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chp.1 - just tell me god damn it!

I awoke to the sounds of the birds chirping and the sounds of my Father and was it my Auntie Alice? talking in low exited voices from the next room, I knew what they would be discussing, it was the same ecstatic conversation everyone has been having the past 2 months, my '7th' Birthday was arriving the day after tomorrow.

Why the excitement you may wonder, well my '7th' Birthday is more than just my 7th Birthday, you see I will not really be turning 7 per'say, I mean technically I will be only 7 years old, but really to put it mildly it will be more like my 17th than my 7th.

How does that make any sense? for I am not completely Human, I am half Vampire and half Human! and from the moment of conception I've been growing rapidly, not just fiscally but mentally as well, far beyond anything anyone could have imagined.

So why all the excitement for my 7th Birthday, well 7 is the official age where I will stop growing indefinitely, So this is how I will be for the rest of my life, or should I say existence, for I am immortal like both my parents and the rest of my Vampire family, I will live forever unless I meet an un-timely end by some unfortunate event.

I decided to get up as I was feeling the uncomfortable burn in my throat, I was thirsty, I may be half Human, but my appetite is far more on the Vampire side, sure I can eat Human food, but it is far less satisfying than blood, and I only eat it to humor my Grandpapa Carlisle as he thinks that I should have a healthy balance between Human food and blood.

I started to dress, I had more clothes probably than all the shops Washington state had to offer, as my Auntie Alice loves clothes and is obsessed with fashion and how people should dress, she rarely lets anyone wear the same clothes twice.

I opted for a pale lilac sweater and a pair of designer jeans, I brushed my ebony curls and pinned then out of my face before flouncing out of my room into the sitting room, where sure enough my Auntie Alice was in a deep but exited conversation with my Father.

They both stopped talking abruptly when I entered the room, my Aunt showed me a brilliant smile, before dancing over and hugging me, "morning Nessie" she chirped in her perfect soprano voice, she moved back and said in a significant voice to my Father "and we'll talk about the you-know-what later, but for now I need to go see Esme" and she danced happily out giving me a wink as she went.

I sat down on the couch just as my Mother walked in looking harassed, "Alice finally gone!" she groaned to her husband, My father shot her a dazzling smile before striding over to her with perfect grace and kissed my Mother a little too long if u ask me.

When they finally broke apart my Mother shot me her own perfect smile "well look who's finally up, had a nice lay in?" she asked me with a slight mocking smile to her perfect lips, I knew what she meant, I was out pretty much all night down at the reservation La Push.

I smiled at my Mother sweetly, "yeah, had a late night didn't I?" I said seeing a flicker of annoyance flash across my Father's perfect face, he didn't really approve of all the time I spent down at La Push with a certain Jacob Black.

Jacob was my best friend to put is loosely, more like my soul mate, best friend, brother, father and significant other and more all rolled in one, Jacob Black is a Quiluete Werewolf, well he isn't really a Werewolf, him and the rest of the Quiluete Werewolves are actually shape-shifters that morph into giant wolves, but we just call them Werewolves, my Father doesn't really approve of him.

I spent pretty much all my time with Jacob, its hard not too when he's always there, pushing himself on you, the only time I can only ever escape him is when I go home to bed! its not like I'm really complaining I love Jacob's company, he is the most wonderful person I know, but sometimes it gets slightly annoying, of course I could never tell him this as it would absolutely shatter him, he can't bear to be away from me for even the shortest time.

Why so obsessed you may ask, well Jacob imprinted on me the moment his eyes touched mine, what is Imprinting? well its a Wolf thing, it pretty much means I am his total soul mate, nothing in this world means more to him than me, not even his own life, he lives to serve my ever whim, to make me happy, nothing means more to him than my happiness, it pains him to be apart from me.

We where meant to be together, destined to be together even before I was even born it was meant to be! he used to be in-love with my Mother, he had this strange indescribable pull towards her the moment they ever met, and my Mother felt that same pull towards him, but it was all really just me.

From the moment I was 'born' or cut free from my Mothers womb as it was, as she conceived and carried me in her Human form which is virtually un-heard of! but she couldn't give birth to me, so I was cut from her stomach by my Father's razor sharp teeth before he was forced to turn her into a Vampire to save her life, it was almost too late, but he injected a large amount of his own venom directly into her heart which saved her just in time.

So from the moment I was free of her, the pull between them was totally gone, I mean sure their still friends and all that, but the pull my Mother felt towards Jacob is gone, as that was me, and the pull towards her that Jacob felt has directed itself more profoundly and inexcusably on me, thus the imprinting.

My Father gave a small sigh as my Mother asked me curiously "so how is Jacob doing? and what did u two get up to last night", I smiled at her and gestured her toward me, she walked swiftly over and bent down, as I put my palm to her cheek, I showed her everything I did with Jacob last night, a flicker of images I put into my Mother's mind with my extraordinary gift, nearly everything that happened from the disgusting dinner of fried fish and under-cooked potatoes to the bonfire with both the packs that went late into the night running around the beach acting like idiots and being tipsy, but I didn't show her the 'conversation' that Jacob and I had in his Volkswagen Rabbit that he re-built himself like 8 years ago or so.

For I knew my Father would be listening in using his own gift at reading minds, so I forced my mind away from that frustrating 'conversation', see Jacob will not get 'physically' involved with me in any form until I have reached full-grown as this was some ridiculous promise he made my Father a few years back.

While I am fully and completely comfortable with taking Jacob and my relationship to the next level, I mean would a kiss be that hard to ask for? as where the loves of each others lives what would a few days matter? Jacob is too damn obsessed with the ridiculous promise he made, I know it kills him though, he hates anything that makes me upset, and it hurts him to deny my advances and I know he wants me too.

My Mother knows of course about all this, I have moaned to her about it, how its 'my decision, and what is it to my Father what I do with my 'boyfriend' to use the term lightly, is any of his business, and if I'm ready than that's all that should matter!' my Mother sympathized with me as she knows only too well how frustrating a relationship like this can be, as my Father refused point blank to sleep with her until they where married, but at least "you got to kiss" I'd pointed out, my Mother's only comment to that was "its now long now until your 7th Birthday" great.

We made our way into the main Cullen's house, we lived, that's my Father, Mother and I, live in a small cottage not too far from the main house that my Grandmama Esme made up for my parents for when they got married.

As we entered the sitting room, my Uncle Emmett who was a big bear of a man, large and muscular was laughing at something that Jacob had apparently done to annoy my Auntie Rosalie who was probably the most beautiful person on the planet, they hated each other on principle, Jacob and Rosalie, "that stupid filthy dog!" she screeched infuriated, I gave her a reproachful look at the using the word 'dog', "what did Jacob do?" I asked in a sharp tone emphasizing his name.

Emmett laughed louder, I shot him a sharp look as well, but he didn't care, Rosalie glared at me before answering "Renesmee dear, would it be so hard for you to ask that filthy mongrel of yours to not 'mark his territory'" she said disgustedly "on my newly flowering rose bushes!!" Rosalie had recently developed a new passion for roses, which has nothing at all do with her name, and will vehemently shout anyone down who mentions the comparison.

I stared her wide eyes for a moment trying to hold in the laughter, Jacob loved going out of his way to annoy Rosalie, which I know I shouldn't find funny, as my Auntie Rose is pretty much my second Mother, but I couldn't hide the smirk that was starting to creep its way onto my face.

I was saved as my Grandmama Esme and my Grandpapa Carlisle come striding into the room, Rosalie gave me a dark look but said nothing, I could still here Emmett's muffled laughs over on the sofa. both my Grandparents looked pleased about something.

My Father asked a question from their thoughts "oh really, when will he be arriving?" I looked at my Father questionably and so did my Mother, "who's coming?" my Mother asked, Carlisle answered "Nahuel has pleasantly decided to visit, he'll be here later this afternoon" he added happily.

Nahuel was the only other part Vampire part Human I've ever met, I knew he had half vampire sisters but I had never met them, Nahuel was a creation of his 'scientist' Vampire Father, who impregnated many Human women with his children to create his own 'super-race' , Nahuel so far has been his only son, he has many sisters, he detests his Father, for he blames him for the death of his Mother, my Mother so far has been the only Human women to ever survive the birthing of such a child like us.

Nahuel visits quite often as he rather likes my Mother, I think he tries to feel the void and make-up to his own Mother through her, serious Mother issues that boy has, and he likes me quite a lot as well, much to my dismay, as he has shown some interest in me, which I just think if purely the fact that I am the only other part Human part Vampire that isn't his half-sister.

And even more annoyingly, my Father has taken quite a liking to Nahuel over the past few years, I think he half wishes I will choose Nahuel over Jacob, fat chance, never in a million years will that ever happen! I thought bitterly at the look my Father was giving me.

As I was wondering where Jacob could be and when will he come to see me, as it was nearing 2:00pm from what the clock on the wall over the mantle said, it was strange as he normally comes to see me as early as possible, and today was one of our hunting days, and after last night I needed it, I may prefer blood to human food but that doesn't entirely rule out alcohol, it takes a lot of alcohol to affect the wolves and me, I mostly just got pretty tipsy, maybe a little too tipsy thinking back to that 'conversation' slightly embarrassed.

I was heading to the phone to call him and ask where the hell he was, my Grandmama Esme told me "Oh and Renesmee dear, your Grandpappy Charlie called this morning he was thinking you might like to spend the weekend over at his place" she said pointedly.

I hadn't spent the weekend or any long period of time at my Grandpappy Charlie's for quite a while now, I mean I love my Grandpappy its just that visiting hours is good enough, he is the worse possible cook, and I am no fan of Human food but believe me he makes sour dirt look appetizing.

My Mother peeked up at this and she shot me a disapproving look at the reluctance on my face "your staying at Charlies tonight, and no buts about it!" she said finalizing the subject, I groaned but my groan suddenly turned into a squeal of delight as I heard the sound of his heavy feet jumping up the porch steps and the not all together pleasant Wolfy smell of Jacob Black.

I was wrenching the door open just as his hand was outstretched towards the door handle, "Jake! took your time, where have you been!" I accused him through narrow eyes, He rolled his eyes at me "sleeping off last night" he said I could tell what he was remembering as he looked into my eyes and I felt a warm blush creep onto my cheeks.

I pushed past him out onto the front porch, I kicked the door shut behind me feeling the burning glare of my Fathers eyes on my back, I grabbed Jacob's hand and pulled him after me, once we reached the bottom of the drive I gave a sprint off into the woods on the other side of the road.

I felt Jacob running along behind me effortlessly keeping up, I wasn't trying to out run him or anything, once we where a pretty good distance from the house and my Fathers hearing capability's I stopped and turned around abruptly.

Jacob half ran into me at my abruptly stop, instead of taking a step back he instead took a step closer, I pulled back slightly, I saw a look of hurt cross his face at my reaction, "what? what have I done?" he asked shocked at my rebuff.

I glared at him before answering his question "you know my Father can read your mind, yes?" I said in my velvety voice, he raised a dark eye-brow "yeah, and your point being..?" he said slowly in his husky voice.

I felt the blush creeping back into my cheeks, he looked even more puzzled, "well...I mean...you don't have to think about last night" I said hinting something more "you know about what I...our little conversation in the car" I said feeling more embarrassed at my actions of the night before.

Dawning comprehension crossed his face, he laughed and traced his finger down my warm cheeks, he smirked mockingly "jeez Nessie, do you really think I would think that in front of Edward? not unless I never wanted to see you again" he said raising his eyebrow again in mock disbelief.

I sighed a breath of relief, I could have sworn that what was going through his mind "so what where you thinking of then?" I asked curiously touching his face showing him the look he was giving me before I yanked him away.

Jacob held my hand to his face before flashing me a bright smile which stood out strikingly against his dark russet skin, "I was just thinking how I will never get over fact of just how beautiful your are every time I see you" he said pulling me closer to him.

I rolled my eyes at his statement, and removing my hand from his face I trailed it down his muscular arm, I looked away from his face and stared at my hand on his arm instead, my hand stood out startling white in contrast to his dark skin, but my touch wasn't cold like my Mother's or any of my other Vampire family, I was like Jacob's Wolfy temperature a nice toasty one-oh-eight, one-oh-nine.

After a moment Jacob put his finger under chin and pulled my face up to look into his, he stared intensely into my eyes for moment, thinking about something, suddenly, I felt my breath choke in my throat, he slowly started to lower his face to mine, could this even be possible? why would he break the promise now of all the times I begged him too?

I leaned my face up closer to his, instead though he avoided my eager lips and directed his mouth to my ear instead "come on, Nessie I'm not giving in this close to your Birthday especially after last night!" he sort of purrd into my ear with his husky voice dropping two octaves deeper than his normal speaking voice.

I dug my nails into his arm, I felt his muscles in his arm tense, but he didn't pull away or make any other sign to me digging my nails in deeper, "now Nessie about last night" he began still in my ear with the same deep husky voice of his, I pulled away slightly and looked him the face, I felt my cheeks reddening yet again as I released my nail digging hand from his arm and placed in gently on his face again.

Every humiliating moment flashed before my eyes as it flashed before his, the way I drunkenly threw myself all over him in the car, telling him I didn't want to go home, I wanted to spend the rest of the night with him in the Rabbit.

We where both rather tipsy, I could see the agonized look in his face, as he had to resist me, when he wanted it as badly as I wanted it, the way he moaned me stop when I touched him, to try and kiss him, the way he almost gave in, the way he pinned me down underneath his huge amazingly built body, I remembered the feeling of his excitement bearing into me and the groan of the amazing effort as he forced himself to pull away.

I saw Jacob's jaw clench as he was re-living it along with me, I felt him pull me harder into him, I felt his fingers dig this time into my lower back, I also the felt the beginning of the excitement that he had last night. With my hand still on his face showing him my thoughts and memory's he was seeing now through my mind what I was feeling starting to happen again.

Jacob suddenly let me go, I was surprised at the suddenness as he pulled away from me, I could hear his breathing accelerated as with his heart beats, there was a slight red beneath his russet skin barely distinguishable through the darkness of his skin.

I didn't realize immediately until I heard the sounds of giant heavy paws from behind me, I smelled the slight disgusting whiff of wet dog as I turned and spotted who else but Leah, she was a member in Jacob's pack, actually his second in command or 'Beta' as my Mother called it.

Leah hated me on principle, of course she would never harm me, or anything of the sort as you never did anything bad to the imprinted person of one your pack, and as Jacob is the leader and Alpha of their pack, it would mean immediate expulsion from the pack, and maybe even a fight to the death.

Leah walked around me slowly, I could see the shackles on her back stand up slightly, I heard Jacob sigh behind me "What do you want Leah?" he asked in heavy voice, as Leah had a tendency to spoil any moment Jacob and I were having, I had a sneaky suspicion that she may have some un-requited feelings for Jacob, every time I asked him if is this was true, he gets awkward and changes the subject.

Leah scuffled the dirt with her nose and whined slightly, I didn't know what she meant until Jacob spoke "when will you ever get the hang of your anger, maybe you should start to be become a nudist it will take the sting out of destroying all your clothes" he said amused.

Leah didn't want to phase back into her Human form, as she obviously didn't have time to strip her clothes off before she turned wolf, I didn't really care about seeing her naked, but I think she cared enough that she didn't want Jacob seeing her in the buff, even though everyone of the pack has seen each other naked more than once, "it was just part of pack life" Jacob had told me before, I still wouldn't do it willingly either.

Jacob rolled his eyes at me before saying, "I'll be back in second, just want to see what she wants" and he walked a short distance and stripped off his clothes behind a large tree where I couldn't see, I moment later a huge russet wolf came trotting over.

When the wolves where in the wolf form, they could hear each others thoughts, everything each other where thinking, they didn't really have any secrets at all between each other.

They had their silent conversation, sometimes I wish I could hear thoughts like my Father, instead of just sharing my own thoughts with everyone else. I heard Leah whimper and crouch low onto the ground in obviously submissive way, Jacob growled threateningly at her, she etched towards him still low to the ground whining, Jacob gave her another more finalizing growl she gave me one contemptuous look before trotting off back into the trees.

I patted down the shackles on Jacob's back which where still standing up, he was furrier than the rest of his pack, warmer and thicker fur, I stroked the fur on his face while showing him the exchange between Leah and him, asking him what was that all about, he pressed his nose to me for a second, before bounding off back into the trees.

I few moments later he was walking back towards me pulling his T-shirt back over his head, "well?" I asked when he was standing a few feet from me, he shrugged slightly "nothing, just Leah being Leah" he said with a bitter edge to his voice.

When he reached me I asked him again "no, Jake I want to know what happened" I asked grabbing his hand, he didn't answer but held my hand more tightly in his and led me into the trees for a short while, before I pulled him back around to face me, "what are you keeping from me Jake? you know I hate it when people keep things from me" I said sourly, pressing my other hand to his face showing him my annoyance.

He pulled my hand away from his face, but inter-twining his fingers in mine instead, he gave another sigh and looked away from me, it took too long for him to answer I pulled my hand out of his placing it back on his face pulling it around to look at me while showing him my full annoyance.

He just gave me a smile and a small laugh as he removed my hand from his face again and pulling me back along the woods where we'd come from, back to the house, I stopped walking, and dug my heels into the ground, I wanted answers, he felt me stop and looked around at me with an exaggerated expression.

I pulled my hand away from his and crossed my arms, he smirked "you know Nessie, I could just carry you if your not going to walk" he said in a teasing tone, he was avoiding what I wanted, "tell me what that was about right now Jacob Black or I won't tell you where I'm going tonight" I said smirking slightly at the distressed expression that crossed across his face.

Jacob hated not knowing everything about my life, where I was, who I was with and what I was doing, of every minute of everyday, it killed him not to know, he didn't yet know that I reluctantly agreed to go visit my Grandpappy Charlie tonight.

He glared at me for moment "are you really going somewhere tonight?" he asked me skeptically, as he believed he knew everything that ever happened in my life, but I saw a flicker of panic that I might be doing something that he didn't know about, and wasn't included in.

I knew it was cruel, but I had to use what I had, I changed speed "you know that Nahuel is coming around this afternoon" I said in an off-hand kind way, I noticed his eyes tighten and a muscle in his jaw twitch, he detested Nahuel, and me spending any time with him, because I was forced by my Father a lot of the time to go places and do things with Nahuel when he visited, and as a rule Jacob wasn't aloud to come.

I walked past Jacob back towards the direction of the house, "well we should be getting back, as I've got to get some things ready for tonight" I said innocently, I walked on a few paces when Jacob grabbed me and pulled me around to face him, he held my face so I couldn't look away.

Jacob looked into my eyes for a moment trying to read something, I felt his breathing slightly heavier than it should be "what are you doing tonight, is it with that half bloodsucker, I want to know now, Renesemee" he said in a lower huskier voice, that he knew I couldn't resist.

I smiled at him sweetly and shrugged, "well why should I tell you, when you don't tell me anything" I said giving a fake little sigh, he saw right through me, his eyes narrowed,I flared up "just tell me what Leah was going on about and I'll tell you everything that I'm doing tonight and I'll ask if your aloud to come along aswell" I said trying to pry his fingers from my face.

Jacob removed his hands from my face and slowly moved them down my arms instead, he looked at me desperately "listen, Nessie, you really don't want to know what Leah and I where talking about ok? you don't want to know " he said trying to beg me to drop it. Fat chance.

I got angrier, "well maybe I don't think I want you to know where I'm going tonight, Jacob" I said pulling away from him and started running towards the house, even with the pounding wind in my ears I could hear his footsteps following close behind.

When I reached the front drive and slowed down, I felt him run into my back putting his arms around my waist, hugging me tightly from behind, I pulled away from him and started to walk briskly up the drive without looking back at him, I know I was being unnaturally mean to Jacob, but I had the hugest suspicion that the conversation was about Leah's feelings towards me and towards Jacob.

I ground my teeth, I was extremely possessive of Jacob, and Leah just better back off, because he was mine, I knew that Jake would never leave me for her or anything of the sort, but I hated the fact that Leah would be having those kinds of thoughts about him, I'd inherited my Fathers sense of jealousy and his possessive nature.

When I reached the stairs going up to the front porch I sighed and turned around, it really wasn't Jacob's fault, and I hated being cruel to him, I knew how much it hurt him when I was even the slightest bit indifferent to him.

I noticed he was still a few feet away, walking slowly towards me, I caught the look of pain flicker quickly off his face as he realized I was watching him, he sped up a little when he noticed that I was waiting for him to catch up.

When Jacob reached me I was just about to extend my hand and show him that I noticed his hurt expression and I was sorry, when the front door opened and Nahuel can dancing down the steps knocking Jacob aside "Renesmee you grow more Beautiful every time I see you" he said in his slight accent.

I smiled at him warmly and placed my palm to his perfect chocolate colored cheek, I showed him what we did on his last visit and a quick rebuff on my life since, he smiled a perfect angelic smile and took my hand from his face after I finished showing him and inter-twined his fingers with mine.

Jacob stiffened angrily behind Nahuel's back, I saw his teeth slightly bared as he looked down on Nahuel with hatred, I quickly pulled my hand free from Nahuel's, instead Nahuel locked his arm around mine and started to escort me back down the drive, giving as much attention to Jacob as if he where part of the greenery.

Jacob was walking right out our heels, I heard his angry mutters, But Nahuel stilled ignored Jacob and was filling me in on what he had been up to "and my Father, Joham, has made yet another child with a Human women" he said with the revulsion thick through his accent "the women died of course, and he has yet another daughter" he said he continued with a slightly twisted grin "I would have thought after the visit from the Volturi that he would put this behind him, but alas no, hopefully the Volturi will put a stop to his evils as soon as anyone can hope" he finished hopefully.

We stopped by a large garden bench and sat down, Jacob stood over us hoveringly close, we could feel his body heat and fury radiating through the small place between us, Nahuel finally turned his attention on Jacob "ah yes Jacob Black, it is nice to see, how have you been doing? and I wouldn't want to sound rude or anything but would you mine moving a little further back, as you seem to standing a little too close for politeness" he said mildly.

I knew Nahuel was only speaking to Jake to humor me, Nahuel and many other vampires didn't really see Jacob and the other Wolves as real people, with as much emotion or intelligence as Vampires, a lower species more closer to some dirty un-tasteful animal than anything else.

Jacob growled angrily baring more of his teeth than before and stepped back one eighth of a inch, Nahuel smiled ruefully at him before turning his attention back to me "so Renesmee you and the wolf are as close as ever I see, it must be such a comfort to have such a loyal and protective pet" he said patting just a little to high up on my thigh.

I jumped up and put my hand on Jacob's shaking chest, and placed my other hand on his vibrating cheek giving him happy memory's to try and calm him down before he turned into a giant wolf and ripped Nahuel's head off.

Nahuel looked merely amused, "well Nahuel its been nice seeing you again, but I'm going to my Grandpappy Charlie's house tonight, so I won't be back 'till sometime tomorrow, I'm sorry about this but its un-avoidable" I gave Nahuel an apologetic look, while trying to calm Jacob down as his body was still vibrating dangerously under my hands.

Nahuel's face fell comically, "ah sweet Renesmee, I shall be delightfully awaiting our next encounter" he said warmly, his eyes flickering slightly warily to Jacob's shaking body, I gave Nahuel a parting smile and pulled Jacob towards the house.

I let go of Jacob when we where on the porch and turned to him seriously "Jake, you really shouldn't get angry like that, you could have hurt him!" I said smiling slightly at the thought, Jacob noticed my smile at the thought of him ripping Nahuel's head of and smirked in response his body stopped its last bit trembling.

The front door open and my Father was standing their with a look of wintry disapproval on his face, he's obviously heard everything that happened between Nahuel, Jacob and me, I gave him an apologetic smile "hey Dad, so what time do I have to be at Grandpappy's?" I asked trying to sound as innocent as I could.


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