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"Nabiki Tendo," We heard the voice say.

"Who or what the hell was that?" I asked.

I heard Nabiki sigh in disbelief. Somehow, the voice seemed familiar to her.

"I should've known," She said. "That's Kuno-baby's voice."

I heard that she had called him "baby" also. I looked at her in surprise.

"What?" Nabiki asked. "I call some guys I know well 'baby' at the end of their names like you and him. Not to mention, Kuno's my classmate at school."

"Oh, okay," I said, still not sure if she was going with him or not.

That's when we both saw a relatively tall guy with a dark blue kimono-top and a black kilt-like kind of outfit on. He was also holding a wooden sword of some sort. I wasn't sure if it was the same kind used for Kendo or if it was a katana, but that didn't matter to me.

"Nabiki Tendo, you disappoint me," Kuno said to her.

"Hey, back off, buddy," I said, putting my arm in front of Nabiki… trying to protect her.

"Back off?" Kuno said back at me, sounding offended. "I think you should be the one to 'back off'."

"You've got some nerve, man – interrupting our date we had going on," I said to him, not sounding too thrilled.

"You call this a date?" Kuno said, on the verge of cracking up. "I laugh at this pathetic get-together that you say is… a date."

That's when he started laughing which completely irritated me.

"Grr… why you stupid—" I seethed.

I was about to go and give him an earful when I got pulled back by a pair of arms. I knew it was Nabiki who did that.

"What are you doing?" I asked, looking back at her.

"I'll take care of this, Mathew-baby," Nabiki assured me, climbing out of the pool, dripping wet.

We could still hear Kuno laughing his head off. I could tell she was insulted by Kuno's actions, too. I saw her kick him in the stomach with her wet foot. His laughing had finally stopped and he landed flat on his back. I came out and joined her. He had fallen to the ground with that one wet footprint that the water from Nabiki's foot left where she kicked him.

"Mathew was right, Kuno," Nabiki said to him, putting her hands on her hips and not sounding too happy. "You've got some nerve for interrupting OUR DATE… and insulting OUR NEW HOUSEGUEST I TOLD YOU ABOUT!"

Inside, I was surprised by Nabiki – first, Yuka and Saiyuri found out about me, then Nabiki spilled me staying as a houseguest with her, Ranma, Genma, and the rest of the Tendos at school, as well as where we were going on our date. I still stood by her… refusing my urges to run off. In the meantime, she had unleashed a couple of punches – one to Kuno's gut, and one to his head.

"I don't know where you come from, but you've definitely got no respect for a couple like us who like to enjoy ourselves," I said to him.

"Come on, Mathew-baby," Nabiki said to me, dragging Kuno away from the pool area.

I followed her… wherever she was going. She opened the fire-escape door and stepped out, still dragging Kuno.

"Give me a hand, Mathew," Nabiki said to me.

I helped her out, and with all our strength combined, we were able to toss Kuno into a nearby tree. He was left hanging by a branch that hooked his collar.

"I will have my revenge on you two," Kuno called out to us.

"Yeah, right," I said, flicking my wrist up and down at him. "Let us know when you start being more polite and civilized."

"I agree with Mathew, Kuno," Nabiki added.

I turned to face her. She seemed pretty angry with Kuno as well.

"Should we go back now?" I asked Nabiki.

"Just wait a bit," She answered.

I instantly knew where she was going with this. She started yelling out to Kuno.

"Kuno, you seriously owe me BIG TIME for this," Nabiki shouted to him, cupping her hands on the side of her lips while she spoke. "You owe me 20,000 yen – 10,000 for interrupting our date, and another 10,000 for insulting our new houseguest… plus I think you deserve to see… THIS."

Nabiki started to gently grip my arm. Then, she started to pull me close to her body. Soon, she was already throwing her arms around my back. Nabiki started looking deeply into my eyes. I gave in to her desires, returning the favor to her as we moved our heads in closer to each other. In less than 15 seconds, our lips were already making contact with each other's as we started to kiss each other.

"Cease that kissing this instant!!" We heard Kuno yell from the tree.

In response, we both flicked our wrists up and down at Kuno, as if to tell him to mind his own business. After one more, we stopped and I wrapped my arm around Nabiki's shoulders.

"I will have my revenge on you!!" Kuno shouted again.

"Kuno, if you ever hurt him, I'm doubling your future debts to me," Nabiki called out, wrapping her arm around my back.

"I'm not paying you—" Kuno started to shout again before he was interrupted by a snapping sound.

The branch that held him from the tree… had broken.

"Careful, it's about a sixty-foot drop," I said to him.

But he had already started screaming as he began to fall from the high tree. Nabiki and I watched as Kuno started dropping like a rock. In a matter of seconds, he had met the cement up close and personal.

"I better see that 20,000 yen tomorrow," Nabiki called down to Kuno.

"Well, that takes care of that interruption," I said to Nabiki.

"Yep," She responded. "NOW we can go back, Mathew-baby."

I offered to hold her hand as we started to head back to the pool. She looked at my offer and appeared surprised. Nabiki smiled and gently grabbed it.

"Gee, you're SUCH a gentleman," She said to me.

"Hey, it's how I normally treat girls that are my type, and you… happen to be… my type," I responded.

When we had arrived back at the pool, I was about to begin another swim with her, when I looked over my shoulder and noticed that she felt a little guilty.

"What's wrong?" I asked Nabiki, showing concern.

"I didn't know you didn't want me to tell anyone at school that you were staying with us," Nabiki responded, falling to her knees.

I knew she felt bad about it, but I tried to not make her feel so guilty about it. I put a hand on her shoulder and bent down to where she was sitting.

"Nabiki," I began to say to her. "I don't blame you one bit for telling; I didn't even CARE if you told somebody like one of your friends… I just didn't think that someone like Kuno himself would actually LOOK for us."

"You're not mad?" Nabiki asked, looking at me.

"No," I simply responded. "I'm a nice guy… not to mention a forgiver."

She appeared surprised again, this time with what I told her.

"Nabiki," I said to her again. "I WANT you to be that one special girl in my life."

She looked surprised when I said that to her.

"Mathew?" She said, still looking surprised.

"I mean it… I really do," I said to her.

I got up on my feet and helped her to her feet as well.

"Thank you… I'm touched," Nabiki said.

She gave me a great big (and tight) hug. I looked outside and noticed that the sky was almost dark. I looked back at Nabiki and tilted my head back at the pool as if to ask her, "Hey, should we go back inside?"

"Yeah, we need to make the most of this, despite one interruption from Kuno-baby," Nabiki answered.

We weren't going to let Kuno's interruption ruin our date for sure. The two of us walked to the edge of the pool and jumped back into the water together.

"Whoo… it got a bit cold from our confrontation with Kuno," I said to Nabiki after resurfacing.

"It's alright," She responded, doing the same thing I did to her earlier.

I started blushing myself when Nabiki wrapped her arms around my shoulders while she applied a little pressure from her front into my back area. I looked over my shoulder at her and smiled at her. I was happy to look at her wonderful face. I leaned my head close to hers and we kissed each other again. I really loved her.

"Have you had a girlfriend before?" Nabiki asked me.

"What?" I asked her after chuckling in embarrassment.

"Tell me whether or not you've had a girlfriend before me," Nabiki said to me.

"Y-Y-You're the first," I stammered in embarrassment.

My face was already turning red just talking about this.

"I might be your first fiancée," Nabiki said softly in my ear.

This caught my attention for sure.

"Are you serious?" I asked her.

"Mm-hmm," She answered. "I even told Daddy that I know that he wants Ranma and Akane to marry first – that's why I told you that we had to let those two marry first before we do."

"Okay," I said.

Nabiki looked at her watch. "Oh, it's almost 8 p.m.," She said, swimming to one of the edges.

"You want to stop now?" I asked.

"Yeah, knowing Kasumi, she's probably waiting on us," Nabiki said to me.

She had climbed out of the pool, water dripping from her body and her bathing suit. I climbed out too, dripping wet myself. We grabbed our towels and our clothes, and headed off to the changing rooms again. We met up a few minutes later in our regular clothes. Nabiki was holding her wrapped up towel in her hands, and I was, too. Both of our wet bathing suits were inside them. Nabiki took my arm and we left the pool area for home.

"I hope you had fun," I said to her while we walked home.

"I did, despite that interruption from Kuno," Nabiki answered. "Thanks for asking me out."

"Anytime," I responded.

15 minutes later, we were back at the house.

"We're home!!" Nabiki called out.

We removed our footwear and stepped inside. Nabiki also released her grip on my arm.

"Oh, just in time," Kasumi said, coming to the front door. "I just got finished making dinner."

"Oh good, I'm starvin'," I responded. "I thought we were going to be somewhat late coming back."

"Oh no… I decided to make it a bit later… seeing as the two of you went out," Kasumi explained. "So, how was your date?" She asked us.

"A lot of fun," Nabiki answered.

"Was it?" Kasumi asked.

"Mm-hmm," I responded.

"Despite one interruption from Kuno," Nabiki added.

"Oh dear," Kasumi said.

"But we took care of him," I said.

"Oh good," Kasumi said. "I'll take care of your suits," She offered.

"Okay," I said, laying up on the help I've been giving her.

The two of us handed them and our towels to Kasumi and we went to join the others for dinner. We sat next to each other at the dinner table.

"So, where'd you two run off to?" Ranma asked us while we ate.

"The pool," I simply responded.

"I bet you got a good look at Nabiki, eh?" Ranma asked me.

I looked at him with red cheeks.

"Oh yeah, she's really hard to not look at," I said, shifting an eye at her.

"I hope you mean that," Nabiki whispered in my ear.

"I do," I whispered back to her.

Soon, everyone was finished with their food and Kasumi started gathering all the dishes.

"Nabiki, dishes," Kasumi called out.

"You got it," Nabiki said, following her.

"And we can handle it, Mathew," Kasumi added.

I accepted it and went upstairs. I sat in the room Kasumi gave me and I put on a tape of the 2000 Las Vegas Supercross Finale, which was 7-time Supercross champion, Jeremy McGrath's last successful championship season. That's when I heard the door open. I looked over who it was and it turned out to be Akane, when I was hoping it would be Nabiki.

"What is it, Akane?" I asked.

End chapter

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