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This game is based on the game, I just added Bouquet in it.

____________It's 10:10. Make a wish~______________________

___________One-shot 1- Jiro's sick day._________________________

Kluke was walking down the streets of her home town, Talta Village with one basket in each hand. In her right hand she had fresh produce from the market, and in her left she had freshly picked flowers. She smiled, remebering Jiro was sick today and she was going to pay him a visit. Shu was out somewhere with Bouquet and he said they would visit him later. She sighed and walked up the steps to her own house. She opened the front door and placed the baskets on her dull countertop. She looked around and took a deep breath in.

"I'm home!" She called. She knew she would never get a response, her parents died in that Land Shark attack a couple years back. She was glad that her and her friends defeated the evil lord Nene, but she was sad that some friends haven't kept in touch. Zola, Maromaro, and King Jibral never really chated anymore since the war. And the worst part is that she really missed them, they were her best friends. She sighed and walked into the kitchen again and placed some plates on the countertop, and then she removed some fresh produce, such as strawberries and apples, from the basket next to her. She smiled and started to peel the apple with a sharp knife until she heard a knock at the door. She dropped what she was doing and opened the door, very suprised to see Jiro. "J-Jiro!" She exclaimed and saw his nose a light pink, and a dizzy look on his face. She gasped and walked next to him and placed a arm around his waist. "Jiro...your still sick?! What are you doing outside?" Kluke asked while she helped him through the house, then up the stairs and she placed him in a chair by her bed. She started to fluff pillows and she lifted the cover of her bed and walked back over to Jiro. She helped him to his feet and she placed him on the bed and lifted the covers over him, just to mid-torso. She sat on the chair he was previously sitting on and she smiled. "So...why are you here?" She asked as she felt her own cheeks grow warm. She flatted her black dress, and Jiro took a deep breath.

"My....my mother......and father.....had to.......leave the village......for the day." Jiro whispered, Kluke barely hearing him. He was so sick from his cold, he could barely talk. Kluke sighed.

"I'll let you stay here, no problem." Kluke said and walked over to her dresser and took a bell out of her drawer. She walked over to bed again and placed the bell onto the side table. "Now....if you need me while I'm down stairs don't call for me. Just ring the bell and I will right up ok? I promise." Kluke said. Jiro nodded, understanding his friends concern. Kluke stood us, tightened her pink bow on her head and walked down stairs and finished peeling the apples. She smiled and brought the cut up apple upstairs. When she entered her room she saw Jiro taking a nap, he was turned on his side and his face at a peaceful smile. Kluke smiled an blushed at the sight before her. 'He looks so peaceful.....it's really cute....' Kluke thought, while blushing at her mind. She smiled and placed the apples next to Jiro's bell on the nightstand. She smiled and fell asleep in the chair, waiting for her new found crush to wake up from dreamland.

Kluke woke up a couple hours later, after she fell asleep next to Jiro. She blushed when she realized she ended up falling next to him in her sleep. She tried to pull away but she felt a hand tug on her hand. She looked down and saw Jiro's hand on top of hers and she felt her face grow warmer. She slowly slide her hand out from his grasp and then walked downstairs. She started cooking soup when she heard a bell go off upstairs. She walked up the stairs and she wondered how long it was since her nap, time always slipped her grasp when she was attempting to cook. She walked the final steps of the stairs and walked over to her bed where the sick Jiro was lying. She walked over to him.

"Hey Jiro...you rang?" She asked, sitting next to him on the bed. He nodded.

"My....my throat is dry." Jiro stated while Kluke's eyes lit up.

"Your not breaking up your sentences up as much Jiro. You must be feeling better after that nap." Kluke said as her eyes caught a glimpse of the apples she left on the side table over a while ago. Jiro also looked over and gave a small smile.

"That's.....funny." He said, then looked into Kluke's eyes, he always loved that shade of coffee brown, it had such a nice color, rain or shine. Jiro smiled and looked away before Kluke caught him staring at her. Moments later Kluke left to get Jiro his glass of water, but she returned just moments later with the full glass. She handed it to Jiro, and he smiled.

'Only if we can be like this forever....only if I wasn't sick.'

___________One-shot 1- Jiro's sick day._________________________

I liked how this ended, it was small and cute, but it wasn't a huge hook up thing. And I think this is an awesome thing for me because I can post many one-shots for any couple, and I can update it whenever I want!

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