Gundam Seed: Killer's Realm


- The Crucible -

Endymion Lunar Base, Luna
February 6, 64 CE
2:39 PM GMT

Rau Le Creuset moved swiftly, leading a team of fat, round ZAFT-Approved Mobile Suits (ZAMS) towards the moon. In the space surrounding, Gamow-class cruisers fought with the Agamemnons, Nelsons, and Drakes of the Earth Forces 'OMNI Enforcer' military. Beams lanced across kilometers of space, the battlefield where the wholesale slaughter of OMNI's Moebius-type mobile armors occurred.

While they were fast enough to avoid the majority of the Close-In Weapons Systems (CIWS) of the space warships of the past five decades, and heavily armored enough to endure the rest, the mobile armors were outclassed by the Mobile Suit. More agile, more heavily armed, and piloted by Coordinators, the suits could out-maneuver the armors and destroy them by the dozens. The ZAFT Original Networked Suits (ZONGS) were even worse, carrying enough firepower to gut a Nelson's entire Moebius contingent all on their own.

There were, however, exceptions. Like the squadron that was even now rapidly accelerating for Rau. A burst of feeling, something like the migraine version of an intuitive feeling of familiarity, signaled Rau.

"So we meet again..." the masked pilot mused, "…Mu La Flaga!"

- The Ace -

The squadron of Moebius Zeroes, the only one of its kind due to the nature of the mobile armor, approached the swarm of mobile suits, the small force supported by an orgy of reinforcing standard Moebius armors, making for a total of five mobile armors to every mobile suit.

Mu La Flaga, squadron leader took a deep breath to settle his nerves when a sensation filled his mind, one of troubling familiarity and déjà vu.

"Rau Le Creuset." He breathed. The two aces had encountered each other enough times over the course of the war for Mu to recognize that strange feeling of intuition that he had whenever coming across the strange masked man. He scanned the suits before him before his gaze locked onto Le Creuset's white-painted custom ZONGS.

"Alright, I have dibs on the white one!" Mu called to the rest of his squadron. A few tense, strained chuckles sounded back as the Moebius Zeros closed in on the team of ZAMS and one ZONGS.

The mobile armors closed with the ZAFT forces, the cylindrical attachments on the sides, ventral and dorsal surface of each somewhat dart-shaped Moebius Zero detached with sections folding open to allow two rather large autocannons to extend forth from each pod. Along with the larger railgun mounted right under the cockpit of the Zeros, this made for a rather impressive arsenal.

The hail of chemically-propelled depleted uranium armor penetrators and magnetically-accelerated nickel-iron-based projectiles flying towards the collective mobile suit teams were vast enough to completely destroy, or at least maim the majority of those in the immediate forward firing arcs of the Zero squadron, most ZAMS that survived doing so missing two or more limbs and with significant damage to their hulls.

The return fire was no less impressive. Several of the ZONGS had ion beam cannons for primarily anti-ship/fortification purposes, and the ZAMS were packing their high-caliber assault rifles. The Moebius Zeros had already withdrawn their gunbarrels within seconds of their initial barrage, using the maneuvering boosters attached to each one to scramble out of the way of the incoming assault. The standard Moebius fared far worse than their more advanced predecessors many of them blasted into so much space charcoal or ventilated by hails of gunfire.

As the comm flooded with cries, Mu gritted his teeth, locking onto the white-painted ZONGS.

- The Child -

Endymion Lunar City, 108th Street, House 13

A shrieking alarm woke up the nine-year old boy from his restful slumber, the brown-haired child rubbing his eyes as he sat up. A moment after that event, his door was practically blown off of its hinges by his parents.

"M-mom? Dad? What's happening?" Was all he managed to say before the two adults bundled him up in a coat, shoved his feet in his shoes sockless and rushed him out the door. He barely managed to snatch a small toy off of his dresser before they left.

"We have to leave sweetie….it's getting too dangerous here." His mother soothed the startled child, as the trio turned down the corridor.

Despite the availability of surface housing, the Yamatos had opted to leave in one of the sub-lunar apartments on the outskirts of the city, practically wall-to-wall with the Lunar Bases' own sub-lunar facilities. While little Kira had merely chalked it up as one of his parent's many eccentricities, Caridad and Haruto had chosen the place for the location of escape shuttle bays near it, both the civilian ones in the Lunar City and the military ones in the Lunar Base.

They were running towards one right now.

- The Last Man -

Colonel Joseph Abaddon was done with this dump. He'd done as asked, playing around with the morons assigned to Grimaldi, moving them here and there without much reason to simulate some kind of high activity and draw ZAFT in.

Now, it was time to get the hell out.

Abaddon and his retinue of transferees from previous commands, assorted bootlickers and token security officers were actually in the process of boarding the first escape shuttle when two people and a kid ran up, before being stopped by one of the MPs.

"Hold up, military personnel only. Civilian shuttles are that-a-way."

Joseph was heading into the airlock when he caught sight of the trio….specifically the kid. And his purple eyes. Before the MP could finish his next statement, the Colonel intervened.

"Hey, we're actually kind of full here, but we can fit the kid in somewhere." The OMNI Enforcer officer said in a calm, soothing voice. "How about I let the kid on, and let you guys get on that shuttle next to us?"

The parents hesitated, when an explosion rocked the hanger.

"Take him!" The mother insisted, shoving her child towards the airlock.

- The Ace and the Crucible -

The Moebius Zero chased the white ZONGS around the battlespace, gunfire sparking back and forth between the two mobile weapons, each piloted by a veteran of the war. Their little skirmish drew them away from the frontline of the battle, the pair drifting farther and farther away in their slapdash maneuvers and feints.

"How nice to see you again, Mu La Flaga!" Le Creuset spouted, elegantly dodged his ZONGS around a railgun shot.

"Can't say the same about you Rau!" Mu shot back, literally, following up his missed shot with a barrage from the gunpod autocannons. The pair continued their duel, when the moonscape behind them apparently burst into flames.

"What in the-"Mu winced, screams echoing in his cockpit from the radio.

- The Killer -

Despite how much he wanted, the kid couldn't turn away... through both shuttle's windows, he saw his parents, in the other shuttle, ripped to shreds as their own blood evaporated. The child fell from his seat, sobbing as the last visible microwave rays dissipated, their destructive purpose fulfilled. In the seat across from his, an officer from OMNI Enforcer watched out of the corner of his eye. That kid's a Coordinator...I'm sure of it now, Colonel Joseph Abaddon thought. If I could get him now...train him to hate other Coordinators and turn him into a pawn...I could get a big promotion. This thought in his head, the commander of the now-defunct Endymion Lunar Base reached towards the young and promising Coordinator.

"Hey now kid, it's alright. You're not gonna end up like those poor saps..." This was, quite frankly the neutron that set off the reaction, as the kid rose up, ripping the idiot's gun from its holster and firing a round through his nasal cavity. This was all done in exactly one second, sixteen milliseconds and nine nanoseconds. Thus, even as the corpse was falling to the deck, the eleven-year old was already flying at the adjutant who had been seated next to Abaddon. At the four second mark, the blood had floated in globules past the back of the seat, and the kid had seized the adjutant's pistol and shot him in the temple.

By now, the OMNI soldiers in the shuttle were beginning to get past their shock and were reaching for their sidearms, their rifles and such left in the hasty evacuation. All for naught, as the kid fired both pistols again and again, tears flowing from his eyes as he did so. Carefully aimed, the bullets sped into their targets with remarkable accuracy, off by only a few millimeters.

Aside from the Coordinator child, every passenger in the shuttle was either a high-ranking OMNI officer or a guard, and had boarded the shuttle closest to their station. The only reason this kid had gotten in was due to his parents forcing him into it, the first shuttle set to leave.

Within thirty seconds, the only living, breathing macroscopic organism was the kid, holding two different pistols (He really went through the ammo, and it was too large a shuttle to get rid of everyone with ten-round clips). Chest heaving, tears still streaking down his cheeks, the child was sitting in his seat again, drops of blood floating in the zero-gravity. After another two seconds and twenty-six milliseconds, the tears ceased.

The pilots don't know. Escape shuttles have sound-proof cockpits so that the pilots don't get distracted with the usual screaming and sobbing. Rising, he made tiny motions, getting him out of the seat and floating towards the cockpit. Pausing at the threshold, he looked back. Cold, bright lavender eyes with dilated pupils surveying the scene. One body caught his eye, a slight head motion causing him to review. A single yellow band on the crisp white uniform declared the maybe-corpse as an ensign. Flicking through his memories, the killer child didn't remember shooting any ensigns, a remarkable fact. A slight kick off the door gave him enough motive energy to get halfway through the shuttle. Grabbing and pulling on a seat head gave him the rest. As he aimed the pistol for the shot, the "corpse" suddenly kicked off of the back wall, fouling up the shot. The bullet passed through the ensign's right ear, rendering it into a ragged strip of flesh as his hands encircled both pistol barrels.

"Coordinator scum!" The soldier screamed, wrenching both guns out of the kid's hands. All for naught, as a third pistol, stored in the boy's waistband came out, firing into the soldier's right kidney, then his left lung. Coughing and gurgling, the ensign curled up, pain incapacitating him. After a second, he looked up into the pistol's barrel. "Who – what the fucking hell are you? No kid, not even a Coordinator should be able to slaughter a whole shuttle." The youth merely stared at him, gun unwavering. Scowling, the soldier said "I hope to see you in hell, killer." At this, the kid's mouth broke into a half-grin, the left side of his face rising only slightly as the right side twisted maniacally. "What? What's so funny?"

"You guessed right." A shot rang out, sound stopped only by the boundary of the sound-proof door. Kicking off again, he arrived at his seat, where he checked to make sure his pet hadn't been harmed. The little green and yellow bird hopped out of its hiding spot under the seat, and cheeped out:

"Birdy?" Stroking the robotic bird briefly, the killer child vaulted himself over the head of the next seat, and entered the cockpit.

Two more gunshots sounded before the door closed.

- The Author -

Well, that's that. The first revised chapter of Killer's Realm.

Lately, looking over my previous work, I've been thinking about rewriting it, especially Killer's Realm since I think I screwed up a hell of a lot with the characterization. So, here we are.

Newcomers, I hope you enjoy this story, even as I both rewrite and add to it. Oldies, I hope you continue to read and review and enjoy the rewritten chapters.

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