It turned out that the little occurrence that had sparked my reputation as a new member of the Wolves had already spread into the rest of the gossiping people of Forks.

I know this, because when Charlie sat down for dinner he wanted to have a talk about who I "associate" with. This came to me as rather amusing, considering I really didn't have much of a choice over who I associated with, since Jacob was the only person I even knew.

"Now I'm not sure exactly what happened today in school, but I do know that birds of a feather flock together. You don't want to involve yourself with people that are going to drag you down."

He continued this talk for a few minutes.

Another bit of information that I found funny was that he claimed that he didn't know the specifics of what had happened in school today. Yet he had been the one that had been called into the school to hear everyone's story. Charlie knew more about the situation than even I did.

"Okay, I understand." I mumbled. "I won't hang out with Jake anymore."

This was a blatant lie. But Charlie loved Jake, and I knew that he would never want us to just stop talking.

"Jacob?" Charlie repeated, a questioning look in his eyes. "I wasn't talking about Jacob. He's a good kid. I was referring to Edward. He's questionable. Good parents, but him and his friends are just... a bad bunch. I don't want you getting involved with them."

I'm not sure why I felt a twinge of resentment at that request. It had been Edward who had flipped me off for no reason at all. But it seemed like the majority of Forks was just assuming the character of each of him and his friends.

"Jacob was the one that threw the first punch, dad." I stated, not wanting to cause an argument, just wanting to put the situation into perspective.

"I know that. He was doing it to protect you. Which I appreciate." Charlie stated.

I'm not sure what my expression had portrayed. Shock? Anger? Whatever it was, Charlie seemed to back off, thanking me for dinner and placing his dirty dishes into the sink.

Yes, Edward had been a jerk. A huge one, even. But Jacob was the one that started the fight over relatively nothing. In Phoenix you couldn't drive down a street without being flipped off by a stranger for no reason at all. So I'd have survived the same treatment in a school setting. Now it was just going to be harder to stay on the down low.

Not that it was easy before.

When I finished eating I placed my dish over Charlie's dirty ones and turned on the water. Yes, the majority of Forks didn't even have washing machines and had to wash by hand.

Placing my iPod on shuffle, I began to scrape, scrub, rinse and dry the dishes that had accumulated in the sink.

Call me obsessive, but I still couldn't get the two groups out of my head.

From what I had gathered, Jacob and Edward both seemed like the popular guys in school, along with their little "gangs". It just seemed like Jacob was the cool guy that everyone spoke to, while Edward was the cool guy that everyone was too intimidated to do so. A sort of good and evil. At least through the eyes of the students.

Just by looking at Rosalie and Alice, the two most attractive girls I had ever seen, I could gather that they weren't exactly the losers the school. If they didn't model, they were doing the world an injustice.

When I finished the dishes it was nearly eight o clock and I went upstairs to my room. I hadn't gotten completely accustomed to my room yet, so it didn't have that "welcome home" vibe. What I did appreciate, though, was my window, which was directly next to a large tree. Back home (where I used to live. I reminded myself) my room didn't have a window.

As I was appreciating the simple concept of a window, I saw movement up the street.

Was it a normal thing for a person to be walking around at dusk? Or was living in the city turning me into an ignorant person?

Regardless, I watched the figure as it walked slowly closer to the house. The person seemed to be in no hurry, nor did it look lost. I strained my eyes to make out the details of the person. It was a guy, for sure, but that was all that I could tell.

By this time he was on the sidewalk directly in front of my house. He was pretty tall. And then it occurred to me.

It was Jacob.

He hadn't been to my house in years, so he was trying to find the correct house in the dark.

Feeling ridiculous for my paranoid thoughts, I opened my window.

"Hey!" I yelled out. The figure stopped walking and turned around to face my window. "Want to come inside?"

He seemed to hesitate before walking towards my window. I leaned down so I could hear whatever he wanted to tell me.

Instead of saying something, he began climbing the tree that lef into my room. I wasn't sure whether to tell him to stop, and I even briefly considered shaking the tree before realizing that I would probably kill him.

Instead, I opened my window wider and moved next to the window instead of in front of it, giving him the space that he needed to get into the house. If that was even what he was doing.

I heard the ruffling of the leaves, and then saw a socked foot on my window.


"Jake, you know--" But I didn't finish. Because it wasn't Jacob that was standing in my room.

It was Edward.

Embarrassingly, my first instinct was the scream. He must have seen this on my face because he leapt out at me (which didn't help the impulse) and put his hand over my mouth. Not harshly, but firmly.

"You call me here to get me in trouble?" he whispered loudly.

I shook my head and waited for him to remove his hand. When he did I took a step back and realized that I hadn't seen him this close up before. He was definitely attractive. Easily the most attractive guy that had ever been in my house before. In a way, I felt almost star struck. This was the elusive Edward, who seemed to be shrouded in mystery.

And he was in my room.

Staring right at me.

"I... thought you were Jake." I said stupidly.

Wow. That was sure clever.

He chuckled quietly. "I have never been mistaken for Jacob before. This is new."

He took a few steps towards my window and for a moment I thought that he was going to leave. I'm not sure why this alarmed me as much as it did, but I found my mind reeling for an excuse for him to stay.

"Why aren't you wearing any shoes?" I asked.

There. Small talk.

He looked down at his feet, as if he had no idea what I was even talking about.

"I was. They're at the bottom of the tree. I didn't think you'd want dirt on your carpet." As if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Well why'd you climb the tree to begin with?" I asked.

He continued to walk towards the window, and my heart gave a little squeeze when he reached for it. But instead of somehow vaulting his body out of it, he mearly closed it shut before turning to face me again.

"Well, your dad is the chief of police. You're a sixteen year old girl. I didn't think that you actually wanted me to go to your door step, knock on your door and ask if I can go into his daughter's bedroom at nearly nine at night." he stated.

Which made sense.

There was a brief awkward silence in which I had no idea how to fill. And it appeared I didn't have to, since Edward was looking just as comfortable as if he were in his own room right now.

"So what did you want to talk to Jacob about?" he questioned, his eyes exploring the embarrassingly simple decor of my room. He was hinting about what went down at lunch today. But I just wanted to forget about it, so I wasn't taking his bait.

"No reason. I saw you walking and thought that it was him looking for my house."

"Why would he be looking for your house?" he inquired.

"He would probably just want to talk about my first day of school or something."

"Couldn't he just call?"

There were a few seconds of silence as I stared at him in wonder. He seemed to get it.

"I'm not trying to pick on you or meddle. I'm seriously just curious. We haven't had a new kid in school in ages, and never has a new kid immediately gotten invovled in the Wolves. I was just trying to understand you by what you say, not what I hear other people say."

Perhaps that should have made me warm and fuzzy inside, but instead it set me off.

"I'm not involved with the Wolves or whatever you want to call it." I stated evenly. "As a matter of fact, I don't even classify them or you and your friends as real gangs. All you are is a group of friends."

He brought his attention away from the ceiling and looked me straight in the eye.

"I never claimed that I was in a gang. You did. And I refer to Jacob as a member of the Wolves because that's what he refers to himself as."

His tone wasn't harsh or mean, but it still made me feel like a bad person. I was scrambling for something to say to bring the conversation back to a calm feel, but before I could, Edward spoke.

"Look, I'm sorry for flipping you off at lunch of whatever. If you were in my head, you'd understand. But I gotta go."

He wasted no time with gestures of farewell. Instead, he opened the window and as quickly as it took him to get up, he was back on the ground. I crept my way over to the window and saw him pull his shoes back on over his socks, and instead of walking back towards where he had been headed from, he continued down the street.

What did he even mean "if you were in my head you'd understand"?

By now it was completely dark outside, and even I was partially worried over the quiet darkness of the house.

Where the heck was he even going to? I had seen his car during school, too.

With a sigh, I plopped myself down at my desk and decided to spend the next hour or two coasting the Internet. I was surprised to see that I had 15 new emails. I never got emails.

As ridiculous as it sounds, I had anticipated Edward having sent me something cryptic and msyerious. Something fundamentally simple that would have me thinking for days.

So I don't know why I was disappointed to find no trace of Edward. As if he had run all the way home, tacked down my email, and suddenly decided he wanted to be bffs.

Instead, I was faced with twelve new friend requests, and three messages. the friend requests were all from people I had never spoken to in Forks, and the messages were all from Mike.

What was that overly used phrase? Oh, yeah.


I accepted all of them, since I had a feeling everyone was going to be checking to see if the new girl was officially on their friend's list. Only one person that requested me did I know and like, and that was Embry.

As luck had it, he was even online. I clicked on his name to begin a chat.

Bella: Hey. Thanks for the add.

Embry: Np. How was the rest of school?

I breathed a sigh of relief. Other than the brief abbreviation, Embry didn't seem like the type that shortened already short words or made up his own acronyms. Thank God for that.

Bella: Pretty boring. You guys were the talk of the school though.

Embry: lol. Yeah. Jacob has a habit of jumpin the gun wen it comes to Edward.

It felt weird seeing Edward's name in print. But now I was going off of curiosity.

Bella: Really? Is there any particular reason?

There was a straight minute of silence, and then the box saying that he was typing appeared. It disappeared, then appeared again. Whatever he was typing he was obviously trying to word correctly. I was curiously leaning forward, as if by being a few inches closer to the screen, the knowledge would enter my brain a little faster.

Embry: Im gonna go to bed early tonight. We can finish this later, though?

My heart dropped a little, followed by a twinge of irritation, and finally replaced with suspicion. It wasn't even ten o clock yet.

Bella: Okay. Good night.

Suddenly, the computer said that Mike was now on line. My mouse bolted to the 'Sign Off' button, but it was too late.

Mike: heyyyy. i didnt no u had an fb.

I groaned. The chat speak typer. Kill me now.

Bella: Yeah. It's new.

Mike: cool cool. so wats up?

Oh how much I hated that phrase.

I decided to pull an Embry and say that I was going to bed.

Mike: thats cool. catch u on the flip side.

I didn't even know what that meant.

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