Chapter 12-Devil May Rest

Vergil opened his eyes. He looked around and saw his body was in a hospital. Konoha's hospital from the looks of it. Kami knows his ass had been in one since he was a child. Glancing around further, Vergil notice his right arm was missing, and frowned at the memory manifesting within his mind.

Fire raging all around him. Shouts from Jiraiya and Konan while they fought Mundus. The Demon Emperor roaring loudly in rage at being defied by two humans and a Devil half-breed descendent of Sparda. The feeling of his sword in hand meeting resistance against flesh of Mundus while slicing into him in rapid succession.

An intense blast of demonic energy shot from Mundus via his three eyes blinding him for a few seconds. Pain running through his own body. Darkness taking him soon after.

Vergil winced at the memory. Recalling how his right arm had been lost in the blast. It had cauterized almost instantly so dying of blood loss was not an issue. His sword had survived of course. Nothing could truly destroy it. Not even Mundus. Vergil was actually finding it quite useful that he was ambidextrous and able to wield Yamato with his left hand to compensate for the loss of his right.

At least until his arm regenerated. A perk of having such potent Devil's blood and being a Jinchuriki.

"You are awake I see. Good," remarked Senju Tsunade after coming in moments later to see her patient awake.

"How long was I out?" asked Vergil calmly and sitting up despite the pain and effort it brought to his body.

"One week. You looked almost dead when Konan brought you in. Actually, a dead body looked more alive over your own when I first saw you. I almost assumed as much until I felt the faintest of heartbeats. I almost missed it," said Tsunade with Vergil nodding.

"I imagine so. My memories are somewhat fragmented surrounding the fight with the Demon Emperor. Since Konan and myself are alive, it means Mundus is dead, or at least defeated for now," replied Vergil with Tsunade nodding with a sad look on her face.

"Jiraiya is dead. Konan has some major injuries herself, but nothing life threatening. Not anymore at least," added Tsunade with Vergil narrowing his eyes.

"I see. Yes I remember. He was in Sennin Modo at the time. He was attempting to bind Mundus to a seal saturated with nature chakra. To possibly slow him down or temporarily immobilize him. One or the other. Mundus...countered him halfway through. The seal did work for a few moments, but it cost Jiraiya his life. Gamabunta, Ma, and Pa all got away though so we were fortunate to not suffer further losses. Gamabunta got Mundus good with his sword before being forced to retreat," replied Vergil while his memories slowly came together in his mind.

"Konan said the same thing. Despite being without an arm, she was fairly impressed with you being able to summon what was described as a 'giant devil like figure wielding your sword and slicing deeply into Mundus's body' before he moved to retreat," said Tsunade with Vergil frowning.

"He tried? Meaning he failed?" asked Vergil while trying to piece everything together.

"You don't remember?" asked Tsunade with Vergil shaking his head no.

"After I lost my right arm, everything nearly went blank for me. I was in a lot of pain as you can imagine. Jiraiya and Konan were still fighting. After Jiraiya died from Mundus's attack, something inside of my mind just...snapped in my head. The next thing I know, I am covered in a blue fire with an incredible surge of power running through my body in that moment, and everything soon after goes blank," replied Vergil while Tsunade just frowned in thought.

"Could it be the Devil Trigger? You were under a lot of stress and from what you told me once, it happens when under a lot of it," offered Tsunade with Vergil nodding.

"Most definitely. I guess I was so sick and tired of dealing the pain running through my body and that of losing those close to me. I was filled with so much hate. More hatred burned in my heart for the Demon Emperor in that moment then the hate I once had for this village. Did I...did I kill Mundus?" questioned Vergil with Tsunade surprising him by nodding.

"You did. Konan saw it. You were practically exploding with power. Both your own and the Kyuubi inside of you. The two combined energies mixed with your sword from what Konan had seen and you dealt the killing blow with a giant ethereal sword stabbing into Mundus's brain. Right between all three of his eyes I might add before you collapsed and the Demon Emperor body began to disintegrate," said Tsunade Vergil now letting out a chuckle.

"Well...I did call dibs on his eyes. And its only fitting since he took my arm. Now I have to wait at least a weak before this stump for a limb becomes something useful. It's going to hurt when it does due to the nerve endings, which sucks big time," said Vergil with Tsunade smirking slightly before becoming serious.

"Apparently, from what Konan saw during the fighting, you not only killed Mundus by stabbing into his skull to his brain, but the energy from the ethereal demonic sword itself fried his eyes like someone shot fire right into them. Even if he did somehow live, the Demon Emperor would have been totally blind, and no doubt severely weakened if he successfully escaped," commented Tsunade with Vergil nodding.

"And leaving him wide open to power hungry Demon Lords itching to take his throne by killing him themselves. No doubt word will have spread to the Demon Realm of Mundus being killed here. The power vacuum made from this and the blood spilled there will last for 10,000 years. At least!" concluded Vergil knowing Mundus had a vast power base few could challenge, but it was all centered around him.

Without Mundus ruling, every demonic entity with a brain, and ambition will be on the warpath to become the next Demon Emperor. Even when it happened, none of them were going to take the position anytime soon. Mundus had been the most powerful of all the demons within the demonic realm by far and no one Demon Lord there could ever hope to fill his shoes.

Only Sparda could at this point, but well...we all know how that story went, and no one in the Demon Realm wanted anyone with his blood ruling in Mundus's place.

"Well that's something I guess," commented Tsunade before the door opened behind her and all of Vergil's wives and slaves ran over and glomped him on the bed.

"Vergil-kun!" exclaimed all the women at once, even Kin, and Tayuya despite their own positions within the household being lower in status.

Not that Vergil ever treated them as such despite it.

'Death by suffocation via breasts. Not a bad way to go,' thought Vergil while he was now being smothered on all sides by all the female assets pressed against his face.

"Okay! Okay! Knock it off! You can smothering him later! Preferably when I'm not here or around to see your perverted act!" exclaimed Tsunade after getting a tick mark on her head.

"Jealous much?" whispered Tayuya though Tsunade heard it.

"What did you just say?" demanded Tsunade with Tayuya not backing down.

"You heard me bitch! You are just jealous because you are an old hag with saggy tits and can't get a man!" exclaimed Tayuya while pointing a finger at Tsunade.

"Oh, you are so dead!" exclaimed Tsunade while she cracked her knuckles and Tayuya stuck her tongue out at her.

"You'll never take me a live you old biddy!" exclaimed Tayuya before she leaped out of the window.

"That's fine by me because I don't intend to take you alive!" Tsunade shot back while in hot pursuit of her.

"Don't hold this against Tayuya. She was just worried about you Vergil-sama," said Kin while Vergil chuckled.

"I understand. She gets a free pass this one time. Besides, the sounds of the chase are quite amusing," commented Vergil with the sound of the ground being destroyed outside and yelling of Tsunade for Tayuya to take her beating echoed throughout the village.

With Tayuya constantly mocking Tsunade by calling her an "old hag", "senile bitch", "saggy boobs", "gray haired wrinkle face", and "slow Granny big butt" to name a few. Which naturally pissed off Tsunade something fierce and she chased Tayuya all over Konoha while trying to super punch her from end of Konoha to the other if not into the ICU.

"What do we do about Konan-san? She was your enemy at one point?" asked Haku while she was unsure what the woman gained from supporting Vergil.

"And its because of her that I even made it back here alive Haku-chan. I know that much. I will talk to Tsunade later...once she calms down in her attempt to smash Tayuya into tiny pieces," replied Vergil while the sounds of the chase continued to echo outside.

Yeah. Better to wait until cooler heads prevailed.

(Epilogue-Years Later)

Vergil was in his clan home watching his children training to be strong like their parents and under the supervision of said parents. After all, it was necessary for them to be strong at such a young age given the rival villages trying to gain more strength over the other. There had been at least five different kidnapping attempts on his children this one year alone, but fortunately each time, such kidnappings failed with the would-be kidnappers being brutally slaughtered, and their remains (which wasn't much) were sent back to their village to make them back off.

The only exception being the now former Mizukage Terumi Mei, who chose the path of love with Vergil over ruling over Kiri, and chose a competent successor while she got married to the man of her dreams. Now she had a loving man, two strong children, and the life her heart always wanted.

The only downside was Mei couldn't threat Ao anymore for his stupid comments about the old ways and her mishearing him. Oh well. You can't have everything.

"They are getting stronger by the day," commented Konan while seeing her daughter was able to manipulate her paper with ease in throwing them as projectiles while the girl's younger brother had taken up turning his into a sharp sword that cut through a training post with ease.

"Not surprising. They do take after you," remarked Vergil while Konan blushed a bit.

"Flatterer," whispered Konan while she saw Anko was teaching her son the sadistic art of scaring other people to the point where they wet their pants.

Kami that boy would be a terror to his enemies when Anko got through training him.

"Not that we don't mind you being here with us and the kids, but shouldn't you be in the Hokage Tower, and doing that big pile of paperwork all Kages have to battle every single day?" asked Hana curiously while Vergil just smirked at her.

"Yes and no. Yes I should be there and no I don't. I have a small army of Shadow Clones taking care of it. Its how my dad dealt with it when he was Hokage during his short time wearing the hat," answered Vergil while seeing the shocked looks on the women since they had wanted to know for years how he was able to do it and spend time with them.

"Does Tsunade know about this?" asked Hinata curiously since she knew Tsunade hated paperwork like any other Kage, but only because it cut into the woman's drinking time.

"Are you kidding? She thought I would crack under the first day wearing the hat. Imagine her surprise when she sees me in the bar an hour later sipping sake and I tell her all the paperwork for the day was done. She didn't believe me and I bet her 2 years worth of Fire Country sake that I was right. If she lost, Tsunade had to give up drinking sake for that same amount of time no matter the occasion," answered Vergil while the woman were shocked.

"No wonder Tsunade looked so murderous that day and looked like she wanted to punch you to the other side of the world. Shizune had to hold her back while launched a lot of curses at you instead," commented Anko now after overhearing the conversation.

"Yeah. She claimed I cheated using Shadow Clones, but I told her they were solid copies of myself exactly, which makes them different from other Clone based Jutsus. As such, the Shadow Clones had the authority to handle said paperwork since they think like I do in dealing with it," replied Vergil while recalling the memory.

"Why didn't you tell her about this before when she was Hokage?" asked Hana curiously while knowing Tsunade would have killed for this information.

"Are you kidding? If Tsunade found out and used it to fight the paperwork, poor Shizune would have been overwhelmed! She is the Hokage's assistant, which means she would no doubt have dealt with the original and the clones every single day. Running from a bar where Tsunade would be drinking to the Hokage Tower where the Shadow Clones would be doing the paperwork. Or at least trying to do it before they decided to mutiny and try to drink sake from the hidden stashes around her office," replied Vergil while the women and some of his kids sweat dropped at hearing this.

"Surely Tsunade-sama wouldn't go that far?" asked Kin while she and Tayuya had gone from being slaves/servants to wives of the one they loved.

"After the 2 year enforced sobriety was over, Tsunade went to the nearest bar and cleaned it out of every single bottle they had. She's now banned from said bar and those around it for 50 miles. So you tell me," answered Vergil while Kin's sweat drop got even bigger.

"Good point," Kin since she heard the rumor about that, but didn't really believe it.

"I'm just glad we don't have to deal with anymore manipulation from any demons or the invasions from said demons to control our world," commented Tayuya after they got the full story from Vergil about Mundus being killed.

"While that is mostly true now, it doesn't mean our descendants won't have to face such trials," remarked Vergil knowing one day the Demon Realm will stabilize or become as stable as it can get before whoever sits on the throne makes plans for this world.

"I have faith in the next generation and the one following them Vergil-kun. If all of us here can endure some form of hardship in our lives, then so can they when tested," said Haku while the other girls nodded.

"I agree. But for now...the Devil may rest and be happy!" exclaimed Vergil with a smile on his face.

Up until recently, the world would always be a harsh place while making everyone run from one area to the next. But for now, it had a chance to slow down, if only fraction, and let everyone around him enjoy life together. As a family.

His family.


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