Okay so this is an attempt at the 100 word challenge HoLlIwOoDbOuNd13 came up with. I was way too tempted to try this out, so yeah. The way I'm going to do this is to just do this as a compilation of a bunch of one-shots based off the 100 words. And just so you know, I'm considering this to be kind of like practice for me for when I write my other stories, so these probably won't be my best, but I'll try. :) And I obviously do not own Sonny With a Chance because if any of us did, would we really be writing here? Nope. Anyways, enjoy (I hope). :)

Word One: Blue

"What? I can't believe this!" Sonny complained right as Tawni walked into their dressing room.

"You can't believe what?" Tawni asked. She stepped into her changing area and reappeared five seconds later wearing a different pink outfit.

"Oh, nothing at all," Sonny said over-casually, hiding the magazine she was reading behind her back.

Tawni narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "Then what's that behind your back?"

Sonny smiled innocently. "Nothing."

"'Nothing sure does look like a magazine. Ooh! Does it have me in it? Let me see!" Tawni held out her hand expectantly.

"Psh… it's not a magazine…" Sonny lied weakly.

"Is too, now give it!" Tawni demanded.

"No!" Sonny held on tighter to the magazine.

Tawni sighed in mock defeat. Her eyes lit up when she looked out the window. "Oh my gosh, there's a blue monkey outside!" She pointed to the window and covered her glossy mouth with one hand.

"What?" Sonny asked in confusion. She turned around to look out the window and scanned the view, finding no little blue monkey wandering the studio.

Tawni grabbed the magazine out of her hands and laughed. "Oh, Sonny… You are so gullible." She shook her head in faux disapproval.

Sonny whipped back around rolled her eyes. "Tawni, give it back."

Tawni ignored her and started reading the article Sonny had it opened to. "'What Chad Dylan Cooper Likes In A Girl'? Ugh! Why do you read this garbage?" Tawni continued reading it, despite her obvious disapproval of such reading material.

"I wasn't reading that article, I was just-"

"Why were you so upset about that anyway?" Tawni, finished reading, flung it carelessly over her shoulder. The magazine landed in a colorful heap on the carpet. "It's just a bunch of junk about what he likes in girls. Like anyone really cares about that. Please." Tawni flounced over to her vanity and smiled at her reflection. She sighed contentedly. "Still beautiful…" She winked at her reflection.

"Is what he said true?" Sonny picked up the wrinkled magazine off the floor and smoothed out the creases. "About what he likes in a girl, I mean."

"How should I know? And why should you care?" Tawni fluffed up her hair and stared at herself critically. She brushed a few stray hairs back into place and smiled again.

"I don't…" Sonny sat down cross-legged on the couch positioned in the center of their room. She read over a part in the article she obviously didn't like and frowned.

Tawni thought for a minute before a smile slowly spread across her face. She grinned knowingly at Sonny in the mirror. "Ah. I see what this is about. This is about the part of the article where Chad says he likes girls with blue eyes, isn't it?" Tawni spun on her heel and faced Sonny. "Because you like him!" she accused loudly.

Sonny's eyes widened. "I do not!"

Tawni gave an I'm-so-not-buying-it look.

Sonny looked at the ceiling and sighed. "Well, so what if I do?"

"Ha! I knew it all along!" Tawni hopped onto the couch next to Sonny. "How do I know these things?" Tawni asked rhetorically of herself. "So are you going to tell him?"

Sonny looked at Tawni like she was crazy and laughed a little. "Uh, no… And especially not after reading this…" Sonny frowned at the magazine once more before she threw it over her shoulder and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well you do know that Chad lies in those kinds of interviews, right?" Tawni questioned.

"How do you know that?"

"I wanted to know if the rumor about Chad and Portlyn dating was true, so I was reading on his blog and it said that that was untrue- obviously. Anyways, so I was just about to exit the screen when I saw the heading on one of his old entries that he lies in interviews about girls, so I read it, and now we know," Tawni said simply. "He said he did it 'just because.' Puh-lease. So immature…"

Suddenly, Tawni stood up. "Well, I've got to go. Good luck." She started for the door.

"Wait, where are you going?" Sonny asked, sitting up straighter.

"It's almost time for lunch." Tawni called over her shoulder before she completely disappeared out of the room.

Sonny looked around as if someone might actually be watching her before she walked around to the other side of the couch and picked up the magazine again. She read it again, switching the answers around in her head.

1. Do you like tall girls? Chad's answer= Yes. Real answer= No.

2. Do you like funny girls? Chad's answer= Heck no. Real answer= Heck yes.

3. Girls with blue eyes or brown eyes? Chad's answer= Girls with blue eyes like me. Duh. Real answer= Girls with brown eyes. Duh.

4. Could you ever fall for someone on the show Sixteen Months Left to Live? Chad's answer= what kind of a question is that?
Just answer the question, Chad. Chad's answer= Yeah, sure. Real answer= Nope!

5. How about someone on So Random? Chad's answer= you're kidding right? No, never. Real answer= you're kidding right? Of course I could.

6. Final question. Are you single or not? Chad's answer= Sorry ladies, but Chad is unavailable at the moment. Real answer= Free as a bird.

Assuming that Chad had lied on every one of the questions, Sonny met the description perfectly. Sonny smiled widely.

Girls with blue eyes, huh Chad? Sonny laughed. Yeah, right, you liar.

And that was the one-shot for word one: blue. By the way, sometimes I might connect the different stories in this together, so I'll let you know when I do. Assuming I can actually finish this, or even make progress. Anyway, tell me what you thought of it. Okay, thanks. :)