So, I'm finally getting around to posting a new story. This is a continuation of a one shot I wrote a couple of years ago called 'Lips of an Angel'. I got a few requests for a continuation then and eventually came up with this. I've actually been working on it here and there for a couple of years.

I've reposted the one shot below as well as the first chapter. Please comment and let me know what you think and if you want to read more.

Story takes off in the future from the season two finale (Tommy never came back.)


"Honey, why you calling me so late?"

Her hair floated around her face as if suspended by invisible strings, not the blonde hair she'd had the last time I'd seen her but the vibrant traffic stopping red that still defined her to me.

A brilliant smile washed over her face as she impatiently attempted to brush the hair from her face, rolling her eyes with frustration as the combination of movement and wind refused to co-operate with her.

I felt myself reach out to gently brush the hair away from her face but as my finger softly and accidentally brushed her cheek, her expression changed from happiness to sadness and then she was gone. In front of my horrified face she faded away till I was left, a hand extended to nothing.

Honey why you calling me so late?

The shrill sound of the telephone woke me and with a start I leapt to a sitting position in bed, brushing away beads of perspiration and willing my heart to stop beating so madly. I gently picked up the receiver, trying my hardest not to make a sound.


It was her. Oh, God, it was her.

It's kinda hard to talk right now

I glanced down at the sleeping brunette in the bed next to me and gulped nervously, "Just a second."

I stood up slowly, trying not to make the bed creak. I was grateful for wearing socks to bed as they muffled my footsteps as I stepped out into the hallway.

"I'm here," I said quietly as I glanced over my shoulder to see if she was following me. The room was still dark.

Honey why you crying is everything okay?

"I'm sorry to call so late," Her voice broke.

"Jude, is everything okay?" I whispered, feeling my heartbeat slow as a chill of concern spread through me.

I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud

"I'm fine," She responded unconvincingly.

She sighed. At the soft sound I closed my eyes and slid down the wall till I was sitting on the floor.
Well, my girl's in the next room

I stared at the wall in front of me, at the collection of family portrait's that papered it like a time line of my life, of her life, of our lives.

She was asleep in the next room, content in thinking I was beside her, but I wasn't.

What did that mean?

What did this mean?

Sometimes I wish she was you

I continued to stare at a picture directly in front of me; Jessica and I smiling as we had a picnic at the beach. I scrunched my eyes shut and imagined Jude in Jessica's place.

But that was wrong.

I'd made my vow a long time ago and it wasn't to Jude.

I guess we never really moved on

"It's been a while," Jude said softly.

"Yeah," I whispered.

I remember her face so clearly, the night I told her I was leaving and never coming back. I remember the confusion and the horror then the overwhelming sadness as she stood on the street and watched me drive away.

We hadn't spoken since that day; five years ago.

It's really good to hear your voice saying my name

"Tommy," She whispered softly. I'd never heard one word say so much. The way she said it, the way it trailed away into tragic silence. The longing and regret that laced the two small syllables.

It sounds so sweet

Her voice, Oh, how I've missed her voice.

Coming from the lips of an angel

I pictured her in my mind then. The sparkle in her eyes, the way lyrics and words effortlessly rolled over her tongue. Those beautiful lips…

Hearing those words it makes me weak

I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes. I was trying so desperately to block out the emotions that were washing over me; the things I shouldn't be feeling.

And I, never wanna say goodbye

"I should go," She said softly.

"No!" I spoke too quickly. I gave myself away. I should have acted cool and nonchalant but I'm sick of stupid games, of stupid gambles on which you place everything you want and love – then lose it, "Please, don't."

But girl you make it hard to be faithful

I considered getting in my car and driving to Toronto. It would take days but I didn't care. Anything to see Jude again, just to see her. Oh, I'd love to hold her, I'd love so many things but I'd take just the vision of her again.

With the lips of an angel

I remembered our last kiss; passionate and happy and totally forbidden in Darius' office. I realized then that I was in over my head, that this wasn't just my attempt to relive my teenage years with a girl far too young for me.

It was real.

It was dangerous.

It could never be.

But I kept lying to myself…

It's funny that you're calling me tonight

"So, why did you call?" I asked it slowly, not wanting her to change her mind and hang up the phone. I was desperate to hold on to her for as long as possible.

"I… I was thinking about you, remembering you and… I just felt like I needed to talk to you."

And yes I dreamt of you too

I remembered the dream - her being so close yet so far away.

And does he know you're talking to me will it start a fight?

"What about…" I trailed off, unable to say his name, to acknowledge his part in her life. The part I'd once wished I could play.

"He's out with some friends," The way she said it so sadly made me wonder if it really was a friend he was with and if she knew. I wondered why he could be anywhere but with her.

"What about-" She paused and I heard her take a deep breath, "Your wife" I imagined her wincing as she said the word. I heard the tremble in her words.

No, I don't think she has a clue

"She's asleep." I answered simply.


"I saw your wedding picture in the paper," I said quietly, "You looked beautiful."


"He's a lucky guy."

"I don't think he thinks so…"

"Jude." Her name was a sigh, a plea, a wish, a whisper.

Honey why you calling me so late

"I have to go." Her answer was a denial, a door closing, my just desserts for what I'd done, for lying to her throughout our entire relationship, for leaving. "Good-bye Tommy."

Clutching the phone to my ear as the dial tone rang loudly; I felt a tear run down my cheek.


Part 1
"It's kinda hard to talk right now..."

Jude rubbed her eyes blearily as she crossed the G-Major lobby in the general direction of one of the studios. She'd had a sleepless night, worrying about her husband's absence and waiting for him to return home. Eventually he had and the disappointment of his alcohol stained breath and staggering steps certainly hadn't been worth the wait.

She paused at the door to Studio B and shuffled the musical sheets in her hands, eyeing with contempt the new song she'd written the night before. She was starting work on her fifth studio recording. Her third in the five years since her first producer Tommy Quincy had departed her life and her sophomore album had hit number one. She'd taken nearly a year off to get in touch with her musical side after her recent marriage but now the honeymoon stage had worn thin she was glad to escape the house and once again return to the musical comfort of the studio.

She glanced up at a sudden commotion at the front door just in time to see a couple walk inside. She glanced at them with mild interest then returned her eyes to her music only to do a double take. She eyed the man and as he turned slightly she was able to make out his profile. It was Tommy Quincy.

Her mouth fell open in a silent O as she stepped back down the hallway until she was hidden in the shadows.

He was accompanied by a beautiful tall woman with a perfect chocolate complexion and dark ringlets. She held onto his hand nervously, leaning against him a little as her eyes scanned the building. Jude had seen her on occasion but only in the occasional picture in a tabloid. She knew she was Tommy's wife Jessica.

Mason unwittingly strolled through the G-Major doors at that moment and virtually bumped into Tommy. His eyes widened and a lazy grin spread across his face. "Tommy Q," He remarked, "Well look whose back." He extended a hand which Tommy shook grimly then his eyes fell on the woman beside him, "And who is this stunning lady?" He took her hand and kissed it, always the natural charmer.

Tommy's eyes had been scanning the G-Major lobby and just as Mason uttered the question his eyes fell on Jude, almost hidden in the shadows. "Mason, this is my wife Jessica." He responded as he tore his away from Jude and back to Mason.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Jessica," Mason remarked. "That's such a pretty name. I have an Aunt named Jessica." He continued to babble on, comfortably and Jessica nodded her head politely, smiling charmingly as the two began to discuss the history of her name.

Tommy leaned close to whisper in her ear, "I'll be right back."

He started walking toward Jude and as a result she didn't notice the doors open once again as an eight year old girl, the spitting image of Jessica walked in. Jude turned and started walking down the hallway, away from Tommy.

"Jude," His voice interrupted her and she paused in place without turning. She heard his footsteps approaching and soon felt a tentative hand on her shoulder. Finally she turned to face him.

She forced a calm smile, "Hi."

His face softened, "Hi," Awkwardly he raised his arms and equally awkwardly she accepted the hug, gently patting his back before pulling away as soon as was politely possible.

She glanced about her nervously, "So you're visiting Toronto?"

He nodded. "Yeah, for awhile…" He trailed off.

The young girl walked over to them and wrapped on arm around Tommy's legs as she leaned against him, "Dad," She whined, "Can we go to McDonalds after this?"

Tommy knelt down beside her, "Kara. I want you to meet an old friend of mine." He motioned to Jude, "This is Jude; we used to work together."

Kara gazed up at Jude skeptically, eyeing her up before she smiled in approval, "I've heard you on the radio. You sing that song 'You walked away' right?" When Jude nodded she continued, "It's my favorite song." She glanced at her father condemningly, "Daddy doesn't like listening to it though." She rolled her eyes, "He's got bad taste."

Tommy looked away awkwardly and Jude was amused. 'You walked away' had been the only angry song she'd allowed herself to write about Tommy after he'd done just that; walked away. Always one to read and understand her music he'd easily guessed the story behind the song.

"Honey," Tommy spoke in a gentle, young voice, "Why don't you go look in the sound booth over there." He motioned with his hands and Kara scampered off. Jude was intrigued watching him interact with his daughter; it was a whole new side of him she'd never seen before.

They were both lost in an awkward silence when a tall dark haired man walked up behind Jude silently and wrapped his arms around her waist. He leaned down to kiss her neck lingeringly and Tommy's eyes darkened slightly as he took a few steps back, allowing them their space. He looked away.

"Hi honey," Jude smiled, "I thought you weren't recording today?"

"John and I are just meeting up to discuss this new song we're working on." Mark explained. He was the lead singer of a hit rock band currently signed to G-Major. They were just starting work on their sophomore album.

"Well good luck. Please don't try to kill each other this time." She smiled ruefully, knowing her husband's artistic temper.

"I'll try," He flashed her a dazzling smile before walking away down the hallway.

Tommy turned back to her as he walked away, his hands shoved into his pockets as he nudged a dent in the wall with one foot. "So that's your husband?" He asked, though he recognized the face from the wedding portrait he'd seen in the paper.

Jude nodded. Noticing the expression in his eyes she shook her head, "Don't think of him like that. That phone call the other day… I'm sorry; I shouldn't have called you like I did. I was just upset. Everything's fine though. Okay?"

He nodded, "Whatever you say."

"Tom?" Jessica was standing in the middle of the lobby looking up at them. She seemed tentative, not sure if she should come any closer. She motioned behind her. "We should probably be going."

He motioned to her with his hand and she walked over slowly, her wide eyes, barely landing on Jude as she glanced about her. "Honey, this is Jude. Jude, this is my wife Jessica."

Jessica smiled. "I can't believe it's actually you. I'm a big fan of your work. Tommy's told me so many stories of the days when you worked together."

"Has he?" Jude's eyebrows rose in a brief flicker and she forced her lips to move in something somewhat resembling a smile. "It's nice to meet you too, Jessica."

There was a blur of motion as Kara scampered back over. She caught the hem of her mother's shirt and gave it a soft tug. "Mom, Dad said we could go to McDonalds to celebrate!" She winked at her father with a cheeky grin.

Tommy spoke up, "Actually…"

Jessica laughed and hugged her daughter to her, "Honey, we talked about this…" She smiled at Jude, "It was great meeting you." With Kara still tugging on her shirt, she turned and walked toward the door.

Tommy watched the two leave, one hand absentmindedly rising to rub the back of his neck. "It's our ten year anniversary," He explained. She nodded wordlessly. "I guess I'll see you around."

She nodded again then departed into the studio as he walked back over to her wife. She leaned against the wall and dropped her music down on a nearby chair. It had been ten years since Tommy married Jessica. Ten years ago Jude had been twelve years old. Ten years ago was three years before she'd even met Tommy Quincy but then this fact that her producer, mentor and crush had been married the entire time she knew him was no longer new to her. It was one of many facts she'd learnt in the months following Tommy's abrupt departure the day before the release of her sophomore album.


Teasers for Part 2
"I guess we never really moved on"

"I shouldn't have run off like I did," he said, when coherent thought had returned. "I was rude and selfish and cruel. I'd just gotten news that Jessica was really sick and it kind of overwhelmed me."