She is the light of my darkness,

Everlasting, brilliant in strength.

Before her, I was blinded by the world.

Seeing her cleared my indecisive mind,

Providing me with warmth, comfort, and familiarity,

She is my redemption.

The beast withdraws its presence when she is near.

Desperate to be close, for her to feel what I feel,

Wonderful savior I have loved from a far,

Please be mine.

A/N: First poem in the Smallville category. I'm not sure what you guys think. This is dedicated to Chloom/Chldavis fans. I have a soft spot for the characters. They have so much chemistry. Their relationship has many inspirations waiting for me to write about them. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Oh, and if you like this you might like my other poems from One Tree Hill. Don't forget to review---Lela.