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(Akane's P.O.V.)

The bell had rung at the end of another school day at Furinkan High. I was beginning to walk home from the school with Ranma.

"Well, it's been a while since we had our new house guest," I said to Ranma.

"Yeah, and a pretty cool one at that," Ranma responded.

"I guess you only like the fact that he's here so I won't have to bash you in the head again… as in being saved," I assumed.

"Come on, Akane," Ranma said. "I finally found someone who ACTUALLY understands my feelings instead of someone or everyone that instantly accuses me of some stuff I never do, or when I'm forced close between Kodachi or Shampoo and Ukyo."

"Well… I suppose you'll be using him to bail you out of another hit, I'm assuming," I said as I shut my eyes. "I guess you'll be using Mathew as your defense attorney as of right now."

"It's not that, Akane," Ranma responded.

"What is it then?" I asked.

"Like I said," Ranma answered. "I finally found someone who actually UNDERSTANDS me and doesn't go the wrong way on accusations like how you do."

"Hey, Akane!!" I heard some familiar voices call out.

I looked behind and noticed it was Yuka and Saiyuri.

"Oh, hey girls," I greeted them.

"We overheard you and Ranma talking about someone else… pardon us for butting in, but we wanted to know if it's a guy or a girl," Saiyuri spoke up.

"You mean Mathew?" I asked. "Yeah, he's okay… Nabiki and I have been taking him to our some of our favorite hang outs lately. He's staying with us for a certain amount of time."

"But we thought you despised guys," Yuka said.

"He's different than any of the other guys here," I answered.

"How so?" Saiyuri asked.

"Well… he knows how to treat girls right, for starters," I said. "There's also the nice encouragement he gives."

"Is there a chance we could see him?" Yuka asked me.

"Uhhh… I could go home and get him if you want to see him that badly," I responded.

"We would like to meet him… if it's not too much trouble," Saiyuri responded.

"Okay, I can go and get him," I answered.

"In the meanwhile, Saiyuri and I were heading off to the pool today and we thought you might want to tag along… although you probably haven't learned how to swim yet," Yuka said to me.

"Actually, I did… not too long ago," I responded.

"With who?" Ranma asked me.

"Mostly with Nabiki," I responded. "Mathew was there for support."

Yuka and Saiyuri looked at each other. They nodded their heads up and down once, and looked back at me.

"Bring him there if you can," Yuka requested.

"I'll try my best," I said to them.

"Great, thanks, Akane," They both said to me.

And with that, Yuka and Saiyuri took off. I assumed it was to their houses to get their bathing suits. In the meantime, Ranma and I headed off for home.

"Well, how do you suppose Yuka and Saiyuri overheard us?" I asked Ranma.

"Probably by mere coincidence," Ranma responded.

"I find this exciting, but somewhat a little strange," I said to Ranma.

"How come?" Ranma asked me.

"Well, think of it this way – our engagement sparked controversy to others when we had no say in the matter, now Mathew comes along and all of a sudden, Saiyuri and Yuka overhear us and are anxious to meet him," I explained.

"Seems pretty normal to me," Ranma replied.

"Yeah, I guess so," I said, agreeing with his logic.

I guess it was kind of a nice sight to see. Then, I remembered that those two were looking forward to possibly meeting Mathew. I started running ahead.

"Akane, wait up!!" Ranma called. "What's with the sudden running ahead?"

"I need to get home, get Mathew and tell him about Yuka and Saiyuri wanting to meet him," I responded.

(End Akane's P.O.V.)

Back at the Tendo Dojo, I was awaiting Nabiki to come home from school. I was walking around in another one of my motocross outfits, but with a different last name. I was wearing a white and black Rockstar Makita Suzuki T-shirt with 2009 Supercross Lites West Champion, Ryan Dungey's last name on the back with the number 10 underneath. I was holding a folded up note in my hand and I was looking for Nabiki's room.

"Here we are," I said as I found the door.

There was an outline of a duck with Nabiki's name posted along the middle. I knew it was her room. I had just slipped the note underneath Nabiki's door when I heard Kasumi's voice again.

"Mathew, would you be a dear and help me with the dishes?" Kasumi asked me.

"Coming," I called.

I quickly slipped a flower under Nabiki's door, next to the note, and dashed downstairs to help Kasumi out. I appeared in the kitchen just a couple minutes later.

"Sorry for the wait," I said to Kasumi.

"You don't need to be," Kasumi responded.

After that, we began to dry up the dishes. That's when Kasumi spoke up again.

"By the way, when I came upstairs, were you just outside of Nabiki's room?" Kasumi asked me.

I looked back at her.

"Why do you ask?" I asked her.

"I was wondering if you knew that she's not home from school yet," Kasumi responded.

"That's what I was figuring… but I did have something for her that I slipped under door before I heard you," I answered.

"Should I tell her?" Kasumi asked.

"No, I want her to be surprised," I responded.

"Okay, okay, I won't let her know," Kasumi said to me.

I knew she wasn't the kind of girl to get personal with someone, but I didn't really mind it though. She read me like a book from just a little while ago.

"So, do you like living with us?" Kasumi asked me.

"Yeah," I responded. "I never would've thought that after a week after arriving here, would I get such a nice offer from someone as nice as you guys."

"That's good, as I said before, we're always kind to our guests whether we know them or not," Kasumi said.

"I am wondering something though," I said to Kasumi.

"What's that?" Kasumi asked me.

"I realized that I haven't seen your—" I responded before Kasumi cut in.

"Our mother?" She asked.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" I asked her.

"I thought you might ask, seeing as you've already met Father," Kasumi answered.

"Well… eventually, I was going to ask," I replied.

"Well, our Mother's dead, so, I've been the new head of the dojo since her departure," Kasumi explained.

"Oh… sorry to hear that," I responded, showing as much respect as I could for the family's loss.

"It's okay," Kasumi responded. "It's not very heartbreaking to talk about her now than it was the first time we saw her pass away."

"Yeah, I can see that," I responded.

I didn't see one teardrop forming in Kasumi's eyes.

"When was the last time you lost someone in your family, Mathew?" Kasumi asked me.

"Uhhh…" I said, beginning to think about that.

This was going to take some serious thinking.

"I know who it was… I just can't remember how long ago," I answered. "I lost one of my aunties due to an illness she suffered from, and she ended up dying. I think this was about 5 or 6 years ago… maybe 7."

"That long ago?" Kasumi asked me.

"Yeah, exactly," I answered. "I almost lost my Grandpa 3 years ago, if it wasn't for my Grandma performing CPR on him."

"I guess your family must be on the lucky side," Kasumi commented.

"Yeah, I guess it's safe to say," I responded.

In the meanwhile, we had finished the dishes… and with good timing as well – the two of us heard Akane's voice call out.

(Akane's P.O.V.)

"We're home," I called out.

After I had dashed inside, I found Mathew in the kitchen with Kasumi. I knew that Nabiki would be home later. This was absolutely perfect – I didn't have to go searching around the dojo for Mathew.

"Oh good, Mathew, you're in here, I need you right now," I said to him.

"What for?" Mathew asked me.

"I'll explain a little later," I said as I grabbed him and bolted up to my room.

After I had shut the door, Mathew patiently waited for me.

"What do you need me for, Akane?" Mathew asked me.

"Well, if you're not too busy," I started to say. "I have a couple of friends who want to meet you."

"Is that so?" Mathew asked, looking pretty surprised about it.

"Yes," I responded. "They're at the pool looking forward to it; I'm going there to join them right now."

I had finished searching for another one of my bathing suits and had wound up pulling out my dark one-piece blue one.

"Maybe you should get your stuff," I said to Mathew. "You missed out last time because none of us counted on Nabiki wanting to go off to the pool when we went to show you around… so, better to come prepared, knowing you're going to go to the pool again."

"You and me both," Mathew responded.

I saw him leave my room to get his things.

End chapter

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