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A mother, when it comes to her child, tends to make reckless decisions when any kind of danger befalls the child. She will think only about her child's safety and how long the child can be kept away from harm's way. A mother's emotion knows no logic, no rationality. And Hermione Granger, smartest witch of her generation, was no different.

All week, she had planned this moment. She needed to escape from the Manor. She needed to take her baby and flee as far away from the country as possible. She could not let Draco know of her intentions because he would only try to stop her with logic. But Hermione knew that at times like these, there was no space for logic and rationality. It was a time for survival only. She could not just calmly wait for Harry to finish off the horcruxes while hoping that Voldemort did not find her. That option was insane. And people were insane if they thought for one second that she would accept this.


Draco glanced at the closed bathroom door of Hermione's room and frowned. What was she doing in there for so long? It had been half an hour, hadn't it? As he rocked Ameera to sleep in her cot, he wondered about Hermione's behavior since she had come back from the Burrow. She had been jumpy all week. He wondered what was bothering her.

Making sure that the baby was asleep and tucked up well, he stood up to walk to his own room when a tentative voice stopped him.


He went closer to the bathroom door and answered, "Yes."

"I am sorry to bother you," a pause accompanied by the splash of water, "but I failed to get a towel before I got into the tub. And I don't have my wand either. Now I can't get one without dripping all over the place. Would you," another pause, "come and hand me a towel?"

The image of Hermione in that tub surrounded by frothy bubbles bloomed before his eyes. He could smell the clean sweet smell of the fragrant water. Want speared through him, immediate and fierce. He braced his arms against the doorframe and summoned his crumbling resolve.

"Draco?" soft and sultry, her voice tugged at him.

"Yes." he rasped. His hand moved to the knob, gripped hard, ready to turn.

"The water's getting a little cold."

Draco pushed the door open. The warm moist air enveloped him with an irresistible fragrance as he stepped into the small room. His gaze riveted to Hermione reclining against the end of the tub in water just deep enough to conceal her breasts. She smiled lazily up at him, those brown eyes liquid with heat. All her curls were haphazardly pinned on top of her head. Several strands had fallen free and now clung to her damp neck.

Forcing his gaze away from the temptation, he took a towel and handed it to her. He felt himself growing hard with every minute.

Hermione suddenly sat up and wrapped her arms around her bent knees, but not before Draco got a gut wrenching view of her breasts, water and bubbles sliding over their fullness. Hermione nodded towards the washcloth hanging on the side of the tub.

"Would you mind washing my back?" she laid her cheek against her knees and closed her eyes.

Draco's hungry gaze moved over every delicious rise and hollow. The firm curves of her legs, the swell of her breasts where it was pressed against her thighs, the exquisite detail of her spine, and the lovely length of her neck. He knelt next to the tub and dipped the washcloth into the water. Slowly, he caressed the smooth skin of her back.

"Hmmmn, that feels nice." She moaned.

Fire flashed through his veins, heating him from the inside out. Again and again he traced her soft creamy skin.

"You can stop now." She said in a low throaty voice.


Hermione closed her eyes as soon as he was out of the bathroom. She shivered with need vibrating inside her. She had seen the look in his eyes, the hunger. How would she ever be able to see this through? She gave herself her a mental shake. She had to. One way or other. She had to get away from Draco's watchful protection. Firming her resolve, Hermione stood up from the tub, dried herself and donned on a thin bathrobe that reached mid thigh. The realization of how much she affected Draco made her giddy. But there was no time to dwell on that right now. She had to move swiftly before he suspected her motives.

Padding into her room, Hermione called to Draco once again, "Draco, could you get me a drink, please. I don't want to leave Ameera alone."

"Alright." He called back from his room.

Meanwhile, Hermione parted the robe a little to reveal her neck and collar bone and fluffed up her wet hair. She glanced at the mirror and smiled. This would do just fine.

Draco came into the room, a glass of oak matured mead in his hand. Hermione almost sighed out loud at the sight of him. She could spend the rest of her life just looking at him like this. His gaze so intent on her, a smoldering fire turning those silvery orbs a darker grey.

"Thank you," she managed without her voice quaking.

Hermione sipped from the glass and walked to the bed. She grabbed a body oil from the bedside table. With painstaking slowness and thoroughness, Hermione massaged the scented oil on her skin. She stole a glance at Draco's direction from beneath her lids, he was standing stock still. She caressed the thin bathrobe off from one shoulder to apply the oil on that area and saw his eyes darken at the exposed skin and the hint of cleavage.

"Hermione, what are you doing?"

Hermione shivered. He was right behind her. She bit back a smile of triumph. "I am bored, Draco," she said languidly. She turned to face him. His eyes immediately moved over her body, heating her skin as if he were touching her. "There's nothing to do in this place but talk. And I don't want to talk. This feels really good, the oil. Want to try it?" she added.

"Don't play games with me, Hermione." He warned in a distinctly tight voice.

Hermione allowed him a teasing smile. Sliding her hands up his chest, she whispered, "Games can be fun, Draco." She scrambled to her knees and then moved to the edge of the bed within easy reach of him. She snagged his hand in hers and tugged. He resisted at first but then allowed her to pull him a step closer. Hermione pressed a tiny kiss on his lips. "Don't make me beg, Draco." She murmured, her eyes searching his, urging him to react.

Surrender flared in those silvery depths. Draco cupped her face in his hands and pulled her mouth to his. His kiss was brutal, relentless. Too many feelings to name rushed through Hermione making her hot and needy. Her hands went up his chest and found their way under his sweater. The feel of his muscled body almost undid her completely. Hermione drew back but Draco stole another taste of her mouth before she escaped his reach. She tugged his sweater up and tossed it to the floor. She encircled his waist, removed his wand from his pocket and then pulled him to the bed above her.

His weight covered her making her weak with want. He lowered his mouth to her once more. His taste filled her, tempted her beyond all reason. Hermione fought to hold on to her sanity. Because the time to act was nearing.

Draco moved lower to nibble the column of her throat. Slowly, he parted the robe and each tender kiss took him closer to the pebbled peaks begging for his attention. She writhed underneath him, struggling to regain control until she lost it completely.

"I want to be on top." She whispered rolling above him to straddle his thighs. In the next move, she grabbed his wand form the table and muttered, "ribbons immobilitate."

At once, strands of red ribbon flew out of the wand to wrap themselves around Draco's limbs, tying his hands to the headboard.

Draco frowned, sitting up straighter and tugged at the ribbons. Hermione scrambled off him and pushed his wand underneath the bed well out of his reach. He shook his head slowly from side to side, having already deduced what she was up to.. Hermione felt certain she had never seen a look quite that dark, that intent. She rushed to put on a set of traveling robes and picked up her sleeping baby from the cot. Draco continued to watch her silently.

Gathering up the necessary things, she glanced back at him. "The ribbons will disappear in an hour. Please, Draco, I am doing the right thing. It's the only way. I am sorry."

Her own wand in hand, Hermione was ready to apparte when he spoke with artic chill in his voice, " Hermione, one hour. I will be free. And then I will come after you, "he paused giving her time to absorb the impact of his words, "you will regret this." He assured.

Hermione disappeared.


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