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Traveling Takes Energy

It all began in a little village just beyond The Valley of Clouds tucked into The Hidden Range. Though everything was flat in the horizon were the very mountains that I had come to love. I loved riding horses and when I snuck off into the woods that shielded our valley I practiced black magic and swordsmanship. It is illegal in my village to use the dark arts, they say its witchcraft and it's only for the bad to use. They also they that only men can use swords. Women are too weak and belong cooking and riding. They better be lucky I'm so intrigued by horses! What my family and village didn't know was that I could control elements. But, I'm too scared to tell them. I'd become the freak of the village if they found out. And that's the easy way.

If I wasn't the village leader's daughter I would be shunned into the woods and they could care less about me. I looked around the mist in the forest. I found a little secret meadow where nobody could find me. I practiced spells and such there.

"I've never fully explored this place have I?" I said to myself quietly.

I climbed my way through the trees in the meadow, but stopped abruptly. I looked down at my unnecessarily long dress. I really hated wearing these stupid things, but all girls were considered 'different' if we didn't. I untangled bobby pins from my long silky blonde hair and lifted up the apron I was wearing. There hid a bundle of safety pins.

Perfect. I thought and smiled to myself.

I opened my little travel purse and took out some scissors. I'm great at designing clothes. I slowly started mending the dress into a cute one-piece suit, one with shorts at the end. I ended up messing up a little bit. But it's not my fault! No one ever taught me how to mend clothes and it's not like I could ever ask anyone from my village. The villagers aren't exactly accepting people. Who am I kidding? I'm different from everyone else, I know that. I know they all know it too. Though, I can't hate them. They took my family in; they raised me and made my father their 'leader.' So in short, I basically owe them my life. They are truly nice people though.

I ran through the woods then I saw it. I saw it while I was standing on the mountain top hanging on to the limb of a tree. It was the most beautiful land I've ever seen. I could see a glorious lake, as big as what looked like the valley, to the east and mountains golden brown to north. To the west a valley and dry desert and to the south were trees luscious and green. I had never seen anything so amazing before. I looked toward the land and saw him. He was on a beautiful red horse with a white mane. I quickly pulled out my binoculars, which I used for bird watching. He was very handsome. He had golden blonde hair; it was just a bit darker than mine. He had eyes the color of the sky on a crystal clear day.

I mentally sighed. What a guy. I was from a small village, all the guys there were like big brothers too me. This guy, I felt like I knew him from somewhere. As I watched him more I saw him ride into a grand castle.

This is weird. I thought to myself. This is all so familiar.

I looked at the shadows of the trees. I had learned to tell time from the shadows.

Crap! It was half past two.

I ran as fast as I could back to the entrance to the woods. I tripped a couple of times.

"-lda!" I heard being called out in the distance. As I got closer I clearly heard what was being called.

"Zelda!!!" It was my mother.

I quickly slipped into another dress and put my hair back up.

"Right here mama!" I shouted.

"Zelda, my dear! There you are! Where on Earth have you been? Oh and look at you dress!" She exclaimed while pointing to the dress in my hands.

"Sorry mama. You know how I love to explore. I'm afraid I got my dress a little dirty around the farm while I was taking a walk." I lied.

"Hmm. Well okay, your fathers here and after he tells you what he needs to tell you I want you to tell me where you really have been." She said as she turned around.

I knew it. I just couldn't lie to her. I started walking into the house. I wanted to run in the house screaming 'Papa!' like I used too. But, that just wasn't what a lady was supposed to do. My papa, being the village leader was always out on trips making sure the village is safe.

"Papa?" I asked as I walked into the living room, "papa?"

"Zelda!" someone yelled as I was hugged.

"Papa!" I yelled laughing. "Welcome back!"

He stepped back and looked at me. I didn't like it. The look was very distant. It was like, for a moment he didn't know me. I felt this from my parents sometimes. I just brushed them off.

"What brings you back so early papa? I thought you were off on a trip?" I asked curious.

He looked at me then answered; "Pack your things Zelda. You're going with me on a little trip."

Chapter 1 end

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