02/05/2009 07:34:00

"Tell her family she's crashing, get us a crash car! Her heart is failing." The doctor yelled.

"Okay…1…2…3.. CLEAR!" he yelled.. her heart still failing, he could see how much this family cares for her.

He could see the fear in there eyes.

"Okay charge to 250.. 1.. 2.. 3… CLEAR." I said it's still not working!

"Charge to 300.. CLEAR!" I yelled, in about 10 seconds her heart was back. I sighed into relief.

We tried intubating her but it still wouldn't come out. Okay.. one last try and if doesn't work will call out time of death.

"1…2…3…" then her heart failed.

"Time of death 13:00 am---" I stopped as she reigned her strength and started breathing again.

"Your lucky, your girl is a fighter." I praised smilling at them. This was probably a good thing.