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Hermione Ganger breathed in the air of freedom.

She stumbled through the forest holding her protruding belly. Pain shot through her seemingly slicing her very soul. She fought the darkness that was threatening to descend all around her, fought to hold on to her consciousness. Because even though fainting seemed like a very tempting option right now, she knew that if she gave in there was no waking up ever.

Her vision blurred. The world started spinning all around her. The weight in her stomach kept pulling her down and down making it impossible for her to breathe much less move. Every few minutes she screamed in agony as the piercing pain claimed her stomach.

From this endless abyss of agony, Hermione raised her eyes to catch a glimpse of a small cottage hidden between the dense forest of trees.

If only she could make it there.

Still struggling to focus, Hermione saw someone come out of the cottage. A figure in dark hooded cloak. She stifled a gasp. Another death eater.

She could not allow herself to be captured again. Not after barely escaping them. Panic rose within her.

Just as the hooded figure was about apparate, another intense contraction took her over and she could not stop the scream that ripped her throat. She slid down the tree she was leaning on to, knowing that her capture was inevitable now.

Even as she thought it, she saw the death eater approaching her hurriedly.

Merlin, why couldn't she just die? End all the torture once and for all.

Waves of pain racked her body once again and she finally gave in to the darkness.

He took in the horrendous state of the woman lying unconscious in front of him. She was deathly white. Every visible part of her skin was ripped and scarred, her robes torn, ragged and dirty. But his eyes held fixedly on her huge protruding belly that showed how far ahead she was in her pregnancy. He guessed about eight months or so. Her faced was bloodied beyond recognition but he would have known that bushy hair anywhere.

It was Hermione Ganger, the girl he had been looking for, for more then a year now.

He almost sagged under the relief that washed over him at finding her at last. He drew his wand out to leviate her up and apparate her back to his own place. And that very moment, her eyes fluttered open.

Her eyes glazed with pain and fright as she saw the towering black figure standing in front of her, his wand pointed directly at her. She fought down another scream of sheer terror. But instead of stunning her or throwing an unforgivable curse at her, the man slowly lifted her to her feet. There was no question of struggling. She had lost all desire to live. Hermione knew her death was nearing and in her situation it was welcoming even.

Seconds later she had been apparated into a house.

The uncomfortable sensation that came with apparition was too much for Hermione's already fragile state. She vomited and lost consciousness once again.

Once he had settled her down on a bed, he shook her slightly to wake her up. When that didn't work, he used his wand to sprinkle water on her face. She woke up at once clutching her stomach, gasping. Tremors ran through her body every few seconds.

With a start, he realized that the woman was in labor.

He breathed in deeply feeling the knots forming in him. Taking her to St. Mungo's was of course out of question. So he had to deliver the baby himself. He swallowed nervously. He had learned a fair amount of healing the past year and the time had apparently come to put his skills to use.

He leaned down and spoke to her urgently, holding her eyes in a steady gaze. "You have to do exactly as I say. We are going to get this baby out of you, okay?"

When she nodded, he moved to stand at the foot of the bed, preparing her and himself for the delivery.

Hours later, Hermione drowsily watched a screaming baby being tended to by the man. His face was still in the shadows of his hood. But those misty grey eyes, when they had looked upon her, had seemed strangely familiar.

The mysterious man then set the baby down beside her. She looked over at the tiny scrunched up face, into eyes that were twins of her own. And she felt months of bitterness, resentment and grudge melt away to be replaced by an almost painful warmth. Her baby. Her very own child.

Her gaze went back to the man who now had his back turned to her working on something she could not see. A sudden gust of wind blew in through the window causing his hood to fall back, revealing a head of silky silver blonde hair. The most perfect hair a man could possibly want.

Her breath caught in her throat. She knew only one person with hair like that. The person she hated most in her life.

H then turned on his feet to stare down at her.

"Daco Malfoy." She breathed.

Before the shock had completely registered in her brain, she found her senses seeping back into the world of darkness where no pain, no reality existed.

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