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"Sachiko and Yumi's Alphabet"


Chapter 1. Anatomy


She, Ogasawara Sachiko, had been mulling over that word over and over for half an hour already. She was sitting straighter than ever, more rigid than usual. Not like anyone had ever seen her slumped in her seat before.

She was even calmer than usual, though if anyone had taken a closer look, it would be seen that her thoughts were faraway. However, no one knew her enough to notice the difference in her demeanour. No one saved a few.

For example, the former Rosa Chinensis and her Onee-sama, Mizuno Youko. But Youko wasn't around anymore to see her in this manner. Youko was battling the rigorous training to become a lawyer.

Then, there was her friend and fellow Rose, Hasekura Rei. But Rei was busy reading to notice something different about her.

Another one, though she didn't like to admit it, was Satou Sei, the former Rosa Gigantea and a good friend of Youko. It still irked her that Sei could easily see through her and that sometimes the older person knew things about her before she could. That was especially true when it came to Fukuzawa Yumi.

Sachiko sat even straighter, if that was possible, as she thought about Yumi, her petite soeur, who was currently engaged in a conversation with her classmates, Shimazu Yoshino and Toudou Shimako.

Or more like Yoshino talking for almost half an hour already and Yumi and Shimako had to listen to prevent an outburst from the energetic Yoshino. However, it seemed that Yumi hadn't been concentrating enough.

"You should have seen it Yumi-san, Shimako-san. It was incredible how the crime was solved by examining the anatomy of the victim. Yumi-san, are you listening to me? Hey!"

That word again.


Sachiko lifted her eyes to look at the source of outburst. Yoshino was glaring at the nervous Yumi while Shimako was watching them with amusement.

"S-sorry, Yoshino-san. Please continue," Yumi said with a nervous smile.

Yoshino glared at Yumi for a few more seconds, and when she was sure that she had the latter's full attention, she continued on with her story.

Sachiko watched as Yumi, her brow furrowed in concentration, did her best to appear very interested in the topic, but failing miserably because her mind seemed wondering again, probably about cakes and candies, and amusement parks, and hopefully, a certain Onee-sama.

A tiny smile and a faint blush almost appeared in Sachiko's face as she thought about Yumi thinking about her. Good thing she caught herself and was able to maintain a placid expression. If she would smile and blush while seating quietly and with nothing to smile about and anyone would catch her, she would be embarrassed. As it was, she was already annoyed and embarrassed with herself. She cleared her throat that got Rei's attention. She pretended not to notice it though, as she once again started reading the notes in front of her. She could feel that Rei's curious eyes stayed with her for a few moments, before the latter returned her attention to reading. She relaxed a bit and continued reading once she was sure that no one was looking at her.

"You sure know a lot about anatomy, Yoshino-san."

At those words, Sachiko's mind drifted again.


The study of structure of body. (1)

The physical structure of organism. (1)

Or in Sachiko's thoughts, the physical structure of Yumi.

This time, Sachiko wasn't able to fight the faint blush that appeared in her cheeks. Good thing no one was looking at her way.

Or so she thought.

She glanced around only to meet Yumi's questioning gaze. She blushed all the more at being caught by the person who was occupying her mind. Trying to cover her slip, she frowned while meeting Yumi's gaze. She frowned until Yumi became uncomfortable and turned her gaze away, back to Yoshino.

Sachiko sighed with relief. How come she was associating a lot of things to Yumi? She couldn't tell when it started. Just that, Yumi seemed in her mind more often than before. And everything that caught her attention, inadvertently, she was relating it to Yumi.

And now, what was occupying her mind was anatomy and Yumi.

Yumi had grown considerably since she first met her. She noticed that Yumi had grown a little bit tall, though still far from her height. She also noticed that Yumi's skin seemed smoother and softer.

How did she know that?

Through holding Yumi's small hand, of course. Not that her hands were bigger than Yumi's.

And Yumi's chest seemed...bigger than before.

'Wait. Did I just think that Yumi's chest has grown?'

This time, a full-blown blush appeared in Sachiko's cheeks. Embarrassed, she stood abruptly. This gained everyone's attention to her, which was the last thing she wanted at the moment. She scolded herself at her folly.

"Excuse me for my behaviour. Please continue with what you're doing," Sachiko apologized as she picked her notes and put it in her bag.

Of course, it was expected that no one listened to Sachiko's last sentence as they watched her with curious and confused eyes. And in Yumi's case, with worried eyes.

"Something wrong, Sachiko?" Rei asked, voicing everyone's question.

"No, nothing is wrong, Rei. Thank you for asking. I just remembered something. I need to go on ahead. See you in class, Rei. Everyone, see you later."

With those words, Sachiko headed to the door of the Rose Mansion's council meeting room. She was followed by everyone's eyes, much to her disappointment. Once she had closed the door, she sighed with relief. Calming herself, she made graceful steps downstairs. She was at the front door when a voice halted her.

"Wait, Onee-sama."

Sachiko stood rigid and slowly turned around to face an incredibly worried Yumi.

"Yes, Yumi? Do you need something?"


Sachiko watched as Yumi fidgeted and tried to say something, getting flustered by the passing seconds that she was unable to say anything.

"Have I done something wrong to offend you, Onee-sama?"

Finally, Yumi managed to ask.

Sachiko had almost forgotten that her little sister was no longer the person she once was. At least on some aspects. Yumi was still her caring and bubbly and clumsy self, but she had opened up some more and was able to say things she wanted to say, especially if it pertained to her, much to her pleasure.

"Please forgive me, Onee-sama."

Sachiko shook her head.

"You have done nothing to offend me, Yumi. There's no need to ask for forgiveness. I'm the one who is at fault here. I'm sorry."


Yumi scrunched her face in a questioning look that made Sachiko smile.

"Oh Yumi. What am I going to do with you?"

"Let me help with what's bothering you," Yumi said as she smiled. Boldly, she reached for Sachiko's hand and entwined her fingers with hers. "I don't like seeing you bothered, Onee-sama."

A faint blush appeared on Yumi's face, though she didn't pull her gaze away from Sachiko's.

"Since you've asked nicely, I will tell you."


Yumi gazed expectantly and Sachiko couldn't help but raised her free hand and cupped the younger girl's cheek. Even if she wanted to lie, she didn't think she could do it while Yumi was looking hopeful, earnest, and incredibly adorable.

"Have you noticed something different from you, Yumi?"

"Different from me?" Yumi asked in confusion even as she leaned her cheek to Sachiko's palm.


"Like what? Is something different from me?"



Yumi furrowed her brow in concentration as she thought about the things that were different from her. Suddenly, her face brightened and she grinned.

"You mean I'm more open than before? Yoshino-san and Shimako-san said that they are happy that I'm less timid and that I'm not holding a lot of things now, unlike before."


Yumi smiled happily that she got it right.

"But that's not what I'm talking about."

To Sachiko's disappointment, the smile disappeared from Yumi's lips.

"There's more?"

"Yes, my Yumi," Sachiko said with a smile, not aware that she had called Yumi as hers. She wondered though, why Yumi's face became red. "Are you alright, Yumi?"

"Y-yes, Onee-sama."

'Onee-sama called me her Yumi. Onee-sama called me her Yumi. Onee-sama called me her Yumi.'

The thoughts would have kept on going on and on had Sachiko not called Yumi's attention.

"S-sorry, Onee-sama. What else is different from me?"

"Why should I answer that? You should know what is different in you. After all, it's your body we're talking about," Sachiko said seriously, trying to be clam. Suddenly, she was nervous.

'What do you think you're doing? Have you no...'

This time, it was Yumi who stopped Sachiko from thinking negatively.

"You're teasing me, Onee-sama," Yumi accused with a pout. Before, in the early time of their relationship, she couldn't do this kind of thing to Sachiko.

"I'm not. Well, if you can't figure it out..."

"Wait. Did you say the difference is in my body?" Yumi asked as she remembered Sachiko's words.

"Why should I answer that? You should know what is different in you. After all, it's your body we're talking about. After all, it's your body we're talking about."

Yumi became confused again when a faint blush appeared in Sachiko's cheeks. She rarely saw Sachiko blushing and every time she did, she was fascinated. And yet for some reason, she couldn't help but blushed, too, at Sachiko's reaction.

"Yes," Sachiko almost whispered.

"If it's in my body, then I think I've grown taller and bigger. Some of my clothes seemed too tight for me, especially at the chest area and...Eh!"

Yumi blushed in full force when she noticed what she was saying. Wide-eyed and startled, she unconsciously pulled away from Sachiko.

'Now you've done it, Sachiko. What were you thinking saying things like that to Yumi? And since when did you become like Sei?'

As Sachiko berated herself, Yumi was also having an internal battle.

'Was Onee-sama talking about my chest earlier? Was that what she meant that is different from me? Onee-sama noticed? Have I grown in...?Eh! What am I thinking?! This is so embarrassing. Do I look funny because of my chest? Probably. After all, I'm nothing like Onee-sama's. Hers is much bigger and...'

"Aahh!!" Yumi squeaked then covered her mouth. She wouldn't want the others coming down now and see her and Sachiko blushing fiercely.

'Wait. Onee-sama is blushing, too?'

"I'm sorry, Yumi. I didn't mean to embarrass you," Sachiko apologized, avoiding Yumi's eyes for the first time.

"No, no. It's not your fault that my chest, I mean, ah...ah...what do I say?" Yumi said in confusion and irritation to herself. She smacked herself mentally, which stopped when she heard Sachiko giggling.

"I'm sorry, Yumi. It's just that, your face really looked funny for a while," Sachiko said in between quiet giggles.

"Onee-sama!" Yumi said with embarrassment even as she joined Sachiko in giggling.

For a while, they giggled. When it subsided, they gazed at each other intently.

"Onee-sama, does it look bad?" Yumi asked uneasily. At Sachiko's blank stare, she lowered her gaze and continued with a blush, "My chest. Does it look bad?"

"Of course not. It looks fine to me! And I..." Sachiko faltered, realizing what she had said. However, at Yumi's embarrassed yet happy smile, she was relieved.

"I'm glad. I was worried that it was not fine with you because...um..."

Embarrassed again, Yumi looked away from Sachiko.

"Yumi, do you think I'm like Sei-sama?" Sachiko asked seriously after a moment of silence.

"What? Why did you say that?"

"Because here I am, thinking and talking about your...anatomy like some per..."

"You're not. I don't think you're like that. And Sei-sama is different. And...um...I kind of like it," Yumi said the last part in a whisper that Sachiko wouldn't have heard had she not been paying close attention to what Yumi was saying.

"Thank you, Yumi," Sachiko said with relief. Whatever was happening within her, she wasn't sure yet. She would have to find out what it was, but she could do that in a later time. For now, she was just glad that Yumi wasn't disgusted with her unladylike thoughts.

"So um, do you want to know more about my anatomy?" Yumi asked boldly, embarrassedly. However, at Sachiko's shocked expression, she couldn't help but let out a nervous giggle.

'Did Yumi suggest what I think she was suggesting? Did she mean it?'

Sachiko stared at Yumi with wide eyes, still trying to get over what she had heard from the person in front of her.

"It would probably useful," Yumi said as nonchalant as she could, which wasn't much. She was trembling with nervousness, hearing buzzing sounds in her very red ears.


As Sachiko faltered and get flustered, Yumi wasn't able to stop turning her giggles into laughter. Sachiko's face was priceless. Though she was still nervous and embarrassed and scared to the core, she couldn't help but be amused at seeing how she managed to get Sachiko act like that. She had never seen Sachiko like this before. She had seen her flustered, shocked, or confused, but not the combination of the three. Plus, Sachiko was able to recover quickly before, unlike now.

Yumi stopped laughing when Sachiko glared at her.

"You know you will pay for that, Yumi," Sachiko threatened, though it wasn't very effective since she was blushing and a small smile was plastered in her lips.

"Y-yes, Onee-sama," Yumi said nervously, though she was smiling also. Another wall that separated her and Sachiko had been broken. She was new to the feeling, and no doubt Sachiko, too. But it would be fun to find out more about it together with Sachiko.

"So Yumi...when do you want to study anatomy with me?"

(1) Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation.

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