Chapter 8


I'm standing in front of Edward's backyard looking at the man who is working in the garden. I dug a hole in the ground and planted a seed in the corner. It's a tree and I hope it grows. I'm quite tired right now,because we have been working for the last 4 hours. Plus, I'm sweaty and probably smell like crap. But I don't care if I smell or not because it's a part of my job.

After planting the seed, I went inside. I took my shoes off before entering Edward's living room that way don't get his floor dirty.

His house is beautiful. There's a glass wall so you could see the backyard clearly. He might enjoy looking out that window more once were done with the yard, I thought. I sat on the couch and looked at it more closely. It must be very expensive. The house is so clean and neat. I walked around and I saw a black grand piano. I sighed; It brought back memories.


"What is it Alice? You know I hate surprises!"I said impatiently. I was blindfolded and Alice and Rosalie were dragging me off somewhere.

"I know you hate surprises, but your going to like this one!" Alice and Rosalie answered at the same time. I remained silent and Alice kept pulling my arm and Rose is behind me pushing on my back gently.

I heard a door being pushed open and Alice pulled the blindfold off. Then she ran to the door leaving me alone in a dark room.

"Hello?" I practically shouted. It's midnight and they suddenly woke me up!

All of the sudden the lights were on and I saw my boyfriend wearing a tuxedo and smiling, sitting in front of the black piano. Why is he wearing a tux?

"Edward?" I asked when I saw him. He only flashed me a crooked smile and turned towards the piano. He started playing a piece, I don't know what it is, but it was beautiful. Then he started singing happy birthday to me while I just stared at him dumbly. He has a great voice.

After the song ended, he got up from the piano and walked towards me. He gave me a hug and all I could do is hug back while I buried my face in his chest.

"Happy Birthday Bella." He said still hugging me. He kissed my hair and let go of me.

"I hope I didn't interrupt your sleep" he continued with a grin.

"Well,you did."

"Sorry. I didn't know what to give for your birthday so..." He looked disappointed. Great, now I feel guilty.

"No, Edward," I said struggling with my words, " I didn't mean I don't like it," I said looking in his eyes.

"So, you liked it?!" He asked with excitement.

"I love it" I said with a big smile. After six months of dating, I still wonder why he picked me. He's just perfect while I'm just not good enough for him. But I'm so happy he did this for me.

"I'm happy to hear that, but let's go before the school patrol finds us" He said. He gave me a quick peck on the lips then yanked on my arm softy, turned off the lights and then we ran towards the door and then back to our dorms. I gave him soft kiss goodnight and went back to bed with a smile on my face.

--End of flashback—

Before I tore my gaze from the piano, I saw a photo frame with a picture of a bunch of people in it. I reached to it and scanned the photo. It was a picture of Edward, Alice, Emmet, Rosalie, Tanya and the rest of his gang. There's no me in it. I realized this picture was taken after prom,when it's time to pack your things up from the dorms and the last day I've seen him. I noticed the box in front of their feet.

I felt a tug on my heart and I wanted to cry again. I wanted to hold him and tell him I was sorry. Even if I did that, whats the point? I told myself to not think about Edward Cullen again. But how? I'm in his HOUSE. At the party I said sorry to him but it wasn't enough. It was a very stupid reunion. Was it even a reunion?

He took care of me and then left. Without exchanging phone numbers or addresses or anything! It was just like saying 'Hi' to someone you knew and then bid each other goodbyes in the next five minutes. I put the photo frame back to it's former place.

I wandered around and saw a bookshelf. I know he loves to read.

I picked out a book and read the title,and it says BUSINESS FOR DUMMIES. I laughed silently. He is the director of a big company and he is still reading business for dummies. I picked out another book and its says DOGS FOR DUMMIES. Whats with him and dummies?

I looked at the bookshelf again and found an amount of classics and history of war, and etc. Also I found some books about great people's biography.I smiled at this.

I went up to the second floor and watched the men from the balcony working in the backyard. I watch as they forming the words, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. On the bottom I saw a worker starting the E. Thats good, if they finished 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD' then we could start planting the 'decorations'.

I turned and saw a big black door. I guess it was Edward's bedroom. I wonder whats behind that door.

'BELLA!' I mentally screamed. IT'S NOT YOUR BUISINESS!

I glanced at the clock and saw it was 3pm. Time always flew by when I was with Edward or thinking about him. It's already 4 hours since I've entered his house.

I ran to the men who were still working. I gathered them all up and said that it was time to go home and they bid each other goodbye and went out. I guess it's time for me to go home too. When I reached the gate I forgot that I left my bag inside of Edward's house. I quickly ran inside and took my purse and then walked toward the gate again founding Jack with Arno. They just came back from their walk.

"Going home, Miss Bella?" he greeted me.

"Jack, it's Bella. And yes I'm going home. How's Arno today?" I asked patting Arno. His tail wiggled.

"He's happy as usual, but he's still sad because Edward is not here," he said glancing at Arno.

"Edward is very busy, huh?" I asked.

Jack nodded. "He's a workaholic." he said quietly.

"Okay, then. I'll see you tomorrow Jack. Bye Arno," I said.

Jack waved his hand while Arno whimpered. I shot Jack a questioning look.

"He wants you to stay. I've never seen him this happy since Edward introduced me to Arno," said smiling.

"Tell Arno I'll come back tomorrow," and with that I start walking home.

Happy, cheery Edward became a workaholic Edward. I wondered what made him like that? Whatever,its not my business anyway. But I hope he doesn't get too caught up with work. Everybody deserves a rest sometimes.

I just hope Edward pay a little attention to his dog too. I know I would. Arno is just likable. Plus, Arno loves Edward.

IT'S NOT MY BUSINESS! Mind your own life, Bella. You have no right to criticize Edward.

I have a miserable life but I criticize other people's life. Stupid Bella. Look at yourself before criticizing other people,okay?

On the way, I bought a hot dog and sat in the park. It was 6 pm. The sun is almost gone. I just sat there in the park eating my hot dog. I hope there's no more dogs attacking me.

How is Edward? Is he the same? Well, probably not. Hes a workaholic. Does he still hates me? I can never forget his face when he saw me with Jacob. I saw pain, anger, hurt and betrayal in his face.

I have to stay away from him.

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