2014 AD - Problems surrounding Earth's population, environment, and energy began to reach a peak. In a drastic attempt to solve these problems, Earth, represented by the United Nations (UN), began to focus all their energy, funds, and talents into space transportation and discovery. The international project, the "Orbital Transport Concept", is announced and received in variation by the general public. Some found it risky to invest all remaining resources into the unknown abyss that was space while others saw promising profit; however, everyone agreed that they had little choice and it was either that or wait until every single resource was exhausted, bringing with it the certain extinction of mankind.

2020 AD - The fervor for space development is rekindled by completion of the first lunar foothold. Plan for establishment of lunar colonies is announced.

2022 AD - Construction of the L1 Mars Catcher outpost is completed and Lunar Mass drivers are first introduced.

2027 AD - Earth successfully launches a satellite anchor and begins construction of the Orbital Transport Elevator.

2032 AD - The international project, "Mars Colonization Concept", is introduced to the public.

2039 AD - First Martian colonies, referred by colonists as Spheres, are established. Nereidum Universal Technology Limited (NUT Ltd.) is also established.

2040 AD - An unmanned space probe discovers a mysterious flat land on the Jupiter moon Callisto. The first lunar colony cities, Gemini and Apollo, are officially established. Following this success, the UN makes plans for a colonization project on Venus as well.

2045 AD - The Orbital Transport Elevator is completed; humanity is propelled into a full-scale space age. NUT Ltd. precipitates space development projects with the first generation LEV and there is a rapid increase in the number of lunar resource excavation facilities.

2048 AD - Construction begins on L4 and L5 space colonies. Plans for an L3 space colony are also made.

2063 AD - The United Nations announce that fossil fuels had dried up. Mass panic follows on Earth and its surrounding colonies.

2067 AD - A manned space probe to Callisto discovers a new mineral deposit, Metatron, in the flat land that was discovered years earlier, and the Age of Space Dependence begins. The UN forms the United Nations Space Force (UNSF), establishing a military presence in space that would manage any and all human colonization.

2068 AD - Immigration starts for colonies on L4 and L5. There is also a rapid development of LEVs as a space work vessel. Terraforming of Venus begins, despite setbacks due to the planet's unstable atmosphere. Construction of L3 colony begins.

2073 AD - Construction of permanent footholds on the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos begin.

2081 AD - Applied use of Metatron revolutionizes electrical technology. L3 colony is completed and immigration soon begins.

2093 AD - The discovery of the spatial compressing effect of Metatron is made.

2104 AD - Move is made toward the application of the Urenbeck Catapult.

2111 AD - Construction of the permanent foothold, Antilia, begins on the Jupiter moon Europa, L5. UN also draws plans for future colonization around Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, which along with the colonization of Venus are carried out in the background over the years.

2130 AD - The first stage of the Martian Terraforming project is completed and full-scale colonization begins. The United Colonies of Mars (UCM) is established as Mars' ruling government body. Fervor for further lunar development begins to fade out.

2135 AD - There is an outbreak of bacterial contamination on one of the Martian colonies and Earth Block quarantine line is fortified.

2145 AD - The Urenbeck Catapult is completed on the Martian moon, Deimos. The Space Transportation Revolution takes place. There is a sudden rush for Martian colonization. UCM establishes County system for Martian colonies.

2157 AD - Candor Incident. Discord deepens between the Terrans, Martians and Enders. Martian scientist Dr. Rikoah Hardimaan reportedly discovers the final secrets of Metatron and soon produces the Aumaan Plan. The first machinations of what would later be the Orbital Frame are created.

2158 AD - The Martian militia group BAHRAM is formed within Vascilia County on Mars. NUT Ltd. secretly obtains rudimentary Orbital Frame technology. Leo Stenbuck is born in North America on Earth.

2162 AD - Rikoah Hardimaan dies, rumored to have been assassinated. His son Ridley Hardimaan, who is a Major in BAHRAM under the alias Nohman, takes over his father's assets and the Aumaan Plan.

Raven Nicholaiovich Vostrikov is born in Nereidum County. His parents are Catherine Vostrikov, former lab assistant and student to Rikoah Hardimaan, and Nicholai Vostrikov, an ex-UNSF officer who resigned his commission and joined BAHRAM, becoming one of its leaders. Shortly after, Nicholai sends his wife and newborn child to Antilia and hires mercenary Esteraund Legato as their bodyguard. Reason for this is unknown.

Coincidentally, due to the seperation between his own parents, Leo Stenbuck ends up traveling to Antilia as well with his father.

2167 AD - The Orbital Frame prototype, Idolo, is created. 1st Lieutenant Radium Lavans of BAHRAM is assigned as its test runner. Certain events eventually lead Radium to break into Deimos Station and attack the UNSF garrison there, with a BAHRAM LEV battalion intervening to keep Idolo from falling into Earth's control. Over three hundred UNSF Phantomas were singlehandedly destroyed by Idolo before its destruction. This would later be called the Deimos Incident. The Orbital Frame concept becomes public knowledge as a result. Radium and project head Dr. Rachel Links are listed as MIA.

2168 AD - A pack of Metatron is escorted to Antilia colony secretly, whose escort is under the command of BAHRAM Captain Dingo Egret. The escorts are wiped out by a UNSF squadron, but the Metatron reaches Antilia anyway. Meanwhile, BAHRAM officially establishes itself as a full military force and Nohman is promoted to Colonel. Mafia group Red Harvest illegally establishes its own space colony, Zalgas, at L2 around Earth.

2172 AD - James Links, a space-trucker and would-be family man, discovers the mysterious Orbital Frame Dolores and begins his adventure. UNSF occupies Antilia through force and, afterwards, the Antilian Raid takes place. Leo Stenbuck escapes Antilia with the Orbital Frame Jehuty, and comrades. BAHRAM seizes Jehuty's twin, Orbital Frame Anubis, with Nohman, who led the Raid personally, taking it as his personal machine. In the midst of this, Esteraund Legato manages to save Raven Vostrikov during the attack and get him back to Mars safely, but abandons him soon after.

Shortly after, BAHRAM launches a full scale attack upon the UNSF all over Mars, beginning what would later be known as the Martian Wars. During this period, there is an attack on the Orbital Transport Elevator on Earth, led by the Orbital Frame Hathor and the recently reappeared Radium Lavans, with the intent of making the elevator collapse onto the planet; James Links and Dolores' adventure ends by putting a stop to this. The event is dubbed the Orbital Transport Elevator Disaster and despite James' earlier televised attempt at peace, discord deepens even more between Earth and Mars. In the meantime, with the suicide of BAHRAM commander-in-chief General Rutger Tyushiaa and the deaths of most of the Vascilian Parliament, Nohman assumes full control over BAHRAM.

2173 AD - The Martian Wars continue as the UNSF increases its foothold on Mars, giving rise to numerous resistance movements. One such movement, Born In Space (BIS), attacks and successfully destroys the UNSF presence in Hellesponte County. However, after seeing the destruction caused by BAHRAM, they end up fighting them as well. BIS eventually goes into hiding after the conflict ends in Hellesponte. Later on, by using large-scale force and taking advantage of the lasting turmoil caused by previous events, BAHRAM fully occupies Mars, Deimos and Phobos indefinably. With no force left to stop him, Nohman turns his full attention toward completing Aumaan.

2174 AD - The Aumaan Crisis. Crazed and mutated by overexposure to Metatron, Nohman unleashes his wrath on humanity through the great power of Anubis and BAHRAM's legions. Millions of people, both citizen and soldier, die within mere weeks. The UNSF launches a desperate final attack on Vascilia itself, codenamed Operation Thunderchild, in order to stop the carnage, but this force is singlehandedly wiped out by the Orbital Frame Zakat. However, the course of events would soon change for the better with the reemergence of the Orbital Frame Jehuty, which is now run by Dingo Egret. Fighting alongside Jehuty's former runner, now-UNSF Major Leo Stenbuck, Dingo leads a second and much more successful attack on Vascilia and Nohman's fortress. Unfortunately, Nohman soon reveals his true intent with Project Aumaan: the destruction of all existence by manipulating dimensional space from the fortress Aumaan, initially thought to be in Vascilia but actually located deep within Phobos, claiming it to be the "will of Metatron". Dingo manages to defeat Nohman and prevent Aumaan from happening; not before, however, making the Earth promise to liberate Mars and recognized it as an equal, independent planet. After General Elena Weinberg answers for Earth, there is a final clash between Anubis and Jehuty, in essence twin brothers, at the core of Aumaan. In the end Dingo comes out as the victor and Aumaan is destroyed, ending the Martian Wars. Humanity is once again at ease, and Dingo Egret is celebrated as a hero of mankind. Earth celebrates its victory over BAHRAM and Mars rejoices as they were finally to be liberated.

2175 AD - Unfortunately, it does not end there. Despite the good intentions of Elena Weinburg, Leo Stenbuck and many other Terrans, the UN secretly had no desire to follow Dingo's request and liberate Mars, and soon enough launches a full UNSF battle fleet to reoccupy the planet under Earth's marshal rule. All but the ruined Vascilia County are placed under Earth's banner, and the UCM is officially dissolved and replaced with UN-backed local governments, with the central ruling seat being established on Deimos. The UN's reasoning centers around Mars' chaotic nature, which many politicians claim is the true cause behind everything from the Deimos Incident to the still fresh Aumaan Crisis. Mars is portrayed as being too young and too reckless by Earth media, thus sending the message to the masses that giving them independence would only lead to more disaster. Metatron is also given a bad image due to Aumaan, with many calling for the illegalization of its usage, and soon enough the UN passes the Anti-Metatron Body Act, which prevents the mining, processing, experimenting and manufacturing of/with Metatron and anything already built from it. The only exception to this is further construction of Urenbeck Catapults.

Coincidentally at the same time, officials propose the construction of a network of Urenbeck Catapults ranged from Venus all the way out to Neptune, thus allowing for access across the entirety of the Sol System. The plan is approved unanomously by the UN and are carried out over the years.

To keep from also being dissolved, NUT Ltd. enters into a private military contract with the UNSF. Not long after President Brian Gallagher commits suicide, supposedly out of guilt for his company's involvement with BAHRAM. He is replaced by mysterious newcomer Malik Ishtar.

2176 AD - After fully reoccupying the planet, the UNSF launches a massive military campaign to actively neutralize all forms of resistance, no matter how big or small. The media refers to this as the Terran Crusade. While most resistance movements are poorly managed and underarmed, there are more than a handful of former BAHRAM groups that have access to Orbital Frames. To combat those, seasoned war veteran General Alan Taggart establishes Special Taskforce Aegis, an autonomous unit of the Space Force tasked to hunting down any armed force that is in possession of Orbital Frames and other Metatron based assets. Due to its mission profile, Aegis is immune to the Anti-Metatron Body Act, and is supplied by NUT Ltd. with the Metatron constructed battleship Abydos, which is then turned into Aegis' main base of operations, and a legion of Orbital Frames. Its main force is built around the AlterNeith, but certain ace runners are given their own personalized high end Orbital Frames. Esteraund Legato also signs on with Aegis, providing the services of himself and his own Orbital Frame Mnevis, in exchange for a sufficient amount of money and a pardon on otherwise illegally possessing an OF.

2179 AD - The Crusade ends and almost all opposition to the UN is neutralized. The Earth once again begins exploiting Mars' natural resources for its own residents. Several UNSF officials and politicians either resign from their posts in protest against the UN's actions or simply go AWOL. Among them are war heroes General Elena Weinburg and Major Leo Stenbuck, who disappear along with the Orbital Frame Jehuty and the transport ship Atlantis II. War heroes Dingo Egret and Ken Marinaris also go underground, reportedly having been marked for assassination by the UN. Most of the fighting may have ended, but the tension only grows.

2183 AD - During this time of forced and uneasy peace, a mysterious armed force begins to harass UNSF bases around Mars with well thought out and coordinated hit-and-run strikes, using Orbital Frames as the main catalysts. Many are reminded of the initial days of the Martian Wars, as the strikes are too planned out to not be military and possibly BAHRAM related, and so the UNSF moves to investigate the matter. Meanwhile in Nereidum County, a twenty-one year old Raven Vostrikov comes across a discovery that will forever change the era as known...