Johann POV


Naggiar reeked of death.

Of death, of fear, of hopes lost forever.

Even I fell into despair after three days of trench warfare.

And the waiting, oh the waiting…

The fear of the call to charge, for both Gallia and us are too well entrenched to dislodge the other.

They hold no fear in charging us repeatedly, while we have been forced back time after time when he reach their lines.

I almost fell to my darkest fears but I didn't.

Thanks to Selvaria.

Again, she shows herself as an angel of fury, smiting down our foes.

Behind her, a wave of men and machine followed, knowing that with her, victory was certain.

I knew she would lead us to victory.

After three days, we were driving, bit by bit, the Gallian's back.

Our ranks were lined with fresh soldiers where there's were tired and exhausted.

We were many and they were few.

Victory was certain.

But a light. A valkyria's light, rose from the enemy's ranks.

Steadily, it approached.

It was girl, a young girl, engulfed by the flame of the Valkyria and armed with lance and shield.

I could see from my comrades that they were all looking at her, or at Selvaria.

Could she defeat one of her own blood?

For a second, I saw uncertainty.

Then courage, as she charged.

In that isnant, I could not move, I could only watch.

Both soldiers of Gallia and of the Empire were transfixed by what we saw.

It was short, it was quick.

The fight did not last five minutes before the victor was shown.

My heart broke when I saw Selvaria be tossed away like rubbish, her lance and shield blown away from her limp form.

The Gallian Valkyria turns her gaze upon us. The ranks are rife with fear.

My heart is broken, by what I saw. "Selvaria…" I say, heard only by myself.

Emboldened, the Gallians charge.

Those around me do the same, in hopes of not being hit by the Valkyria.

I could not move, I could not walk. I was left behind in the wave of living men.

I could only look towards the sky and yell. "SELVARIA!!!"

I was never heard.