I am about to die.

What a strange thought, Spock thought. I am about to die. I am about to die…


At least its nothing new.

What an equally strange thought. I, alone amongst countless others, will have died twice.

I wonder what Jim would have thought of this death. Ah, knowing Jim, he would not have accepted it. He would have fought it, found another way, that is what Jim Kirk did. He found another way.

Except for when he himself died.

That was his other way, though. Dying, to save countless others. Typical Jim.

What of McCoy? No doubt he would have had something illogical to say…

''I'm gonna miss you, you green blooded idiot.''

Yes, that would be about right. Mild insult, coupled with understated wording of his true emotions.

Scotty would have offered me a last drink.

Uhura would have sung a lament.

Spock sighed, sat back, and looked up.

The end is nigh, he mused. Fascinating.

He smiled.