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"I'm glad you agree with me." And then he kissed her.

AMY'S POV! (I can't write in third person POV anymore. It won't turn out the same!)

I gasped and pulled away reluctantly. Ricky was one to jump right into relationships but I didn't trust him enough to be with him. We needed to talk about some things first. I looked up into Ricky's eyes and was startled by the amount of hurt and sadness in them. They were quickly replaced by a casual indifference but I wasn't fooled. Did Ricky like me that much? Why had he hid it so long?

"Amy, are you all right?" His voice sounded unusually hoarse.

I sighed and dropped my gaze to my hand. I hadn't realized that it was sitting on Ricky's leg and I quickly removed it, blushing slightly. "We need to talk." I avoided his eyes, knowing I would get lost in them. Lord knows I did months ago.

He sighed. "What about Amy? What is so important that you have to talk to me about right this second?"

I glared at him. Stupid hormones. "Are you planning on having sex with Adrian again? Because you sure as hell won't be getting any from me." If he thought he would, he had some serious reality issues.

Ricky smirked and he looked like he was going to say some smart-ass comeback. But he seemed to hold himself back. "No I'm not. I haven't had sex with Adrian for a few weeks. I think I can live. I'm sorry for kissing you earlier." He threw the last comment in there, shocking me. Ricky Underwood was apologizing for kissing me.

I sat and collected myself so I wouldn't start blabbering like a complete moron. Like the first time I saw him. I had thought he was the most gorgeous boy in the world. But it quickly became know that he was confident, a player, and in no way in hell was Ricky a boy. He was a man who knew how to get what he wanted, whatever the consequences. I had hated him for it in the beginning, especially when he had acted like he had done nothing wrong.

But lately he was manning up, so to speak. He took on his responsibilities seriously and he wanted to be a father. He wanted me to keep his son so he could be the father his son deserved. He had defended me in front of Adrian and had worried about me and the baby. He was turning from a complete player and jerk, into a semi-reliable man.

Something shook my shoulder a bit roughly and I looked over at Ricky to see his signature smirk in place. "Spacing out?" he asked, reverting back to his former arrogant self. I nodded, sighing. He was acting like he had multiple-personality disorder. I was going to get whiplash.

I suddenly felt anger filling me and I lashed out. "Yes excuse me for thinking about what happened this week. I am terribly sorry that I didn't answer your question." I glared at him, while he went wide eyed at my sudden mood change. I sighed. I hated the hormonal part of being pregnant the most. I couldn't control when I suddenly got angry or started to cry. I hated not being in control of my life.

Ricky sighed, his face going back to his worried look. "Amy, is there something else bothering you?"

I shook my head. I needed to think. "No, Ricky I'm sorry but can you leave?" He nodded and leaved forward to brush his lips against my cheek. My breath hitched and I became flustered. He walked out of my room. I waited until I heard his car pull out of the driveway before flopping down on my bed.

This week had sucked. Ben catches me hugging Ricky. Then he broke up with me and the whole thing with Adrian happened. And the scare with the baby and Ricky kissing me. I felt like my brain was going to explode. I wanted to believe that Ricky wanted me. But for the right reasons. I didn't want to be another one of his sex toys. I wanted a stable relationship with someone who cared about me and the baby.

My mind flashed to Ben. He used to be like that and I had thought we would always be together. Now I wasn't so sure. My phone buzzed and I picked up without looking at the caller I.D. "Hello?"

"Amy, can we talk about something?" Why did I get the feeling that there was something going on with Ben? Something big, that could affect me in a big way?

"Um, I guess Ben. What do you need to talk about?"

"Well…" he began tentatively. "I want to talk about our break up. I miss you Ames. I was an idiot for breaking up with you. I was an idiot for taking you in my car this morning. I should've asked you and I am sorry. Is there any chance that we could get back together and forget this whole thing?"

If there was a single thing I would change about Ben, it would be his voice when he got whiny. I rolled my eyes to nobody. "Ben, I told you I needed time. Maybe we should see other people and see if what we had was real."

"Are you talking about Ricky?" Well there was no beating around the bush with him no. "Is he the reason you need time? Was I right when I said you still had feelings for him?"

I sighed. "Ben, right now I don't know what I feel. Today Ricky was concerned for the baby. Nothing else." My voice wavered during the lie. I didn't think Ben caught it though.

"Oh… Well ok. Call me when you make up your mind. Please consider us Amy. I know we can make it work." We said goodbye and hung up. I flopped back on my bed once more and threw my arms over my eyes.

Who the hell should I choose? Ricky was the former player, apparently having changed for the better. Ben was the guy I had been leaning on for months now. I had trusted him, but now I have this feeling that something wasn't right. I had a feeling that he was cheating on me. Of course, my mind brought me to the most obvious answer.


She was mad at me for taking Ricky, as she called it. Getting with Ben would be the ultimate revenge. I knew Ben wanted to have sex with me. If she gave him sex, and he took it willingly…

Sometimes I think life would be so much simpler if band camp had never happened. But other times I can never imagine life without my son. Either way, there was bound to be drama.

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