My first fanfic. Please no flames, I've already gotten them from two people, it's a real waste of my time to read flames, so don't waste your breath(or in this case your hands) any longer, because I am sick of flames, to all people who are not flamers, I like you, and please, even if you didn't like it very much. Please at least show some respect while doing it. I won't cuss you out, you won't cuss me out deal.


My name is Lynia Prow, about two years ago I was a very happy person, I was considered one of the prettiest girls in my school, I had long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. My dad always says that I look exactly like my mother. But I wouldn't know since I've never met her. I also see monsters, big, hairy, disgusting, evil looking monsters. They would sometimes chase me home, but when I would tell my father he would get nervous and say I was seeing things

My happiness changed one day when I was walking home one day from school, a monster found me and I ran from it, I ran as fast as possible away from that thing, I didn't want anything to do with it. As I turned a corner, finally loosing the thing, I ran into a man, he was about 6'2 and I felt like afraid, he grabbed my arm and pulled me with him into an alley way,