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chp.19 'captured' (Nessie's pov)

I felt a sharp pain throbbing on the back of my head. I kept my eyes tight shut. There was an annoying dripping sound coming from somewhere. Drip, drip, drip. It sounded magnified, echoing. Then the smell of the place made me open my yes. Cold damp. I was in some sort of cave. What the hell???

"Ah, Remesmey. Your awake" I heard a heavily accented disembodied voice speak from out of the gloom. "What? Who are you?" My voice echoed loudly off the cave's walls. A man took a step closer. He was tall and lean, his skin was a deep rich brown. His teeth gleamed brightly against his dark pallor. His hair was in tightly rolled short dreadlocks. He was wearing a leather vest that was open to a bare chest and he was wearing a pair of simple light coloured slacks, his feet were bare. I didn't recognize him at all, but I knew immediately who he was. "Zambul!" I gasped jumping to my feet and going into a defensive crouch.

Zambul took another step towards me, "you already know who I am, an introduction would be inappropriate I take it" he said. I didn't say anything. My mind was racing, shit shit shit shit shit shit. Zambul seemed to guess what I was thinking, "ah Remesmey, you don't have to be afraid child. I will not harm you" he said, giving me what he thought was a comforting smile.

I got my voice back, "what are you going to do with me?" I asked in a small voice. Zambul cocked his head to the side and seemed to be considering my question. When he spoke, he spoke each word slowly, "you are my escape plan" he said, rubbing a spot on his chin. I didn't have any idea what he meant by that. I took a small step further back from him. Zambul took two more steps closer.

I could feel my heart thrumming loudly in my chest. There seemed to be a strange ringing in my ears. I took another few steps back from him and felt the wall of the cave. My eyes darted to the left and right. It seemed to look the same. I couldn't even tell which would lead me to the entrance of this cave, or further in deeper. I sniffed the air. Trying to see if I could smell what direction the fresher air was coming from. Before realising that the air was stagnant. There was no breeze, nothing to guide me to freedom.

I really started panicking about now. "My family, they'll come for me" I said inching slowly to the right against the wall. Zambul smiled in a bemused way, "oh, I'm sure they will." He said with no sense of concern, only slight amusement. "They'll.... They'll kill you" I said trying to make it sound like a warning. Zambul just looked marely bemused. "I'm sure they will. If that could find me" he said and smiling wider.

I took another small step to the right. Zambul's bemused eyes never leaving my frightened ones. "They'll never stop looking for me. They'll hunt you forever. And Jacob, he's a Werewolf, he's got a whole pack behind him. They'll never stop looking for me either" I stuttered. Zambul smiled wider, "ah the wolves. What fun they are. Foolish creatures, do you really believe they could find me after all the times they have failed in the past?" He said taking another step closer to me.

My eyes darted around the cave looking for a way to escape. Then I said, "what did you mean by. I'm your escape plan?" I asked. Zambul laughed lightly. He took another deliberate step towards me. "Well, I have fed your family some cock and bull story about not meaning any of it. That I was only afraid of your beloved Wolves, and when they stop hunting me I'll return you to them" he said smiling.

I didn't get this, "I still don't understand?" I said, sliding another foot to the right. Zambul laughed again, "Well, I have no intention on returning you to them. I fed them a false trail, and by the time they have figured that out, you and I will be long gone, to somewhere they will have no hope in ever finding us. I do believe you are aware of my.. Gift. Remesmey?" he said tapping a long finger to his temple.

I felt like I might be sick. "Your untrackable" I said morosely. Zambul smiled wider, "yes, very good" he said in a slightly patronizing voice. "But, why are you going to keep me? What do you want with me after you escape? Why couldn't you just let me go when your safe?" I said taking another step to the right, and dislodging a rock. It echoed loudly off the walls and I flinched.

Zambul smiled at me again, then said "Well Remesmey, your a very...Special girl, are you not?" he said approvingly. I didn't reply. Zambul continued. "Nahuel has told me much about you, and I am delighted to see for myself that he hasn't been boasting in the least, were you are concerned." His eyes appraised me almost indecentally. I looked down and noticed for the first time that I was dressed in clothes that weren't mine. I was wearing a pale blue skirt with a flower print blouse.

"What happened to my clothes?" I asked feeling violated and crossed my arms across my chest. Zambul laughed loudest yet. "All part of the plan. I used them as the grand finally of the false trail I set. Your family will be quite distraught when they find your clothes without you, won't they?" Zambul said, laughing again. Obviously finding my family's distress hilarious.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked in a smaller voice, with a begging edge to it. Zambul just shook his head looking amused. "Trust me, Remesmey, it's nothing particularly personal. I mean your are a very attractive girl" he said inclining his head as a compliment. "But, you aren't really my type." He said smiling again at something he was thinking, then said. "But oh well. I'll take what I can." I tried to laughed derisively, "Well I'm sorry than I'm too pale for you!" I said angrily.

Zambul laughed loudly again, his voice echoing loudly off the wet walls all around us. "Ah, you have worked out already the kind of girls that take my fancy" he said chortling. "Let me go" I said. Zambul ignored me suddenly he was pushed right up against me. I could feel the wall of the cave digging into my back. Zambul traced once of his long fingers down my cheek. I slapped his hand away.

Zambul merely laughed. "Ah, Remesmey. You were wondering what I wanted with you after we left here, were you not?" His voice sounded amused. I just swallowed. "You see, dear child. I am very interested in the work that our Nahuel's father does. I have tried of course to imitate what he does with human women. But I have to admit, I do not have his kind of control. I simply cannot hold myself back when I am in those kinds of situations. I must say, that it is frustrating to say the least. But with you, my dear. I think I will be able to control myself better." Zambul traced his lips down my jaw-line. My skin crawled.

I pushed against his chest. "Please, don't! I thought, I thought you said you weren't going to hurt me?" I said in a higher pitched voice than my own. Zambul chuckled wetly against my throat. "Well, I wouldn't consider what I'm planning to do will cause you much harm. If I do, than I will apologise now in advance" his voice still sounded amused.

My heart was pounding in my ears. "I've got a boyfriend! I allready belong to someone else" I said in that same high voice. Zambul pulled his face back too look into my face, he raised his eyebrows. "The dog? Well, there isn't much he can do about it, is there? Besides my dear, you will no longer be able to see him. So should I be so bold as to say, that you now belong to me?" Zambul chuckled again and crushed his lips to mine.

I protested, hitting and kicking him. Zambul just laughed into my mouth. Finally Zambul pulled away from me. "Be quiet now, I need to concentrate" he said putting a finger to my lips. He closed his eyes and his expression slowly changed from amused to serious. His brow furrowed in concentration. I took my chance and I kicked him in the shin and ran for it as fast as I could.

I didn't get far, Zambul grabbed me firmly around the waist from behind. I screamed at the top of my voice. Finally his voice didn't sound amused anymore, "Be quiet!" he snarled in my ear, lifting me clean off my feet. I struggled against him, but it was fruitless. I really needed to get stronger. Zambul carried me back to where we were before and threw me roughly onto the ground. The rock I hit into cracked in half.

Zambul snapped down at me, "Now, be a good girl and stay still" I just growled at him. Zambul closed his eyes again. But only after a second he opened them and pulled me up off the floor and flung me over his shoulder. "We have to go now, Remesmey" he said before breaking into a run. I could feel the stale air blow fast around us. In no time we had left the cave. I didn't recognize our surroundings. Or the smells. It wasn't anywere that I'd been before.

We were in some high mountains. Zambul managed to run down the mountain with ease. I tried to struggle free. And I screamed out and yelled. But nothing happened. Soon we were running on flatter ground, through high oaks and over small brooks and streams. I wasn't familiar with these woods. As we made it to a long winding road I had a sudden idea. I tore the promise band that Jacob had woven for me when I was a child off my wrist with my teeth and spat it out. I saw it fall onto the middle of the road as Zambul ran back into the cover of the trees. It was the best I could think of. I just hoped that Jacob would find it.

I lost track of how long we were running for. The sun had set long ago. Finally after what seemed hours, Zambul slowed down. I didn't understand why at first until I spotted a plain white ford parked strangely in the middle of the woods. Zambul pulled me off his shoulder and placed me on the ground and pulled open the passanger door were he pulled back the seat. There was any back door. Zambul pushed me into the backseat and pulled the passanger seat back up.

He walked around and jumped into the drivers side. He flipped down the vanity mirror where the keys were. The car rumbled to life, Zambul turned around in his seat and smiled at me. "How do you feel about going on a little holiday?" I just hissed at him from between my teeth. Zambul chucked and turned the car around. I was half surprised at how well he could maneuver the car through the trees. Soon Zambul pulled out onto a small road and drove west.

I was roughly shaken awake, I blinked a few times confused. The sun was just beginning to rise in a clear bright line on the horizon. I hadn't even remembered falling asleep. But I was only confused for half a second before everything came crashing back down on me in clear and perfect clarity. I looked up into the face of my capture. He gave me a patronizing smile before he yanked me none too gently from the car and flung me over his shoulder again.

My eyes raked our surroundings, It was more forest, but the trees weren't as dense here, and I could hear cars not too far off, the highway. I tried to struggle free again, but it was useless. Zambul was just impossibly much stronger than me. We reached a small house set in between the trees and shrubbery. Zambul pulled me off his shoulder once we were standing under the porch. His arm flew out of nowhere and grabbed me around the waist, holding be securely in place at his side.

Zambul opened the door and pushed me roughly through it. I landed hard on the carpeted floor and was on my feet in a defencive crouch in half a second. Zambul slammed the door loudly behind him making me flinch. Zambul laughed quietly under his breath before saying a softer voice, "Remesmey, there is no need to be so scared, I promised I wouldn't hurt you" and he gave me what he thought was a comforting smile.

I didn't relax my crouch, instead I just bared my teeth in response. Zambul sighed heavily, "Remesmey dear, there really isn't any need for all this. I think you should just exept the fact that you belong to me now. I promise I will treat you well. I will not make you go without luxuries or suffer in any way" he said in an almost solemn sounding voice. I just let a low growl escape through my already bared teeth.

Zambul dithered on the spot before deciding to ignore my aggressive position. He walked slowly around me and headed into a room to the left. He was back though before I had a chance to escape. He was holding a pile of clothes in his hands which he placed on a chair near me, "Here are some clean clothes, I'm sure you would like to shower and change after our journey" he said in a clipped tone now.

I straightened up slightly and glared at him with unmasked hatred. "I'm fine" I said from between my teeth. Zambul opened his mouth to say something else, but shut his mouth almost instantly. I knew why at once, I heard it too. The sound of a car was crunching across the gravel outside. I felt my heart beat hyper-actively. I opened my mouth, air in my lungs to scream for help. He Zambul was suddenly holding me from behind, with his hand clamped over my mouth.

We listened to the sound of the engine cut off, and then the sound of a car door opening and closing. I felt my heart beating loudly in my ears. I could barely make out the footsteps coming towards the house. I realised that only an immortal could be that quiet. I felt Zambul's body relax against my back and he moved his hand from my mouth. There was a small knock on the door and Zambul was suddenly at the door opening it.

I felt my heart leap when I saw that it was Nahuel, I'd never been so happy to see him in my life. But my heart dropped to somewhere near my navel when Nahuel embraced Zambul like a brother. "Nahuel! Zambul, he kidnapped me!" I managed to choke out. Nahuel let go of Zambul and shot me a guilty sort of grin. "Ah yes, Renesmee. I am sorry about how all this must have frightened you. But now we can finally be together" He asked holding his arms out as if he thought I was going to throw myself in his arms or something crazy like that.

I let out a real guttural snarl and bared my teeth wanting nothing more than to rip both their throats out, Dawn of the Dead style. Zambul clapped Nahuel on the shoulder and laughed lightly, "Ah Nahuel, brother. She is quite the stubborn girl, I think it's going to take some time before she warms up to you" Zambul said in an almost joking voice.

I couldn't believe, or understand what was going on. "What is going on?" I began when Nahuel shrugged away from Zambul and started pacing the room slowly, after a moment he stopped and looked at me, the guilty grin was back on his face. "You see Renesmee, You know how I feel about you of course?" he said inclining his head towards me, I showed no sign of answering and Nahuel went on. "Well Zambul here had the idea, you see Zambul is very interested in my Fathers work of breeding with Human women. I don't quite agree with him, like you know" slight bitterness reached his voice now.

When he spoke next, the light and guilty sound was back in his voice, "as I was saying, Zambul was intrigued by you, he had heard me speak of you many times before. And he came to the conclusion that he'd like to try with an half-immortal like ourselves. I wouldn't agree with him trying with one of my sisters. So we decided on you. Zambul can try to have children with you, and on the other hand. We can finally be together, away from the infernal dog that is so attached to you" he said smirking at some secret joke.

I still didn't think it added up. "So what? You kidnapped me to become a breeding machine for Zambul and become you lover or something?" I said outraged and disgusted. "You thought I'd just let you pass me around like some sick game of pass the parcel? You think I wouldn't mind?" My voice had become a high screech as what they were proposing sank in.

Zambul and Nahuel exchanged a loaded look. Nahuel slowly looked back to me and he tried to sooth me now, if that was possible. "Nessie" he began, I bared my teeth at the use of my pet name. "I know this is difficult for you, but in the end it is better for all of us. Imagine the possibility's we can create together. Can you imagine what any children of ours will become? No immortal women and can conceive, but you can. Can't you see where were coming from? Our children will be groundbreaking, the perfect species!" his voice became passionate.

I took a step away from them as Nahuel and Zambul exchanged another loaded and now fevered look. "You have got to be joking me!" I spluttered taking another step back. "I'll never agree to this! There is nothing either of you can ever do that will make me want to sleep with either of you!" I said revolted taking yet another step away from them.

Nahuel face broke into a grin, that made me feel suddenly dirty. "Oh, Renesmee, I don't know about that. I did, in the the beginning, think that this might be more difficult. But not anymore, not after hearing about the marvelous predicament that has happened." I didn't know what he was talking about? "What Predicament?" I said confused. Zambul laughed lightly, Nahuel smiled even more widely. "Well, Nessie. I say that you'll be plenty willing the next time you go into heat" he said smugly.

I blanched. I felt sick. "No, Never! I'll never!" I managed chocked out. I felt dizzy. Nahuel just smiled confidently. "Jacob!" I chocked out with more conviction, "He'll kill you! He'll find you and he'll kill you!" I said pointing my finger at them in accusation. Zambul laughed loudly. Nahuel's smile wavered, "The dog. Yes.. Really Renesmee, what were you thinking being with a filthy, uncivilized mongrel like that Jacob Black? I mean really, think about it child. What kind of children would you have spawned with such a beast?" Nahuel mouth twisted as if he's tasted something bitter.

I growled at them. "Any children I would have had with Jacob would be better than any evil, devil spawn of either of yours!" I spat. Zambul just laughed again. Nahuel frowned. I felt tears spring into my eyes. I couldn't believe what was happening, Jacob. Anyone had to come and save me, they just had to. They would come for me, I had to believe that if I didn't want to have a complete mental break-down.

Nahuel gave me a sympathetic smile, "Renesmee, don't cry. I promise we won't make this hard for you, I promise that we won't ever hurt you or anything" Nahuel said in a coaxing and comforting voice. I tried to blink my tears away, I didn't want to cry in font of them. I shot them a glare from between my tears that wouldn't stop. I turned my back on them and raked me eyes around the room.

I heard someone, Zambul I thought, sigh heavily before I heard their footsteps cross the room and then a door close. I felt a hand touch my lower back and I jumped away from them and hissed. Nahuel sighed and shook his head, "Renesmee, it really won't help you to hold onto all this anger, it will be so much better if you just let it go and accept it" Nahuel said.

I just narrowed my eyes and lowered into more of a crouch. Did he really, honestly believe I would just accept this! It was mad, it was utterly ludicrous! Nahuel took a step closer to me and I let out a real guttural snarl escape through my bared teeth. Nahuel sighed and raked his eyes around the small front room, he turned his attention back to me and said in a clipped tone, "watch TV. Or listen to the stereo or something" he said gesturing to the TV and stereo.

I straightened up somewhat out of my crouch and swallowed down hard on the lump in my throat. Nahuel sat down on the small sofa in front of the TV and closed his eyes becoming completely motionless. But I knew if I tried anything he would grab me in less than a second. I went over and turned the stereo in-spite of my self and tuned the radio in to my favorite station before sitting in the corner and curling my arms around my legs and pushing my face into my knees to cry and screamed in my head. GET ME OUT OF HERE.

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