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Lyn: Since I'm on major writer's block for Sharingan vs. Sharingan (which you guys love more than Unattainable Love) I'm attempting to write a new story, which is, for the first time, not SasuIno (but it will be featured here of course) but NaruSaku. I'm not just a NaruHina supporter. I actually loved NaruSaku way before

White Lilies and Red Roses

My name is Namikaze Naruto, son of Namikaze Minato, owner of Hokage Inc., one of the most famous law firms in the world. I'm a high school junior, studying at Sarutobi Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in Konohagakure no Sato, which is where I live.

Anyways, I'm just a normal guy, aside from… you know, the rich thing. My best friends are Inuzuka Kiba (who is obsessed with dogs), Hyuuga Neji (the Hyuuga prodigy), and Uchiha Sasuke (who is a quite decent guy if he's not being a stuck-up prick). I'm on my way to school, riding the bus. It's crowded and very noisy, but since I'm beside Kiba I shouldn't be surprised. I check my cellphone, a Nokia N73 Music Edition. It has a reminder which says, "Feb. 14. V-day. Give flowers to Berry."

Did I forget to mention that I was bringing a large bouquet? It's really nice. Humiliating on the bus, but nice. It has six white roses and twelve red roses, which I picked especially for my beloved Sakura. Oh great. Now I'm getting too cheesy.

Aah, Haruno Sakura. Straight A student, Beautiful short pink hair, shining emerald green eyes. One of the most popular girls in school alongside Yamanaka Ino (Sasuke-bastard's girlfriend), Hyuuga Hinata (Kiba's secret crush), and Sung Tenten (Neji's –ahem ahem- best girl "friend"). Sakura's very kind most of the time but has a horrible temper, which Kiba found out when he put a snake in her bag back in second grade. She wants to be a doctor someday and excels in our science and math subjects (I should know, she tutored me once in Math). She's also not looking for a boyfriend, but I'll change that.

Well, here's mine and Kiba's stop. We're the only students living in Northwest Konoha, and we're the only students who take the NW Konoha bus. Kiba and I step out happily, then walk straight to school, which is quite near the bus station, with me clutching the flowers carefully. Kiba laughs, but stops abruptly when I hand him my backpack.

"Why are you giving this to me?" He asks, an eyebrow raised.

"Cause you're carrying it, dog boy." I answer, while motioning to the flowers I was holding.

"You are such a sissy. You carry those as if they're the most precious thing in the world." He scoffs.

"They are. How Sakura will take these flowers will tell if she likes me, which I'm sure will be a yes." I said proudly, grinning. Kiba rolled his eyes.

"Whatever, loser. We'll be late. If we're late, we won't be able to attend rugby practice after school." I rolled my eyes. Aside from dogs, Kiba was also obsessed with rugby. The four of us are part of the school team, and we have practice everyday. We reached the front of the school, and I took a deep breath before taking my backpack from Kiba and walked inside.

Lyn: I've decided to add rugby. So anyway, there wasn't too much interaction, but this is just the prologue. Hope you people find it intriguing
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