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Chapter 1

Here I am, resting my head on the table in my own office.

Hi, I'm Edward Cullen, 24 years old and still single. I'm the CEO of Cullen International Trading Company. My mom, Esme Cullen, is a housewife and my dad, Carlisle Cullen, is a doctor. My dad don't want to be in this company so my grandfather decided to leave the company to me when I'm big enough to take over so here I am, doing work in my office .

My sister, Alice is an A-List fashion designer and her hubby, Jasper Whitlock, is the vice president of this company. Meanwhile, my brother, Emmett, is an Architect with his fiancée, Rosalie Hale, the model.

I'm the youngest billionaire, sexiest man alive, and the other blah-blah-blahs. God I'm so exhausted already.

"Edward!"Ugh. That voice only belongs to one person. She is always hyper.


"What are you doing, Alice," I hissed.

She bounced and sat in front of me.

"I'm just visiting my hubby and my oh-so favorite brother of mine..."she sang at the favorite brother part. I decided to let go of that."You look so tired. Come with me and Jazzy to dinner," she said again sounding concerned.

"Nah, I can cook for myself. And after this little brown file I'm going home anyway," I said showing the stupid file I'm working on.

"Okay...don't over work yourself bro! I hate to see you so tired..."she said smiling. Thank you Alice.

"Thanks for your attention but I'm fine...Go get your Jazzy and get out of here!" She smiled at me again.

"Okay, Edward. I Love you!" Then she got up and hugged me.

"Bye Alice," I said as I hugged her back. Then she walked out of my office.

When she went out, she hugged Jasper. Jasper then saw me and waved at me. I waved back.

Okay, Edward! Just finish this little stupid shitty file then you're done! For today.

As soon as I was done with the file, I got to my silver Volvo and drove home.

Once I got home, I took a bath and then cooked garlic shrimp for myself. The food was delicious. After dinner I washed my own plate. I then headed to the bathroom to change my clothes and prepare for my sleep.

When I lay in my bed, I called Arnold or Arno, my German shepherd dog, and he snuggled beside me. I don't really mind because I wash him every week. I hugged Arno and went to sleep...

The next morning I woke up, doing the same routine.

Which is:

Wake up.

Eat breakfast.

Give Arno breakfast.

Wash the dishes.

Take a bath.

Get ready for work.

Greet Jack (Arno's babysitter).

Drive to my office.

Park the car.

Go to my office.


For two whole years. I do those things again and again. I don't really mind though. Okay, Edward! Time to work! Focus!


I'm Isabella Swan but I prefer to be called Bella. I'm a landscaper. You know the person who organizes and designs the gardens. Lame job? I know...But I like it very much. I like organizing gardens but today, Tuesday, I took a day off. I wanted to rest a bit so I walked around New York.

While I was walking, I stopped and looked across the way to a building that says CULLEN TRADING COMPANY. Sigh...


"Edward, wait!" I called him and ran after him. He ignored me and kept walking.

"Edward!" I called out again and reached for his hand.

"What do you want?!" He spat in my face and pulled out my hand which was touching him.

"I'm sorry..." I said as I looked down at my feet.

"For what? I love you, Bella. I do but you didn't love me back. You chose Jacob, not me. You and Jacob make a really great couple." He said with a fake happy tone.

"Oh yeah, in case you didn't notice, we are over," he said, "Bye Bella. Good luck with your life." Then he walked out.

---End of flashback---

That was the last words I heard from Edward Cullen.

Now, he's a rich man. Well, at high school he was the richest guy but I dated him not because of his money. I don't even want him spending money on me.

I broke up with him because of my stupid mistake. He saw me kissing, hugging and cuddling with Jacob Black at senior prom. And I regretted that. So yeah, now I'm single.

Jacob and I broke up seven months after the prom thing. He said he was bored with me and now he's dating another girl named Leah Clearwater. Though, Jacob and I are still friends right now. I'm not mad when he broke up with me. I'm even glad he did because I don't care about him. Heck, I don't even love him.

I still think about Edward's face, voice, how he kisses me and everything. I'm such an idiot to cheat on him. Oh god Bella! Why do you still think of him?! Its seven years ago! Old story...

After I finished staring blankly at nothing in particular, I continue with my walk.

I was tired at walking now so I took a cab and visited Central Park. At central park I bought an ice cream and just sat at an empty bench. I saw a man with his dog, a woman cuddling her daughter, and a girl hugging with her boyfriend, I assume. I sighed looking at the couple. They're cute.

Then someone tapped on my shoulder, breaking my gaze at the

I saw a woman maybe the same age as me but shorter with black spiky hair, wearing Gucci sunglasses, Kate spade tote bag, and a nice short sleeved white blouse with matching job skirt.

"Is this seat taken?," she asked. Well, she has nice voice...

"No," I answered.

"Can I sit here?," she asked again smiling.

Well of course! It's for PUBLIC! I thought to myself.

"Yes," I said as I smiled back.

"Thanks," she chirped. Then she sat.

I continue licking my chocolate ice cream.

"Nice shorts, "she complimented while looking at my shorts.

"Thanks. Nice skirt." I said, complimenting her back.

I finished my ice cream and I grab my postman bag smiling goodbye to the woman. Then I exited central park.

I took a cab again and went to Times Square...It's so crowded here! People kept bumping on me and saying sorry to me.

I only walked, seeing all the expensive things in the windows. I can never afford those. After all, I'm only a landscaper in NY. What did you expect? Expensive rings on your fingers, expensive Rolex watches, Versace, Guess, Gucci, Chanel and those more expensive brands? No, I can never afford those. Maybe a person like Edward Cullen could buy those. But me, Bella Swan? Dream on.

I live in a flat. He lives in an expensive house in Manhattan. Am I jealous? Maybe.

My life is terrible here. Charlie, my dad, is a cop in Forks. A little town in Washington. My mom, Renee is traveling with Phil, my stepdad. They both had money. Not so much though but they have a life. Their daughter? Smart, nice, and plain. Bella now is a LANDSCAPER.

I have to admit, I AM JEALOUS OF EDWARD'S PERFECT LIFE! He gets anything he wants! Nice clothes, cars, and EVERYTHING! Me? Nope. I was even lucky to have a boyfriend like Edward back in High school. He was the king of Chapman high school. I'm just the kid who moved from a little town named Forks to a luxurious boarding school in Los Angeles! In high school, I was the smart, nice Bella and dated the king of Chapman high school. People said we were the most perfect couple.

And I ruined it. I ruined everything. It was ME who messed up things. ME. IT WAS MY ENTIRE FAULT. Ever since I broke up with Edward, I never dated anybody (except Jake). I kept thinking about my mistake with Edward. I'm stupid. I ruined it! Why? Why do I keep thinking about it? It was 7 years ago for God's sake! SEVEN YEARS AGO! He probably doesn't remember me. Now, I live in a flat with my best friends from High school, Angela Weber and Jessica Stanley. They live in the third floor while I'm in the second floor. Angela Weber is a copywriter while Jessica works in a in a magazine named Twilight. Jessica is the gossip queen while Angela was the quiet one. Either way, they were both nice. After walking and thinking, I decided to go home. I took a cab again. When I pass the CULLEN TRADING COMPANY sign again, I couldn't help thinking about him...and it's so FRUSTRATING.

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