Andropov x Kluke


'She was beautiful. She always wanted to help her friends. And she was to perfect for me.'

These were the thoughts always going through Andropov's head whenever he thought about Kluke, a Phoniex Shadow Weilder, a mechanic, and the kindest person on her team of Warriors of Light. He said her as an angel, a goddess, and a sometimes just the most Beautiful person he ever saw.

He always wanted to tell her, but her couldn't tell her.

He couldn't let General Logi ever know about this, since he was against her and her friends.

So he kept it a secret, until one day, after fighting Zola, and when Kluke and Andropov moved to the country side. He told her one day, that her loved her, and she loved him back. They kissed and soon enough, they were engaged.


OK! I made this one short b/c I started a story on this couple. SO PLEASE REVIEW!