lash out at me. I knew my time being a spy for Konoha was up and you'd remove me from play. This probably won't kill someone like you, but I can at least slow you down long enough for your true enemy to gain the strength needed to wipe you out!" explained Itachi before the explosive tags went off and shook the area around them.

When the smoke cleared, Tobi was banged up with his masked being crack, burns, and other wound revealed throughout his body from what one could see of his torn Akatsuki robes. The masked man looked down at the scorch mark that had once been Uchiha Itachi and scoffed at what the foolish man had done for the sake of the village that had declared him a traitor.

"Foolish Uchiha. At one point, such a move might have worked against me, but I serve much higher power, and it is through him that I live. You don't have the power to kill me and neither does the long lined descendant of Sparda. Isn't that right...Emperor Mundus?" asked Tobi with a chuckle while a portal opened to reveal the shadowy demonic form with three glowing eyes.

"Correct my servant. My time of ascension into your world will happen soon within three years. Gather all of the nine Biju together, use their power to open a portal to Demon World so I can enter with my army, and conquer it. Do what I command of you Tobi and the power to rule over Human World by my side as my undisputed second-in-command will be granted," answered Mundus with Tobi nodding in agreement to the ever intimidating appearance of the Dark Emperor.

"As you command Emperor Mundus," said Tobi before he felt the demonic being send energy into him through the portal and healed his damaged body.

"Remember this Tobi, if you fail me...your life will be forfeit!" said Mundus before the portal closed and the warning to the masked man echoing throughout the large room.

(With Vergil)

The forest region outside of Taki was filled with life, as was to be expected given the village needed to stay that way in order to remain hidden from its enemies, and even its own allies. This place was truly a wonder of nature's greatness and the massive tree they had that helped produce the famous Hero Water that was a powerful drink yet dangerous to use. While a minor village when compared to the other five, this one minor village could easily turn the tide of a war depending on what side Taki favored, and aided in any potential conflict.

"Come on out. I know you are here. You can't hide your chakra or that of the Biju you carry from me!" Vergil called out with a small pulse of chakra coming from the trees above to indicate his target had briefly lost composure at being discovered by him.

"What do you want?" asked the female voice in the trees that no doubt belonged to Fu.

"To help you," answered Vergil with silence following his response for a moment.

"You can't help me. No one can" countered Fu from above in the shadows of the vast landscape of nature before him.

"What makes you say that?" asked Vergil calmly while sensing the girl was cautious of him since she apparently had been betrayed quite a bit in her life.

Just like himself.

"Because no one has helped me before and those that claimed they would have not done what they claimed they would do," answered Fu with Vergil nodding in understanding.

"I see. They broke their promise to you and betrayed your trust that has become so fragile as a result of their stupidity. I am not like them," countered Vergil with Fu scoffing at his words in disbelief.

"And how do you intend to prove that?" asked Fu while she studied Vergil from above.

"To warn you of two things. First, an organization called the Akatsuki intends to find, and capture you for the Biju sealed in your body. They are made up of S-class Missing Nin and they attack in pairs with their abilities being designed to counter the Jinchuriki they are assigned to capture," answered Vergil while feeling Fu's chakra or rather the chakra of the Biju inside of the girl pulse slightly at hearing this.

"You lie!" exclaimed Fu since she didn't want to believe him.

Though given how she was raised with distrust for anyone telling her was to be expected.

"Not about this. Second, I have heard some news concerning you, and your own future here while guarding Taki," said Vergil while Fu moved to another tree silently to get a better look and be in a better position to strike him down.

"What news?" asked Fu with a sense of hope in her voice at being let into the village by the Taki Council.

"Bad news. Apparently, from what I heard from the Merchant, who had a key influential family member on the Taki Council...they intend to use you as breeding stock in a few short years when your body has matured into a more female figure capable of producing offspring," answered Vergil while sensing her shock at hearing this news before Fu let out a blast of the seven-tailed Biju's chakra and covered the area with killer intent.

"You lie! They would never do that. They promised me when the time came that I would be let back into the village as an equal. THEY PROMISED!" exclaimed Fu with Vergil having pinpointed her in the trees and looked right into the girl's eyes.

"A lie that is a half the the blackest of lies. The darkest of lies. They promised to let you into the village. Of that they spoke the truth to you. But the lie that followed in being their equal? That was to ensure you let your guard down so they could spring their trap and tie you down against your will before they violate more then your trust in them," countered Vergil before moving swiftly to dodge the strike of a spear Fu had in her hand after she jumped from the position in the trees.

She was covered with the chakra of the seven-tails and looked livid with her body now shaking with fury at being told this lie. Or rather what Fu believed to be a lie.

"How dare you stand there and lie to me! To claim they would betray my trust and break their promise using some kind of technicality. I will not believe a word you tell me about them. I can't afford to believe you. Without that promise...I will have nothing to show for my loyalty. AND I WILL NOT BE LEFT WITH NOTHING!" exclaimed Fu, as she charged forward, intent on killing this liar, and deceiver that drew his sword to deflect her strikes.

"You won't be...if you leave Taki and come to Konoha with me," countered Vergil, as he either dodged, or blocked Fu's spear strikes.

"Why? So I can be Konoha's weapon? Be used by Konoha for breeding stock like you claim Taki is going to do to me? Why should I leave one village that intends to betray me for another?" asked Fu angrily with tears falling from her eyes.

"Because I wouldn't let them do that to you. Because my Godmother, who is the Hokage of Konoha wouldn't let them do that to you," answered Vergil before leaping over Fu when she thrust her spear forward and destroyed several trees upon impact.

"And how can I trust you to keep your word. How can I trust your Hokage to keep her word?" countered Fu before she watched him sheath his sword and push some of his hair back.

"Because I don't break my word to anyone. Especially to another Jinchuriki like myself. My Godmother will keep her word because to betray it would mean she is not worthy of the Senju and Uzumaki blood in her veins," answered Vergil with Fu looking at him with an intense gaze before her Biju's chakra receded.

"You me? What Biju do you hold?" asked Fu while still watching him cautious for any hint of deception.

"Kyuubi," simply answered Vergil with Fu's eyes widening.

"I see. The look in your eyes. I should have seen it sooner. You have had it rough too," said Fu with Vergil nodded.

"Yes. I have had a horrible life, but that changed after I awakened my power, and gained friends within Konoha I could trust. My Godmother being one among them. Come with me back to Konoha and I swear on my Devil's blood that no harm will come to you," said Vergil, as he extended his hand to her, and watched Fu hesitate to take it.

"And if things don't work out like you hope they do?" asked Fu since things could always turn bad for them.

"Then I'll help you leave and go somewhere safe. I have quite a few influential friends outside of Fire Country and they all owe me a few favors," answered Vergil with a small smile with Fu taking his hand and shaking it.

"I'll hold you to your promise. Break it...and I'll break you," said Fu in a deadly serious tone with Vergil nodding.

"You won' regret this," said Vergil with a genuine smile on his face.

(Earth Country-One Week Later)

"This is the spot? Are you sure?" asked Jiraiya with Vergil looking at his Godfather with an impassive face.

Vergil was able to get Fu away from Taki without much fuss and took the full brunt of Tsunade's scolding him for taking the girl away from the village. Even if Taki was going to do what Vergil told her, it could still cause the relations between the two villages to go bad, and the Hokage reminded the half-devil even he had his limits in terms of holding off potential enemies. Vergil countered her words with his own, stating that someone had to do something because the so called leader Shibuki was too spineless to do anything to help her, and the half-devil wasn't about to see Fu suffer just because good people refuse to do anything.

That was how evil won.

Vergil also continued on by asking Tsunade what she would do if Shizune herself was in Fu's situation? Tsunade smashed her desk and told Vergil that he knew damn well what she would do if Shizune were in that situation. The Namikaze just smirked and told her not to complain when he does what she would have in his place.

After that, Vergil escorted Fu to his home, where he felt it was for the best that his fellow Jinchuriki live until she felt more comfortable in Konoha to possibly have a place of her own if she chose to have it. At the same time, Fu was surprised that Vergil had so many female...admires, and even a fellow Jinchuriki like herself living here. Vergil explained the situation to Fu regarding the reason behind so many of her fellow housemates were all female with himself being the only exception. Fu blushed at the mention of Kin and Tayuya being his slaves despite the fact the half-devil explained the reason for their current status being much better then a Konoha jail cell awaiting them with every inmate knowing they were former subordinates of Orochimaru.

Though Anko, who was there at the time didn't help matters when she decide to tell Fu about how Vergil was indeed "Man of the house" with an emphases on "Man" with a mischievous look on her face when saying it. Fu was old and smart enough to catch on after a few seconds before blushing at what Anko was saying while Vergil gave the Special Jounin a glare that told the dango loving woman she was going to pay for that later.

"I sense them. They are here," answered Vergil before he saw steam surround their area and two chakra signatures surrounded the two Konoha Shinobi.

"What are you two Leaf Shinobi doing here?" came a growled voice that promised pain if they were provoked.

"To talk to the two of you. Nothing more," answered Vergil with Jiraiya looking a bit uneasy since Iwa had two full grown adult Jinchuriki on hand.

"About what?" came another voice that was firm yet didn't have the edge of the first.

"To warn you of the threat of an organization dead set on hunting down the two of you for what is held within your bodies," explained Vergil with the steam becoming thicker and the flare of chakra from both Iwa Shinobi increased.

"Explain!" commanded the harsher voice.

"The Akatsuki organization seeks all nine Jinchuriki and plans to extract the Biju from each one in a quest for ultimate power," answered Vergil with the two hidden Jinchuriki being quiet for a moment and he could only guess they were talking amongst each other.

"And you know this how exactly?" asked the quieter yet still firm voice of the second Jinchuriki.

"Because they targeted me too. I am just like you two. I hold Kyuubi within my body," answered Vergil while sensing their shock at hearing this news.

"We heard rumors about you boy. Is the rumor that you have the blood of the Yondaime Hokage in your veins true?" asked the gruffer voice.

"Yes," answered Vergil without fear.

"He killed a great deal of Iwa Shinobi in the last war?" said the gruff voice.

"It was before my time and this situation goes beyond the realm of old hatreds created from wounds of the past. This is about survival. Our survival. Do you honestly expect to win against the Akatsuki with your Biju alone? These people coming after us comprise of S-class Missing Nin, who work in pairs, and their skills can disable the power of the Biju. If you don't prepare for them, they will defeat you, and the end result of the extraction will kill you," countered Vergil with silence being met by his words.

"You play a dangerous came coming here. If the Tsuchikage learns of this, he will see it as an act of war," said the gruffer voice.

"Then I suggest neither of you tell him about this meeting. Just be on your guard and do not engage the Akatsuki unless there is no other choice," said Vergil before he turned around and began to leave to prevent any problems in the realm of Shinobi politics.

"Wait!" came the gruffer voice.

"Yes?" asked Vergil.

"Thank you for telling us about the Akatsuki. You could have done nothing, but instead you came here to tell us something, and that means something. We may not sound like we're grateful, but that's only because our lives have never been pleasant, and there has always been a catch when someone gives us something." said the softer yet firm voice before coming out of the shadows to reveal it was an extremely tall well armored man being the source of the steam.

Beside him was the red haired man with equally red beard with hard eyes still looking out for any possible threat.

"The only thing I will ever ask of you two is to trust me. I gain nothing from your deaths and I will not see a fellow Jinchuriki suffer further. Know that my home will always be a sanctuary should either of you require one from either Iwa or the Akatsuki," said Vergil before he continued to walk away with Jiraiya walking away.

"Quick question gaki," said Jiraiya with Vergil looking at him.

"What's the question?" asked Vergil with Jiraiya scowling.

"Why did you bring me along? You didn't need me here for this!" exclaimed Jiraiya with Vergil letting a smirk appear on his face.

"Sure I did. If there was fighting, who better to be used as cannon fodder then the great Jiraiya of the Sannin," replied Vergil with Jiraiya face planting into the ground with his leg twitching in the process.

"You were going to use me as a human shield in the event we had to fight those two or Iwa Shinobi!" accused Jiraiya after getting off the ground and pointing a finger at Vergil.

"Human shield is such a strong pair of words Jiraiya. I was thinking using the old adage of...age before beauty!" replied Vergil with a chuckle leaving his throat while a growl left Jiraiya.

"Why you little...!" exclaimed Jiraiya, who now gave chase after his Godson, and soon found out the hard way that chasing after a half-devil was not in the best interest of his health.

How the boy could move so fast for so long was beyond Jiraiya and was too damn tiring on his old body to catch up.

(Konoha-Sometime Later)

"Well at least you prevented an incident from happening with Iwa. Taki is still bitching about you taking Fu from them and they even suspect you for killing a merchant who has a brother on the Taki Council. He's demanding your head," said Tsunade while Vergil sat there with an expressionless face.

"Considering he was going to have his brother be among those taking part in the breeding program used for Fu, I should probably let my displeasure be known to him, and then run Yamato through the gutless pig. So by all means arrange the meeting," replied Vergil, as he saw Tsunade's eyebrow twitch, and looked displeased though the half-devil didn't see what she would be at him.

The Taki Council was the one planning such a thing with Fu. Not him!

"Look Vergil, I know you hate the Taki Council, and Taki in general for treating Fu like some guard dog...," said Tsunade, but Vergil raised a hand to stop her before he stood up, and walked over to the desk, and leaned over it.

"You're mistake Hokage-sama. I hate everyone in Taki. Not just the general population of civilians. I also hate their Shinobi for going along with this. I hate the Taki Council for the plan they created to use Fu as breeding stock. I even hate that spineless leader Shibuki for not standing up and taking control of how Fu was being treated away from the Taki Council. While his attitude towards Fu is not like the rest of the village, the fool does nothing to change things, and I will not allow such acts of cruelty befall any of my fellow Jinchuriki because people like him in their seat of power sit on their ass while watching the events unfold without batting an eyelash!" exclaimed Vergil in cold and intense voice that was equaled only to that of his cold eyes.

"Does that include me?" asked Tsunade with Vergil shaking his head.

"No. You are not like them. You're taking this job seriously...with the exception of your occasional drinks of sake," said Vergil with Tsunade getting a tick mark on her forehead.

"So this business with Taki?" asked Tsunade while trying to direct the topic back to the minor village.

"They didn't like her to begin with and treated Fu like some guard dog pet. Why should I give a crap about what they want when what they want is to turn Fu into baby making factory. Unless they change their opinions about all Jinchuriki in general and not just to get her back...I say screw them," answered Vergil before leaving the room.

"That gaki is going to be the death of me," said Tsunade while looking at the window with Jiraiya sitting there nodding.

"I know what you mean. Still, he has a point Tsunade-hime. If we had done something in the past and protected Naruto...he wouldn't have come out so bitter," replied Jiraiya with regret in his voice.

"I know Jiraiya. Things just spiraled out of control. Vergil has started to become cold to us and warm to a select few. I think when he sees the two of us...he keeps seeing all those that betrayed or wronged him. The older generation still alive is a constant reminder of the past and while he's starting to might not be enough," countered Tsunade, as she had Inoichi do a current psychological evaluation on her Godson with the current data on hand and Inoichi's own observations.

The results were less than encouraging.

Vergil has no love or real loyalty towards the village. Few are worthy of that from what I've gathered and fewer among the old generation are worthy of that honor. Once you have his trust, you dare not break it because the trust of a man constantly betrayed all his life has far more value then gold, and Vergil's trust has more value then all the gold in the land. You gain his trust, his acknowledgement as a friend, and loved one...cherish it no matter what. A man, who has been betrayed so many times, if betrayed by someone close to him will unleash a fury no man wants to see, and given Vergil's powers...I don't think the world could survive his wrathful hand.

'That's an understatement when you consider his right hand,' thought Tsunade, as she had seen it change when angry, and could really do some damage with the limb.

And that was without chakra or any other energy for that matter.

"I've also got some bad news regarding Itachi," said Jiraiya, which brought Tsunade out of her thoughts, and focus on the new matter at hand.

"What happened?" asked Tsunade with Jiraiya looking grim.

"He's dead. Given the nature of his assignment, I put a seal put on him in secret that told me of his death, and sent a scroll to be as proof as such. No one knew about the seal on him except myself, Itachi, our sensei, and now you. Itachi also knew he was going to die soon so he also made sure a scroll was sent to me listing all the current members of the Akatsuki, and all the detailed information about the organization he knew from his time there," answered Jiraiya while producing a massive scroll and tossed it to Tsunade for the woman to open.

"The leader of the Akatsuki is not the true leader?" asked Tsunade, as she saw the name "Pein" with the title "official leader" at the top of the hieratical structure Itachi had made up of the organization with a woman named "Konan" next to it, and saw another by the name of "Tobi" above those two marked down as "unofficial leader".

"Yeah. From what Itachi sent me in a message with that scroll, it seems Tobi is the true leader, and knew about him being a spy from the start. This guy even helped Itachi in killing the Uchiha Clan since Itachi just planned to kill the adults while the children were going to be spared. Apparently Tobi didn't want that and decided to do what Itachi could not in his place by killing off the children there," explained Jiraiya with Tsunade rubbing her forehead at hearing this news.

"So our means to know what the Akatsuki are planning shortly after planning it have just become lost to us," replied Tsunade with Jiraiya nodding.

"Yeah. I have other contacts within the organization, but I can't get anyone that close again, and if we tried...this Tobi guy would see it coming a mile away," answered Jiraiya with Tsunade cursing upon hearing this news.

"Okay. Let's do a head count on the Jinchuriki. Gaara in Suna is one, no pun intended of course, then there is Yugito, who is here in Konoha with Naruto, and just recently Fu has joined us here. From what I've been told, the Raikage's little brother Killer Bee in Kumo is one, two are in Iwa, and one in Mist with another going rogue," said Tsunade with Jiraiya nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, but the one in Mist just happens to be the Mizukage, and even that may not be for long. The Rebels are getting close to defeating him. It won't be long now before they are successful in overthrowing him, which will most likely lead to his death, and a waiting period for the three-tails to reform," explained Jiraiya while Tsunade looked over the information gathered on the Akatsuki.

"Maybe we should speed that situation in Mist along," Tsunade said in a thoughtful tone while Jiraiya looked at her with wide eyes.

"Seriously? Isn't that...bad politically?" asked Jiraiya with Tsunade sighing since he did have a point due to the problems around Mist were in-house matters.

"Normally the answer would be yes. Fortunately, that's only if we send out a large force that would get a lot the attention of the other villages. I'm going to send Vergil there to handle the situation," explained Tsunade with Jiraiya raising his eyebrows again.

"But...the gaki is already notorious throughout the Elemental Countries! Word has gotten out about how he took down the three headed demon in Snow Country. The Bingo Book already classified him as being an S-ranked Shinobi and have already started calling him 'Konoha's Demon Slayer'. Kind of ironic considering what he holds when you think about it," explained Jiraiya with Tsunade sighed again at his words.

"I know, but if the Rebels win with his help, they will be more open to an alliance with us in the future to help combat the Akatsuki since the organization is a threat to everyone," explained Tsunade with Jiraiya nodding in agreement to that.

"When do you want him to leave for this mission?" asked Jiraiya with Tsunade looking down in thought over the matter.

"We'll give him at least another week before telling Vergil about the mission. He needs to relax a bit and spend time with those close to him," answered Tsunade with Jiraiya giving a nod of understanding.

"You should spend time with him too Tsunade. Being Hokage is all well and good in terms of protecting Vergil from a seat of power. But he needs you on an emotional level too. We are his Godparents after all," replied Jiraiya with Tsunade letting out a sigh and thought back to that cursed necklace on her Godson's neck.

"I'm trying Jiraiya. I just hope that necklace's cursed power isn't going to strike when I least expect it," said Tsunade with Jiraiya smirking at her.

"I think that so called curse left the Shodaime's necklace the moment you gave the damn thing to Vergil," countered Jiraiya while Tsunade smirked now too.

"Perhaps you're right Jiraiya. I'll spend time with him in a few days," said Tsunade with Jiraiya grinning now before jumping out the window after hearing that.

(Namikaze Estates-Sometime Later)

Vergil was spending his time training Fu into being more aggressive with her spear and not using the Nanabi's power. It wasn't easy for Fu since she drew on the Biju's power almost instinctively every time she fought someone. The seal on her was designed for that very purpose so she could overwhelm her opponents with the Biju's power instantly. So Vergil did what he could since tampering with Fu's seal was not possible and the half-devil made a mental note to study heavily in the Sealing Arts so this situation could be corrected in the future.

"Enough!" commanded Vergil before putting Yamato away.

"How did I do?" asked Fu with Vergil giving her small smile.

"You did well. You're very fast. It works well with your way of fighting. Still, you rely on it too much, and need to get stronger by fighting without relying on mostly one hit strikes. There may come a time when you must fight out in the open and your enemy has the endurance or the armor needed to take the abuse of your strikes," answered Vergil with Fu looking a bit down at hearing that.

"So I stink," replied Fu with Vergil shaking his head.

"No. When I said you were doing well, I really do believe you did well, and just need to work more on your weaknesses so they don't become a problem in the future. We all have weaknesses Fu and we work on them so they don't become a weakness when facing such strong opponents like the Akatsuki," answered Vergil with Fu brightening up at hearing this.

"So I just need to improve in my overall Taijutsu and endurance, right?" asked Fu with Vergil nodding.

"It also wouldn't hurt to have some powerful Jutsus in your arsenal in the off chance you needed to strike from a distance. Some enemies are at their strongest when fighting long range, midrange, or short range with each possessing their own strength and weaknesses. Depending on your enemies, you will know just how to counter their movements, and eventually defeat them. Know your enemy...and you will defeat your enemy," replied Vergil with Fu soaking up this information like a sponge.

"I understand," came Fu's reply while the half-devil smirked.

"Good. Now let's get something to eat," said Vergil with Fu's stomach roaring like a bear for food while Fu looked sheepish.

Vergil just smirked further and let out an amused chuckle.

(Water Country-Sometime Later)

Vergil walked through the war torn country with his senses on full alert for any possible enemy or the ally that was to meet him. He could feel the bloodlust in the air. Tensions were mounting and anyone feeling it could be put on edge by the sensation of being drawn to battle. The half-devil had spent the entire week before the start of this mission with those close to him, training them to get stronger, and relaxing on other occasions when time permitted it. Even Tsunade in a rare moment in his life had decided to join him for some downtime and even got a poker game going with Vergil, Anko, Yugito, and herself. Anko had tried to convince the others to make it strip poker, but Vergil reminded her of the last time that happened, and the Special Jounin looked sheepish since she lost big time against Vergil since her favorite trench coat had been wagered that day.

She had yet to get it back in another game.

To make long story short, when the game was over, Vergil won quite a sum of cash from Tsunade (much to the Hokage's ire), a free subscription to Cats Monthly from Yugito, and a one day all you can eat dango coupon from Anko. The Special Jounin was pleading with him before he left to let her have the coupon before it expired within days of his mission to Mist. Not one to be cruel...well not that cruel anyway, Vergil gave it back to Anko on the condition she owed him one, and would hold her to it.

Anko's response? A huge passionate kiss on the lips and her tongue down his throat.

Oh yeah. She would definitely keep up her end of things.

"The Heavens above praise you," came a voice in the shadows with Vergil stopping.

"And the Devil cries and curses me," replied Vergil before a voluptuous woman with long flowing red hair in a tight Shinobi uniform appeared from the shadows.

"Namikaze Vergil I presume?" asked the woman while Vergil nodded.

"You presume right if your name is...Terumi Mei?" countered Vergil with the woman letting a smile grace her face.

"You also presume correct. Follow me. We have little time," answered Mei with Vergil nodding since he had been given a detailed report about the situation here by Jiraiya before leaving for this mission.

"You are planning to move against the Mizukage soon from what I've been told. It will not be easy given his power," said Vergil with Mei nodding and was not surprised he knew about their plan to attack Mist being at hand.

Jiraiya of the Sannin did have an extensive spy network after all.

"Which is why Konoha has sent you to help us in exchange for a future alliance against the Akatsuki organization. Something I know we will gladly do once things stabilize here after the Mizukage is taken down," replied Mei with Vergil nodding.

"So tell me your plan and don't leave out a single detail when it comes to storming Mist," said Vergil after they entered the Rebel Camp and to the planning tent with many of the Rebel Mist Shinobi eyeing him intently.

"We know few are truly loyal to the Mizukage. The only reason most of his forces even follow him is out of fear. If we can show that the Mizukage can be defeated, they will surrender to us, and even turn on those that are loyal to the man. Our forces shall attack on two fronts where our spies in Mist have told us their forces are the thinnest and cause the needed distraction for you to enter from this point where they majority of them are positioned. Since we'll be attacking from these two places, the enemy will split up, and move to repel us with little opposition to make your way to the Mizukage," explained Mei with Vergil nodding.

"Its a bit risky considering you could be overwhelmed on either side if you're not careful and this blows up in our faces. If one side is overwhelmed, the remaining Mist Shinobi could move to take down the other half of your army, and there is always a chance that the Mizukage himself will join the fight before I even get to him," explained Vergil with many around him nodding in agreement.

This was all about timing.

"Which is why we only get one shot at this," replied Mei with Vergil nodding.

"That's all we need," answered Vergil while looking at the picture of his target that was the Mizukage by the name of Yagura.

Yagura was a Jinchuriki like him, but unlike Vergil this man was a monster that cared for nothing in regards to the people he ruled over. This man killed friend and foe alike with no tears shed over his own actions. That was where Vergil drew the line between himself and Yagura when compared to him. Vergil may kill his enemies in a vicious and possibly monstrous fashion...but the half-devil never betrayed those loyal or close to him.

Vergil would enjoy taking the man's head off.

(Mist-Sometime Later)

The sound of battle echoed throughout the village, as the Shinobi under the Jinchuriki for a Mizukage repelled the enemy invasion of Rebels that dared to defy their ruler. Yagura himself watched from the Mizukage Tower, his eyes full of fury, and hatred for the fools that dared to challenge him. This was his village, his property, and no one was going to take what was his to command.

Or at least...that was what his current state of mind was centered around.

Yagura had not always been like this. He had once been a man that didn't act like a tyrant and his Biju was actually speaking to him about how to make things better in Mist. All of this change however, as a man with a spiraling orange mask with one eyehole appeared with a Sharingan Eye behind it, and felt the power of the dojutsu turn him into something he was not.

A heartless monster and the puppet of a much bigger monster.

His thoughts that were still his own on the matter left when Yagura saw something or rather someone heading towards the Mizukage Tower. This person was slicing through Mist Shinobi left and right without hesitation with his sword that the Mizukage could sense was not a normal weapon. The Biju in him shook in fear, knowing what that sword, and possibly this person was. However, the masked figure that turned Yagura into what he is now had also made sure the Biju in him did not help its vessel unless drawn into a battle.

Like he would soon be now.

"Identify yourself!" Yagura called out to the silver haired swordsman standing in front of the tower itself.

"Namikaze Vergil. Are you Yagura the Mizukage of Mist?" asked Vergil with Yagura snarling at him.

"I am and I know who you are too Konoha Shinobi. Once I crush these Rebels here I will redirect my effort on your village. I will show your people and their bloodlines the same ruthless aggression I showed the bloodline users of Water Country!" answered Yagura while leaping down from his position on the tower and charged with his staff pole with an uneven hook at one end in his hands.

"How can you do that when you are dead?" asked Vergil, as he moved at incredible speed with Yagura matching it, and the two clashing violently with their respected weapons.

"I will not be beaten. I am power! I am wrath! I am the rage of all Jinchuriki! I am the coming of the tide against those that made my life miserable!" exclaimed Yagura while trying to slice Vergil's head off with the uneven hook, but the half-devil dodged it, and gracefully leaped over the follow-up swing.

"No. You are a mockery of what it means to be a leader. You are not worthy of being the Mizukage of Mist," Vergil shot back, as he countered every strike, dodged every move, and making Yagura extremely angry.

"Die! Die! DIE!" exclaimed Yagura with his Biju's chakra covering him.

"You first!" Vergil countered, as his right arm changed into a demonic one, and an image of a demonic ghostly visage above him manifested with its right arm also cocked back to throw a massive punch.

"What?" exclaimed Yagura in shock before raising his staff up to block the punch, but it broke under the impact, and hit him dead on with the power behind the punch sending him into a nearby building.

Moments later, the ground around Vergil shook, and the massive form of the three-tails appeared in front of him with half of Yagura's body from the waist up revealed for all to see. Vergil stared at the three-tailed Biju, sensing something was off about the creature, as Kyuubi told him something was off about the demonic tortoise, and sensed something fowl at work. Vergil mentally nodded and thanked the fox for the info since he was sure the same fowl influence on the Biju was also on Yagura himself.

The problem now was how to destroy it without destroying Yagura? Even that were the case, there was no telling how mentally stable the man would be, and if the Rebels would even take such a factor into consideration upon capture. Would they kill him? Imprison him?

"YOU WILL FALL BEFORE ME!" yelled Yagura with his voice for all to hear and gave pause to the fighting around him.

"I'm sorry Yagura. I truly am. I came here to slay a tyrant. Now I find myself cutting the strings off what will most likely be a tormented puppet if freed and left alive to come to terms with the horrors you've you done," replied Vergil while spinning Yamato around him while walking towards Yagura's transformed stated.

"DIE! 'Sonic Roar!'" yelled Yagura with the Biju gathering its chakra and letting loose a roar that created a sonic wave of destruction.

Channeling demonic energy into Yamato, the half-devil Namikaze horizontally launched his own invisible attack, and weakened Yagura's own so the damage around them would not be beyond repair. Yagura snarled at him, as did the beast he was connected to, and it was clear neither one expected Vergil to survive. The Namikaze calmly walked towards the Jinchuriki, who had clearly been twisted by a shadowy third party, and Kyuubi once more told him that only that of a Sharingan like Uchiha Madara could have caused this. Vergil could tell the fox wasn't lying about that. Kyuubi had more then enough horrible experiences regarding the Sharingan to last him a lifetime.

"While you may not believe it now will be forgiven when crossing over to the afterlife," replied Vergil he leaped into the air towards Yagura with the three-tails tried to swat him away.

Vergil dodged left, right, right again, and another left before landing on top of the Biju's head right in front of Yagura. The man's strength in this state was also his weakness and even more now without the staff to hold onto to defend himself from close encounters. As the Namikaze moved towards him, Yagura knew his time in this world was coming to an end, and felt only a slight tap along the neck like someone had briefly touched him before Vergil was behind the Mizukage.

And it was in those last final moments of his life that Yagura regained control of himself when Vergil was just about to fully sheathe his weapon.

"Thank you Namikaze-sama. I have been a puppet of another for so long. I never wanted all of this to happen to Mist. Tell them that I'm sorry. Tell them to beware of the masked man with the Sharingan Eye and HIS Master," said Yagura with tears running down his face while looking up at the sky to see the sun starting to shine from the thinning clouds above.

"I'll let them know. This world will not see you as a tyrant Yagura. Of that...I will make sure of before the end of my days," answered Vergil before the 'clink!' of his sword being fully encased in the sheath was heard.

And Yagura's head fell from his body.

Vergil quickly leaped off the massive Biju's body, which roared in fury before the chakra manifested creature exploded with its energy exploding upward before forming into a simple ball that represented its very soul. The color of it was shimmering blue and looked like a simple ball of water. It floated over to Vergil, who held it in his hand, and absorbed it into himself before commanding it to form into a weapon.

In an instant, it obeyed him by spiraling around him, and then materializing into a trident that he spun around before pointing it at the Mist Shinobi below him. Shooting water from the weapon, he mentally commanded it to restrain, and subdue the enemy before things spiraled out of control. The water split out like tentacles, wrapping around every Mist Shinobi in the village, and forced them all to their knees. Leaping down from the building he was on, Vergil walked over to Mei, who was covered in blood, and yet still had a sense of beauty all the same.

"Thank you for your help in defeat Yagura," said Mei with Vergil nodding though she could tell it was a victory he did not want.

"While I do appreciate your thanks for the kill, the man was never the enemy, and was the pawn of another," replied Vergil, which shocked Mei, and it was clear she didn't know that.

"What do you mean?" asked Mei before Vergil told him what he sensed and what the Mizukage confessed to him within seconds of his death.

"In the end he was sorry for what happened to Mist under his rule. Yagura was no tyrant like we all believed him to be, but just a tormented man, and puppet to a cruel puppeteer lurking in the shadows. Do not hold what happened and what he did against him," said Vergil, as he saw Mei nod in understanding, and would do her best to make sure Yagura's legacy was not tainted like this third party wanted.

"And the trident you now carry?" asked Mei with Vergil smirking while looking at the Mist Shinobi still bound the by the water tentacles it had unleashed.

"When I kill strong demons, I can take their souls, and turn them into weapons like this one after I defeated the three-tails. I call this little number in my hands Poseidon. It has complete mastery over water that would make the Nidaime's skills pale by comparison," explained Vergil with Mei's eyes widening.

"So the rumors regarding what you faced and did in Snow Country are true," replied Mei with Vergil nodding.

"Cerberus was the reason behind Snow Country's harsher winters. After I defeated him, I took his soul, and his blessing in using the power he commanded," answered Vergil with Mei's eyes flashing with a sense of...something aside from being extremely impressed by him.

"Mei-sama, seeing as the Mizukage is no more, I think its only fitting you should take his place, and become the new Mizukage of Mist," said Ao, who had a eye patch on his face to cover up the fact he had the Byakugan Eye behind it, and was eyeing Vergil cautiously during the talk the half-devil had with woman.

"Thank you for suggesting that Ao. Now please leave us alone for now...or else I'll kill you," replied Mei sweetly and Ao started to sweat before he wisely retreated back.

"Impressive. You already have the makings of a great Kage," said Vergil with Mei letting out a giggle.

"You flatter me. Since you are now my guest here in Mist, why don't you stay for a time before heading back to Konoha, and informing your Hokage of our victory?" asked Mei with Vergil smiling and nodding at her while she extended her hand to him.

"It would be an honor...Mizukage-sama," answered Vergil before taking her hand and giving the back of it a kiss like any gentlemen would.

"Please! No need for titles. Just call me Mei from here on out," replied Mei while feeling flattered that such a handsome young man would be this way around her.

"As you wish...Mei-chan!" answered Vergil with Mei letting out another giggle at his choice for a suffix and called him a flatterer.

The red haired woman thought this was going to be the start of a great alliance between Mist and Konoha with how things were already turning out. Perhaps if Mei played her cards right...she could get something more from this current situation.

(Omake-Kiba's Failed Party)

While Vergil was spending time with his girls and his Godmother, Kiba was trying to spend time with those close to him too. He felt extremely jealous that Vergil was having all this success with mission, the fame, and hot women that wanted the Namikaze so damn badly. He had two Sound kunoichi as slaves, two smoking hot Jinchuriki living with him, the crazy Special Jounin who wore little to the imagination once the trench coat was removed, and so many more popping up all over the place.

And what did Kiba have to show for himself? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! He was still a Genin, still a virgin, and still living with his Mom. Granted the last one was a given, but still...Kiba was an adult now in the village, and as an adult he should be doing adult like things.

Like mounting hot woman or drinking at a bar before mounting a hot woman to become a man.

So with that in mind, Kiba set out to take the guys out drinking at a bar, hoped to pick up a babe, or maybe two if he was lucky before leaving the guys to pay the tab while they were too drunk to realize he was gone. While that happened, Kiba planned to get it on at some girl's place with one or two of them, and in the morning be called a hot stud while his manly greatness was known throughout the village.

"Ow! My aching head," said Kiba, as he tried to move his body, but found himself unable to do that, and saw the reason why.

His arms were tied to the bed. He looked around and saw clothing on the floor that was his and some girl he had no doubt picked up last night. His underwear was down to his knees and if were to look in the mirror...Kiba would see his neck had a dog collar on it.

Now while this may appear to be a good thing in terms of Kiba getting laid by a hot woman, who apparently had a thing for bondage, and dominating her wasn't! What Kiba didn't know was the guys had played a prank on their host that night at the bar after Vergil had come in and overheard the Inuzuka complaining about how HIS Hyuuga of a teammate was with the Namikaze. That if HE had been in Vergil's position with the once shy Hinata wanting him, he would have plowed the girl into next week, and would have knocked her up within the Month before doing the same to the other "house sluts" he had. Kiba didn't know Vergil was in the bar at the time on account of being too drunk to see straight, nor did he know that the Namikaze heard everything he slurred out of his mouth, or his fellow comrades had seen what Kiba did not. So they each covertly left the Inuzuka using some lame excuse to individually seek out the Namikaze and inform him that they did not agree with the Inuzuka's opinion.

Vergil's response to them were two words.

Prove it.

And so they did. Shikamaru being among Kiba's drinking buddies had touched the least amount of sake among the group and had acquired the Inuzuka's wallet. After emptying out the contents of cash in the Genin's wallet, which was quite a sum saved for this very occasion it would seem, the group had found a female bar hopper looking to make some extra cash by being some guy's escort, but the guy was out like a light, and spent all his money on booze. So Vergil motioned for her to come to him to ensure Kiba's drinking buddies weren't pinned on this soon to be incident of humiliation the Inuzuka was about to endure. Vergil explained the situation himself to the woman and how he wished things to proceed so the eye witnesses at the bar would not be able to say it was anyone else when asked should an investigation arise from this. Half of Kiba's fat wad of cash was spent on the booze his friends were drinking and the other was spent on the woman for this little prank.

Is this it? Its not much. I'm not some cheap hooker!

I don't think you are one. Besides, you won't be screwing him. Just...put him in a position where he can't show his face around Konoha for awhile.

Are you sure? Won't he get you back for this once he's freed?

How can he come after me if you don't tell him who paid you?


"Yeah. I'm the man," said Kiba to himself.

"Hardly," replied the woman coming out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready to leave the Inuzuka in his present state.

"Hey! Where are you going? Untie me!" exclaimed Kiba, as he tried to get free, and saw the woman scoff at him.

"You're a Shinobi. Untie yourself. Oh, I almost forgot!" replied the woman, as she went to the nightstand by the bed, opened it up, and pulled out a remote.

"What's that? What does that do?" asked Kiba fearfully while the woman grinned almost evilly at him.

"Let's just say there will be some momentary...discomfort," answered the woman before she put it down and took out some duck tape before taping the Inuzuka's mouth shut.

"Shkufkhkd! Skshdks kksdhjs!" exclaimed Kiba through the duck tape before the woman gave his forehead a nice pat and picked up the remote.

"Have fun playing with yourself," said the woman before activating the power button with the Inuzuka crying out through the duck tape at the feeling of something in a private place where he did not want to feel anything there.

"Sskhskh! Tkkskus!" exclaimed Kiba while the woman just laughed.

"Oh this isn't the worst part either. Don't you recognize this room? This room...belongs to your sister!" said the woman before cranking up the level on the remote.

"Akhsj! Ldjshd!" exclaimed Kiba, as he struggled even more knowing it would get worse if his sister, or worse his Mother saw him like this!

"Maybe next time you shouldn't demean women while drinking so much. Bye bye baka!" said the woman while walking out of the room with Kiba starting to panic when he felt the object currently vibrating in that place making a part of him rise against his will.

'Please Kami, if you are a guy, let me get out of this without my Mother, or sister finding me here,' prayed Kiba while trying to figure out how to get out of this.

Unfortunately for Kiba, what happened next in regards to his situation, many would come to believe that Kami was in fact...a woman!

For within mere moments of that woman, who was responsible for putting him in this rather unique situation was gone did Kiba's sister Inuzuka Hana walked into the room, and saw her little brother in this...position. However, rather then do the natural reaction of freaking out, calling him a disgusting pervert, and then beat the crap out of him in this vulnerable state he was in...she just laughed! Hana just laughed at him before an evil idea popped into her head and quickly found the camera she got last Month for her birthday.

"Say doggy treat Kiba!" exclaimed Hana, as she began taking picture after picture of her little brother, and ignoring his pleas for help currently not understandable thanks to the duck tape on his mouth.

And it didn't stop there either. After Hana stopped taking pictures for a second, she had the idea to doodle different things all over face, his chest, and went back to taking more pictures that would basically continued to assist in emasculating Kiba further.

'This wasn't how things were suppose to happen!' thought Kiba, as he heard his sister laughing while taking pictures of his humiliation, and then she left to leave him there.

"You went above and beyond my plan to humiliate him," said Vergil a few blocks from the Inuzuka Clan home with Hana stopping to face him with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah well I owe him one for stealing my favorite doll and then pinning the blame on his dog when I got it back all chewed up. Serves him right if you ask me!" exclaimed Hana with a righteous look in her eyes filled with fire.

"Calculated revenge against a little brother thy name is big sister," replied Vergil while being handed the photos of Kiba's humiliation.

"I take it you will let these pictures out right away to the general public?" asked Hana with a smirk appearing on Vergil's face.

"And I should pick you up for our date tonight around...5 pm sharp?" countered Vergil with Hana smirking back.

"Its a date," answered Hana before walking away with a sway to her hips.

"And Shikamaru says women are troublesome," said Vergil to himself while looking at the means to put Kiba in his place in his hands.


"Isn't this great son? We're play Shogi, your Mother doesn't know where we are, and there is a nice bunch of clouds in the sky," said Nara Shikaku from the secret location on the roof of the clan home where he and his son were spending their day getting away from doing chores the Wife/Mother had given them.

"Achoo!" exclaimed Shikamaru from sneezing loudly.

"Someone must be talking about you," chuckled Shikaku before he felt a cold shiver run down his spine and saw Shikamaru looking behind him in fear.

"I was wondering where the two of you went off to after I gave out chores that needed to be completed. Honestly, I must thank whoever was talking about my lazy son for making him sneeze, and leading me to him along with his lazy Father that is my husband," said one Nara Yoshino holding a frying pan in her hands while her husband and son were both shivering in fear.

" reasonable! The amount of chores you gave were massive. I may have a great mind for thinking things out, but I don't have stamina to do what you're asking me to do. I'm not an Uzumaki and I can't produce an army of Shadow Clones!" exclaimed Shikaku with Yoshino growling at him.

"Oh you will have stamina after I am done whipping you into shape," said Yoshino with Shikaku laughing nervously while their son did the same.

"Run!" exclaimed Shikamaru, but it was too late, as his Mother had smacked both Nara males in the back of the head when they tried to run, and proceeded to drag them into the house.

"As punishment for ditching your chores, we are going to cuddle tonight Shikaku-kun and this time...there will be no safety word!" replied Yoshino with Shikaku going pale in the face and struggling for dear life.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" yelled Shikaku while frantically trying to get away, but to no avail, and couldn't match his wife's sudden superior power.

"And as for you Shikamaru-kun...I'm going to dress you up in some cute clothes I have that I wanted you to wear to impress some nice girls your age. I think I'll even take a few pictures to preserve the memory for later to remind myself of just how cute you look in them," said Yoshino to her son, who was now imitating his Father perfectly with his face going albino white, and clawing at the roof to resist being dragged into the house.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" yelled Shikamaru with both Nara males now desperately trying to get away from the woman and her punishment she prepared for both of them.

Indeed...women were troublesome...just not to Namikaze Vergil.

The lucky bastard.

(End Omake)

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