Fred and George were walking down the corridor of Hogwarts School one day; I forget exactly which corridor, but for the purposes of this tale, it doesn't matter a jot.

Fred smiled at his twin, in a mischievous fashion, a demonic glint in his eye.

"I think, my brother..."

"That we should cause trouble?" George replied, knowingly.

"Definitely," they said together. And just as they set off, a great rumbling noise started. They turned as one, to see a great heavy boulder rolling down the corridor towards them.

"Oh," Fred said.

"Shit," George added. They ran, but the boulder caught them and crushed them; fortunately, it wasn't that heavy, so it didn't kill them. After a long moment, they finally got to their feet.

"What hit us?" George asked.

"A big rock," Fred replied.

Juist then, a massive axe swung from the ceiling, and it sliced Freds arm off. Fred screamed, as a second axe swung down and cut him clean down the middle. George paled considerably, but thenanother zxe swung down, caught him in the crotch, and dragged him up to the ceiling, before crushing him against the small slot where the axe fitted. The axe gently swung until it reached a vertical position, and george slumped off it, in agony.

Just then, Argus Filch, well dressed, extremely handsome caretaker of the school, stepped out of the shadows.

"My revenge!" he screamed happily. "Finally!!"


Filch shot up in his bed, slicked with sweat, panting.

"Crap," he muttered. "It was only a good dream."