Let me begin by saying that Forks is not a town of bars or crazy night clubs. I have never even seen a single graffittied wall. The only classification that Forks belongs to would be a middle class suburban neighborhood.

Exciting? Not so much.

So when I found myself placed in front of a court of highly paid adults, trying to explain a situation that only those in the suburban, teenage world would be able to understand, I knew that whatever I said would be twisted and misunderstood.

It came along with the whole teenager thing.

The thing is that when I was introduced as a member of the V.L. gang, I knew that my credibility was shot. That I was officially a statistic. That there was a psycologist somewhere among the room of faces that had already pegged me as a troubled girl who was never loved and who probably attends AA meetings when she wasn't busy being coked up.

Which just is not true.

So as I was being questioned among these highly intelligent, yet infinitely ignorant people, I couldn't help but smirk every so often at the hopelessness of my situation. And, more importantly, Edward's. Because never in my life had I met such a good bad person. And never in my life had I wanted to help someone this badly.

"Ms. Swan, would you say that you were in love with Mr. Edward Cullen?"


What point was there in denying it?

The truth is, I wish that I could just sit down with these people over coffee. I wish I could just tell them the entire story. From the begining.

That they could learn what being a V.L. member really was all about.

That they could look past the lies and rumour associated with our "gang".

That they could understand some of the situations that they were using to testify with.

And ,more importantly, that they could see Edward as he really was.

And not just for the sake of the court.

Because looking past all the lies and the misconceptions, V.L. was one of the greatest things to ever happen at Forks.

If I could just tell my entire story, they'd surely understand.

Starting from my first day as an innocent sophomore at Forks High School.

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