Kazekage Gaara stared at the front door of the wild mansion party. A friend had told Gaara that that is where Lee would be if he were looking for his boyfriend. Gaara sighed and, using sand, opened the door. The mansion party was dark, the lights flashing on and off.

"I hope Sasuke has elipsy.." Gaara silently cursed the party thrower as he looked for Lee. Finally he spotted the boy laughing loudly with some friends, a bottle of sake in his hand. Gaara rushed over and snatched the bottle from him. He slammed it on the table and gave Lee's new friends a withering glare until they got up and ran.

"Heyyyyyy!! Lover!!!" Lee threw a loose arm around his redhead lover. Gaara wrinkled his nose and turned his head sharply away from Lee's face. The boy's breath reeked of alcohal and it was a turn off for Gaara's nose.

"Lee... lets go, you are drunk," Gaara helped the boy stand on his own two feet. The green clad boy pushed Gaara away from him with surprising strength. 'Has this drink made him stronger?' the redhead sniffed the drink he had took from Lee.

"So you want some too?" Lee whispered in Gaara's ear. Shocked, Gaara jumped a little. He had not heard the hype boy move an inch.

"No... I prefer to be sober..." Gaara said. Before he could lower the bottle from his nose Lee had him in a tight grip. The redhead winced a little at the tight grip but refused to cry out. The black haired boy forced the redhead onto his lap and caught his arms in one hand. With the other he forced Gaara to swallow a whole mouthful of the strong sake. Lee let him go and Gaara fell to the floor, chocking and gasping for breath.

"Oh... oh stop... being... a big baby!" Lee kicked at Gaara. The younger of the two dodged the hit and rolled to his feet. He raised his invisible brow and gave Lee a crooked stare. The boy had never acted so violent, especially not around Gaara.

"Lee... its time to go..." Gaara turned on heel and led the way to the front door. Suddenly a strong hand grabbed his arm. Looking up he saw Lee staring down at him.

"No... we... must... talk!" Lee basically dragged Gaara one of the many rooms of the house. The boy had to mentally restrain himself from attacking his hurter. Lee tossed his lover into the room and closed the door. Gaara turned on the small desk lamp of one of the biggest rooms. He opened his mouth and turned to rant at Lee's behavior, only to have the boy right in his face.

"Gaara... how long have we dated?" he pushed the boy a little bit. Gaara stumbled back, looking very confused. The boy counted in his head and answered with one year.

"And we still haven't had sex?" Lee advanced near Gaara. The redheead gulped and shook his head. Suddenly his back was on the wall.

"Why? Have you been.... fucking someone else?!" Lee shouted. Gaara flinced and shook his head. For some reason the powerful boy just couldn't keep from being scared. He knew that he didn't have it in him to hurt Lee... even if the boy was going to hurt Gaara.

"Lee... Please can we go- AH!" a hard open slap was dealt to Gaara's face. Searing pain echoed through his cheek. He grabbed the red part and tried to scoot away from Lee.

"NO!" the green boy pushed Gaara against the wall, hurting his back.

"We will have sex now!" Lee shouted. Gaara whimpered and shook his head wildly.

"I do not want that! I WANT TO GO HOME!!" Gaara pushed against Lee's hard chest. The small hand was grabbed and forced into Lee's pants. The aqua eyes widened at the size of the long erection. 'That is not going inside of me!' Gaara thrashed against the boy. Lee came out with an bone shattering punch to the stomach, luckily the sand came to his rescue just in time. Lee smiled.

"You want to..... make... this diffucult?" Suddenly the boy was gone. Gaara stood up straight and looked around the room, scared. 'Please... I am scared..." the redhead thought as he made his way to the door.

"No you dont," the bowl cut boy appeared behind him. Before the Kazekage could react, his clothes were ripped in half. Gaara gasped and whirled around, but Lee's blinding speed made him invisible. The redhead was pushed onto the bed, landing on his hands and knees. Again, Gaara couldn't react before something large and rough was on his hole. Gaara stopped moving, his eyes widening.

"Please... Lee. Dont... do not enter me..." Gaara whispered. Lee smirked at the cute voice and face that the begging Gaara was making. Gaara opened his mouth to repeat his plea when Lee slammed inside him. Gaara screamed at the pure pain that echoed. His arms shook as blood ran in between his legs. Lee didn't give Gaara anytime to adjust. He began to thrust in and out as hard and fast as he could. The unusually large cock hit Gaara's prostate over and over, causing more and more pain each time. Gaara bit his lip to keep from screaming and crying.

"Are you gonna keep it in? No I want you to scream!" Lee whispered cruelly. He grabbed Gaara's hair and yanked back as hard as he could.

"AHHHHH! IT HURTS LEE! STOP, YOU ARE HURTING MEEE!!!" Gaara shrieked, tears rolling down his face. Lee laughed and pulled Gaara onto his lap. The boy braced his arms to get off the large cock but Lee brought him up and began to force Gaara to ride him like a horse. The boy screamed in agony at each thrust, saliva going down his jaw. Tears and blood dripped onto the sheets as Lee turned Gaara back to doggy styling. So much moving and pain distorted Gaara's aim as his instincts made his Sand want to destroy the pain giver. Within two minutes Gaara could no longer hold himself up, his arms too weak. Lee grabbed the slim arms and brought them to the back of the redhead's back. With a tighter grip he fucked Gaara as hard as he could mention.

"Ah! Lee! Please, you are breaking me in two!!!" Gaara shouted, feeling the large dick hit his stomach.

"You don't sound like it!" Lee sped up his rythm. Gaara screamed as he felt his body react to the pounding. A large amount of cum came from his cock and onto the sheets. Lee followed not too late after, his seeds going inside of Gaara's ass. The mixture of blood and cum felt weird to Gaara's hole. Lee collapsed on top of him and fell into a deep sleep. Deeply ashamed of himself Gaara curled into a ball and fell asleep in his own corner of the bed.

(Next morning)

Lee woke up with the sun in his face. Groaning he prayed that he was not on the beach like last time he had gotten plastered. When he sat up he looked around the strange room. He was naked and there was a pile of ripped clothes on the floor.

"Who did I sleep with?" Lee whispered to himself. He didn't know why but he had the feeling that he should be feeling extra guilty... and when Gaara walked in he knew why he should have felt that way. The boy had bruises on his chest and legs (he only wore boxers). On his face the boy had a bruise on his throat, several bite marks, and some cuts only his throat.

"OH MY GOD! DID I DO THAT?" Lee launched his body out of the bed. Gaara flinched from the gentle touch.

"Lee... we have to... talk..." Gaara sat Lee on the bed. He had to break this relationship up as fast as he could. He would not be beaten for no reason! And raped on top of that?

"Wait Gaara... I am so sorry I should have explained about my drunken fist. I don't know what I am doing when I am drunk. Please... lets go to the movies..." Lee gripped Gaara's hands in his own. Gaara opened his mouth to tell his soon to be ex boyfriend to fuck off.... but he couldn't....

"Okay... lets go... but I want you to never ever suggest sex to me again..." Gaara showed his lover the blood on the sheets.

"Promise!" Lee lifted his hand in salute.

~End for now~

Hope it was good, i know the yaoi part sucked and its very very very OOC for both boys but i just wanted to do this. and i knw someone has to wonder what would happen to Lee lover if he got drunk....