Left of the Middle

By Liz Wyatt

Note: this is my first GG fic, so it might be a bit out of character.

Plus this is probably totally AU from what will happen when Serena/Dan's bro actually does come.

And my world falls down

And you're there calling out

But it's something I can't say

Though it seems the only way

And it's a game that I can't play - Not today

I need to tell you

Trying to get it through

It's not always easy

Left of the Middle

-Natalie Imbruglia

Blair walked through the elevator doors. Here she was in the home that should be bustling about with uncontrollable noise. Not two days ago she had been invited to stay for the family night dinner that involved board games after a few evening drinks. Even Chuck had managed to stay for the meal before retiring out the door before the cheesy family amusements began.

Blair had been slightly amused at seeing the Van der Woodsen/Humphrey clans embark on a wholesome event in a not so traditional neighborhood of socialites and pretentious elders.

After a few rounds of losing to Dan Humphrey, Blair had retired her plastic properties in favor of a few hours of sleep beneath her waiting comforter. She was bewildered that she had managed to spend time with the Humphreys and not run from pure boredom or disgust. In fact she almost felt a bit sorry for how she had treated little J. Almost.

Now she could barely hear a whisper above the silence in this home.

This new development was the result of a certain son discovering his true identity and coming to New York to rip into lives of the allied family creation. As soon as Gossip Girl leaked a photo of an ill looking Rufus Humphrey outside his gallery with said son the members of this clan backed into their separate fortresses.

Serena hadn't taken her calls so Blair decided to visit her best friend without invitation.

She stepped into the living room, heading for her friend's closed door when she heard another door click just off the kitchen area.

"Here to see the show I assume." A voice floated out of the shadows to reveal none other than Chuck Bass.

"I suppose you take some sick enjoyment in the fiasco that this child has caused? For all I know you were the one who brought him to New York." Blair bit back.

"As tempting as it is to use information like this I wouldn't stoop so low as to take out the only family I have left. Believe it or not."

"Is she here?" Blair sighed hoping their usual banter could be put on hold in the current situation.

Chuck simply gestured off to the door Blair had been headed towards in the first place. Then he proceeded to pour himself another refill as Blair swept to that door.

She knocked.

"Go away Chuck." Serena's usual confident voice wavered underneath the crack.

Blair opened the door slowly to reveal her best friend tied up in her sheets.

"Blair?" Serena asked.

"Yeah it's me S." Blair proceeded to move inside and shut the door from a curious Chuck. She sat on the edge of Serena's bed.

"You know it's nearly six and no famous VD dinner is set up." Blair smiled at their own little joke for the family fun time.

"Not today B. Probably not for a very long time." Serena sounded beyond tired for a girl lounging in her bed all day.

"I saw your little brother picking up Starbucks today and assumed bio bro wasn't too far."

"Yeah, Eric has been taking this a lot better than the rest of us. Not sure how that kid copes."

"Well you both have survived a few pseudo daddies. This is just another bump in the road." Blair stated matter of factly.

"Yeah I guess. Except I don't think this is just some picture to rip off the Christmas card. We always knew he existed, but to think the kid was dead…It's like Dan and I never really dealt with it because we thought we didn't have to. Now it's sort of the elephant in the room."

"Have you talked to him?"


"Well, no. I meant bio bro."

"Not really. I sort of freaked. Mom wanted me to."

Blair rubbed her best friends arm in comfort before swooping off the bed and into a standing position.

"I know what you need. A good old night on the town. We'll have a few drinks, play it by ear? Come on S you can't stay in this bed all day and all night!"

Serena threw her pillow over head before replying. "Blair I love you really, but this isn't something that can be forgotten. I don't think you get it."

Blair was about to respond; however, there was a knock at Serena's door.

"Go away Chuck!" Blair reacted.

The door opened to reveal Jenny.

"Serena?" Jenny said quietly as if lightly testing the waters.

Serena threw the pillow off her head and rolled to a sitting position.

"Jenny, what are you doing here?"

Jenny glanced at Blair before entering further and addressing Serena directly so that Blair was behind her.

"I needed to talk to someone and seeing as Dan won't come out of his room except to bite my head off I thought you might not inflict anger on your friends?"

Serena sighed before smiling slightly to reassure the younger girl "Of course Jenny, but is Dan really that bad?"

Jenny smiled and sat down on Serena's bed so they would be level.

"Yes! He's probably worse than that. Dad and I can't take it. He's acting like such a jerk. Your mom came by and he just wouldn't stop ragging into Dad and her. I didn't know what to do. We're all out of ideas."

"Jenny…" Serena moved to hug her almost sister.

"Blair. I'm sorry but this is really…" Serena started, but Blair held up her hand and backed out of Serena's room.

Dan Humphrey was currently playing target practice on his father's dartboard. He was mumbling to himself about all the injustices of the world. As he went to collect his weapons from the board there was a light rapping at his loft door.

"Vanessa, please just stop. This is getting ridiculous. Don't you have someone else to plague with your useless advice on subjects you know nothing about?" Dan said as he opened the door.

His anger suddenly was stunned by utter confusion.

"When did you go in the running for the city's bastard award? You think the Queen Bitch wouldn't have something to say about it?" she mused.

He simply stood there fumbling with his darts trying to form his next words.

"You gonna just stand there Cabbage Patch or let me in. I'm not too keen on standing in this beat up hallway all night." She brushed past him as he held onto the doorknob.

"Is there any possible reason that your being here could even be a good thing? What you just need another story to post on Gossip Girl so all your friends think you're really as clever as pretend to be?" Dan still held the door open.

"Please Humphrey, that's the best you got. I'm not even your little puppy girl who follows you around all day and yet she gets better material. I suppose it's performance anxiety." She laughed as she laid her handbag on his countertop and crossed her legs as she sat on a barstool.

Dan slammed the door shut and moved swiftly into the area where Blair now inhabited.

"Seriously, I have no patience for your mind games tonight, Waldorf. I can't promise to act civilly towards you."

"Goody!" she said with such fake enthusiasm that he became only more angered. "Please Humphrey, we wouldn't want your fake politeness to go to waste on me. Seeing as I am a guest I would like a glass of water if you would." Blair pointed to the refrigerator with wide eyes.

"I really don't get the joke. What the hell are you doing here?"

"Well obviously waiting for you to get me something to drink, but if you don't want to be helpful I guess I'll do it myself." Blair hopped off the barstool and proceeded to open the fridge. Before she knew it Dan's hand was on her wrist and he was dragging her away from the kitchen.

He spun around to face her. "Cut the bullshit Blair! You think this is all so funny. You come in here and kick a guy because he's down. You act like it's all some fucked up game, but it's not. This is real. These are people's lives you are screwing with!"

Blair was shocked at the force he was pulling at on her arm, but she was not afraid.

She placed her free hand onto his gripping fingertips to push a distance between them.

"This isn't real Humphrey. This is you pretending that you're some kind of badass but we both know this isn't you. You'll never be as harsh as Chuck Bass even when you try to push people away."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Dan finally released her and placed the darts on the kitchen table.

"You need to beat up on someone you can do it right now. I'm here because you have all this anger building inside you and it's waiting to explode. Thing is if you take it out on your family then they won't know how to take it. They won't think twice in walking away from you and as much as you think you want that right now…you don't."

Dan was stunned as he tried to sort through Blair's admission.

"You're here to what?"

"Basically?" Blair took a dart off the table and aimed at the dartboard before releasing. As the dart struck the board she turned back to Dan and continued, "I'm your target. You need someone who won't take all your bullshit to heart. Hence me."

"Is this a joke? Did my sister ask you to do this?" Dan crossed his arms.

"No. I did this all on my own. Plus it's not like your friends can really help."

Dan shook his head. "Blair…this makes no sense. Why would you even attempt to help me? I'm not saying I even need help, but you're hardly one to even care."

"It's not really about caring Humphrey. It is what needs to be done. You are going to kill my best friend with this shit. Best you get it over with because she needs you. I think you all kind of need each other right now in this situation."

"Like you have any idea about our situation."

Blair was fed up. This had been the second time she'd heard that statement that night.

"No. It's not like I'd know all about Gossip Girl hanging my family's deep dark secrets all over the city. It's not like my family was ripped apart by something we always knew was there but denied. It's not like my Dad decided one day to leave us for another man and I was left with all this anger that I used to push my friends away. No. I wouldn't understand what it's like to be in your position at all."

Dan studied Blair's eyes as she fought to compose herself and bring her mind back to the task at hand. In that awkward moment she sought anywhere but his face as he cleared his throat to break the silence after her confession.

"I'm sorry." Dan stated.

"Yeah well… guess that's what we get. Anyways since we've somewhat moved past this little fury phase how about you go put on a decent shirt without a logo for some child's cereal character and we head into the city to drown our minds."

He thought up a million excuses and they all sounded plausible. He knew if he said one she would most likely back off and just go away to pretend they never even had this conversation; however, something in the back of his mind agreed with her.

As they headed in her limo for the neon signs he watched her. This girl he'd spent so much time criticizing was the only person who had tried to reach on through to him tonight. He knew that in the morning there was a good chance she'd continue to ignore him or drop a few witty one-liners in his direction about his lack of fashion, money, and anything else that was on the plate for that day, but in these few hours he had begun to understand her a bit better.

"Stop here Antonio." Blair shouted to the driver before turning to Dan.

"You ready Humphrey?" she smiled slightly.

"As ready as I'll ever be Waldorf." He breathed out.

Antonio opened her door. Blair placed one leg out the door, but suddenly Dan lightly pulled her hand back in. She looked at him with a furrowed brow.

"Thanks Blair."

She smiled again, a little wider. "Hey don't go all mushy on me now..." She laughed before she placed her other hand on his. "Daniel Humphrey."

Then she yanked him towards the open night air.

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