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.oOo. Chapter Six ~ Flaunting It .oOo.

"Finally, something good has come out of the stupid reality show," Sora said with a grin, dangling a hotel pass in the air.

They were breaking from their challenges to spend time at a hotel along the beach. Sora was really excited, because he secretly adored going to hotels. The elevators, the hot tubs, the disgusting free breakfasts, the bouncy beds that maids would fix up for you...everything about them was just so fun and eventful. As soon as he'd heard the news about the trip from Mickey, he instantly became filled with anticipation.

And now he was at the entrance hall, suitcase in hand, grinning from ear to ear. Riku stood next to him, peering around at his surroundings. It had a typical hotel atmosphere--fancy wallpaper, a grand piano on display, an unnaturally clean floor, and huge, spacious halls. It wasn't glamorous, but it looked like a load of fun in Sora's eyes. They could stay up all night watching movies, play games in the ocean nearby, and prank nearby hotel residents. Oh, it was going to be a blast!!

The only problem? Kairi and her buddy Namine were going to be there, along with Hayner and Roxas. (Apparently, even though Hayner had been eliminated, Mickey felt bad for him and gave him a hotel pass anyway.) Roxas was tolerable, and even Hayner was alright, but Kairi and Namine? Damn, now it would be all awkward with those two there, and it would undoubtedly spoil the potential enjoyment.

"I found the elevator," Riku said suddenly as he pointed down the hall to the left. "Our room is on the third floor."

"Let's get going then!" Sora exclaimed, not allowing his giddiness to falter because of a couple of girls. He walked hurriedly to the elevator and pushed the arrow button eagerly.

Riku, noticing his hyper behavior, smirked and said, "Excited much?"

Sora scowled. "No," he said stubbornly. He was a bad liar.

"I knew this reality show thing wasn't so bad." Riku gave an I-told-you-so look.

"Hn," Sora grunted in reply. He wouldn't go so far as to say that the reality show was a good thing. Because frankly, it certainly was not. At least, not to him.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, the duo made it to their room, marked on the door as 305. Riku used the hotel pass to unlock the door, and--viola!--Sora sped past him and pounced on the squeaky bed. "Ah," he sighed with satisfaction, setting his suitcase down.

Riku raised an eyebrow. "Not excited, eh?" he quipped sarcastically.

Sora ignored him.

Instead, he inspected his temporary place of residence. It was huge. The people that sponsored Get a Girlfriend had to be mega rich to manage to afford fancy boarding like this. There were three beds, an indoor Jacuzzi, a bean bag chair, and a hi-def, large flat screen TV. This was the life. Too bad he was only staying here one night. Given the chance, he'd totally live here in a heartbeat.

Riku was shocked, too. He had been expecting the typical two bed, three-room deal. This was...outrageous. Outrageously awesome! "Gotta hand it to that mouse," Riku said with a grin, "he rocks."

"This is great. No 'rents, no interruptions, free reign on all this stuff, and best of all, no rules."

"Well, there is one rule," Riku added with a chuckle. "There's no girls in this room, so...leave the toilet seat up!"

"What's this about a toilet?" Hayner, followed soon by Roxas, entered the room. They stared at everything wide-eyed, just as Riku and Sora had done. After taking in their surroundings and recovering from the surprise, they exclaimed, "This place is amazing!"
"I know." Sora grinned.

"There's a karaoke machine over here!"

"Check out the Jacuzzi!"

"Yum, I found some cand--ouch! What'd you do that for?"

"Don't eat the candy, you twit! It's super expensive and probably stale anyway." The four boys looked like kids, excited about everything. Sora began mentally forming ideas for tonight's events. The Jacuzzi was a must-use, but the karaoke machine was probably better left neglected. (Sora wasn't the greatest singer in the world.) And they definitely had to go to the beach! Even though they lived on an island surrounded by beaches, he was still psyched. This hotel beach was larger, and the sand was better for building sandcastles. Or burying people in the sand. Whatever. Plus, there was a slide!

"Oh, wow, look at this place." Namine and Kairi came into the room, sporting shorts, sandals, and tank tops. "I'm jealous. Our room doesn't have a Jacuzzi."

Riku immediately went into "flirt mode" and took advantage of the situation. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he offered, "We'll share ours with you."

Sora cried out in disagreement, perturbed. He didn't want to share his time here with them. It would just be awkward. Besides, Kairi would have to be crazy to wear a swimsuit in Riku's presence. If she thought he was putting on the charms now, then imagine what it would be like with extra "motivation" for him. The more skin they showed, the more dangerous things'd get.

Of course, Riku didn't see it that way. He elbowed Sora in the stomach to stifle his objections, forcing all the air out of his lungs. The girls, oblivious to Sora's worried look, agreed gratefully and went back to their room to unpack their bathing suits.

This was going to be a long night.

Sora decided that he didn't want to go in the Jacuzzi with the others, mainly because of the girls. He had skipped out the instant they had gone to their room to change. Besides, the Jacuzzi only really had enough room for four people--five people if you squeezed in tightly enough. Roxas also chose not to join in, saying that he'd rather explore the hotel a little first.

And that's how they ended up together, wandering the halls aimlessly. Since they weren't very well acquainted with each other, it was hard to think of anything to talk about. Eventually, Sora managed to break the silence with, "I hear there's a room with pool tables and foosball games here." He wasn't sure if this was true or not, but he thought he'd heard a passerby chatting about it in the elevator earlier.

Roxas's eyes lit up. "Pool? Oh, man. I rule at that game. Let's find that game room!"

Sora was rather clumsy at pool himself, but it still sounded fun. He didn't mind if Roxas beat the pants off him, as long as he didn't rub it in. But where the hey was this room?? They searched for a while, checking the first through fourth floors.

"How many rooms are in this place?" Roxas asked, exasperated. His breath was beginning to come out heavier from all the fast pacing they'd been doing.

Sora shrugged. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a man donning an employee uniform (a black top with a red tie and khaki pants). "'Scuse me," he called out. "Do you know where the game room is?"

The man looked confused and shook his head no. Drat.

They looked around for another ten minutes or so before finally admitting defeat. They had inspected every floor. They had even asked several other workers. Sora supposed that the game room must not exist, and he'd simply misinterpreted what he'd heard earlier.

"Well, that was a waste of time," he said, frustrated.

Roxas laughed, trying to stay optimistic. "Oh, well. We know our way around this gigantic place now." Well, at least that was true.

Five confusing minutes later, they finally found the pool table. Apparently, it was a part of the exercise room, not the game room. No wonder they couldn't find it. They played several games, Roxas clobbering Sora every time. He really was good at it! Luckily, Sora wasn't a sore loser. He knew he wasn't very good at pool, anyway. It involved angles, which was part of geometry, and he had never been too fond of math. After a little while, it got tiring, though. They already knew that Roxas would win every time no matter what, and half an hour had already passed.

So they stood in silence for a moment, wondering what to do next. Then Roxas suggested, "Why don't we go back to our room? They're probably out of the Jacuzzi by now."

Sora nodded. Sounded good to him.

Bad, bad, BAD idea. Sora heard giggling and splashing when he stepped into the room. He froze where he stood. They were still here?!

Roxas slid past Sora and approached Riku and the girls. "Don't you know you shouldn't be in a Jacuzzi for long periods of time?" he lectured.

Riku rolled his eyes. "Puh-lease. Who cares about that." Namine was at his left, Kairi at his right. He looked as though he was in heaven. Dear lord. (Hayner had apparently already evacuated the Jacuzzi. He was now on one of the beds watching television.)

Namine took Roxas's advice and said, "I think I'll get out now. Besides, Roxas and Sora might want to get in."

She stood up out of the water. She was wearing a white, relatively modest swimsuit. Riku had probably been disappointed by that, Sora thought with chagrin. His silver-haired friend was quite in tune with his testosterone hormones. Too in tune with them. He went ga-ga every time he saw a pretty girl, for Kingdom Heart's sake! How pathetic was that, succumbing to emotions like tha--

WHOA. Kairi followed suite and rose from the water as well, but her bathing suit didn't have nearly as much coverage as Namine's. She was wearing a thin-laced purple bikini that accented her curves. The bottom half of the suit probably wasn't even covering half of her bum. And the top dipped dangerously low, revealing quite a bit of flesh on her chest where her...

What the hell was he doing? He came to his senses, realizing he had been gawking at her with his mouth wide open, drool protruding from one corner. He quickly cleared his throat and turned away to hide the heat on his face. Crap, Kairi was hardly wearing anything at all! A bra and underwear could cover more than her swimsuit. What a shocking sight she'd been! Was that what girls' bathing suits were like these days? It was crazy!

Feeling numb and flabbergasted, he joined Hayner at the TV, avoiding visual contact with Kairi. A weird sensation was stirring within him, and he felt butterflies in his tummy. He really wished he hadn't seen that. I mean, damn, she'd been practically naked--

No! He had to stop thinking about it. Focus on the TV...get his mind off of it...

He stared blankly at the TV for a second before finally making out what was on the screen. A spiky-haired brunette was backing away nervously from a spaghetti-covered man--

"WHAT IN THE WORLD?!" he cried. "They put that on air? And...wait a minute! Since when are we on TV?!"

Hayner snickered. "Tonight's the premier episode. Didn't you know that?" He turned his attention back to the television and said, "Haha, look at your face. You're white as a sheet."

Sora glowered. Could this night get any worse?!

Oh, yes. It could.

A hooded man sat in a dark room, tapping his fingers against his chair angrily. Before him was an old, staticy television set with an antenna on top. He was staring at it intently, like a critic ready to find something--anything--to disparage. A certain mouse announcer was introducing contestants on a new reality show. It was ticking him off. What was so great about this show? It was shallow and stupid. No one would watch it, surely. The ratings would drop, followed by the show itself. Then justice would be served. Or perhaps 'revenge' was a better word for it.

"The numbers have come in, sir," another cloaked person said, stepping in front of the TV for a moment to hand the vexed man a manila envelope.

The man slipped several papers out of the envelope and skimmed over them. After absorbing the gist of it, he pounded his fist against the chair's arm in an outrage. "What?!" he thundered. "The ratings have skyrocketed beyond anyone's expectations. How could so many people be watching the show?"

"Well, they advertised it pretty well."

"Silence! I didn't ask for your opinion!" The man's brows furrowed in frustration. Then he thought about what his partner had said. "Yes..." he muttered slowly, almost inaudibly. Then louder, he said, "That's it. The only reason there are so many viewers is because there were numerous commercials aired. They're merely curious. They'll tire of the show after seeing how bland it is."

He tossed the papers and envelope over his shoulder, chuckling darkly. Then he lifted a large mug that was next to his feet, plunging it into Mickey's face on the TV screen. Glass shattered all over the place, but the man didn't seem to care. Even as some of the shards of glass landed at his feet, he remained apathetic about the loss of the TV. He was too busy doing the whole stereotypical evil, fanatical laughter thing.

The assistant sighed. His boss would probably demand a replacement television set tomorrow. This was why they could never afford their monthly rent payments.

The gang sat around and watched the premier episode of Get a Girlfriend, making fun of each other occasionally and constantly commenting on it.

"They edited out that part of my interview," Riku complained. "They took out my really good pick-up line."

"They probably were trying to save the viewers from potential cringing," Sora quipped, earning him a glare from one friend and a chuckle from the others. Seriously, though, did the people watching this need to hear lame stuff like, "Did you feel love at first sight, or should I walk by again?" No. No, they didn't. Where did he get those pathetic lines, anyway? And why did he insist that they were good? Sometimes, Riku could be an idiot.

Later, Riku shot back at him by saying sarcastically, "Wow, I'm surprised they didn't edit out your meatball mess since it'll probably make viewers cringe." Sora glowered and hid his eyes from the TV screen. This was an embarrassing recap. Thank goodness they didn't interview him or get him on video too many more times. This was about all the mortification he could stand. Why was he watching this anyway??

A song suddenly blared from Sora's pocket, "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" by Kenny Loggins. He dug out his cell phone and checked the caller ID. Mom. And he bet he knew what she was calling about. He wanted to just ignore her, but she probably wouldn't stop calling him until he answered his phone. She was persistent like that. Unwillingly, he flipped open his phone. "Hello?" he said.

"Oh, Sora, honey. I'm watching you on the screen right now! And I've got all my friends tuned it. Your collar was crooked at one point, you know that? I need to help you with your wardrobe if you're going to impress this cutie! Oh, and you'll need to be more graceful if--"

"Um, Mom?"

"--That girl is so sweet, you know. What's her name again? Karie? Oh, Kairi. Well, she seems like she could have a really good influence on you, hon. With your grades the way they are, she really could--"

"Mom? Uh--"

"--should probably pack a lunch for you next time. You seem to stay at the filming place for a long time, so I know you must get hungry. And I don't want you to stop at some fast food place; those are so unhealthy. So should I pack ham or bologna, or--"


"--and make sure you aren't vulgar around her. She's a girl, so you need to use your manners. Next time you take her out to eat, don't wrinkle your napkin like that. Are you going out with her anytime soon, by the way? I could find a good place for you two to go. Hopefully, you'll watch those klutzy--"


"What is it, hon?"

"I've gotta go. I'm busy."

"Oh, well, why didn't you say so?" (Sigh.) Were all women this chatty? No, Kairi didn't seem this bad. Thank Kingdom Hearts for that! His mom drove him batty sometimes, with her constant nagging. And now she was watching him on TV? How freaking embarrassing. This was--

"--okay, well, remember what I said, alright? Brush your teeth tomorrow, and don't leave your underwear out on the floor like you do at home. And when Riku drives you home, tell him to be more careful, because I don't want you two hitting a mailbox again--"

"Okay, thanks, Mom. Goodb--"

"--wait, I forgot to ask. Did you say you wanted ham or bologna?"

"GoodBYE, Mom!" Click. She was even more excited than the day she'd found out he was going to be on national television. Jeez. Seconds later, his phone was ringing again. This time it was Vaan, one of his casual friends. This call could be ignored, since he had a feeling he was just going to be teased. A few other people tried to call him, but he avoided each one. He absolutely didn't want to talk about his embarrassing time on the show. In fact, he really wanted to forget all about it!

Riku, Roxas, and the others were getting plenty of phone calls, too. It seemed they now had received their thirty minutes of fame--soon to be even longer when the next episode aired. Oh, dear lord--another episode. Groaning, Sora pushed the thought from his mind. Relax now, worry later. Who knew what stupid things he'd do by the time the next episode came around? Maybe by then, Kairi would have sympathy with him and just eliminate him. Sure, his mom would nag him to death about how he'd disappointed her with his crooked collar or something, but it was worth it. He didn't know how much more of this insanity he could take. Reality shows were exhausting.

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