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"Did he say 'Nii-san'?" whispered Michael, breathlessly.

Yami didn't reply, his eyes were still locked with Zomb's, rage on his face, his hands alight.

Zomb lifted his other arm, then punched Yami on the head, slamming him into the deck, returning him fully to human form.

"You still are weak Yami…" muttered Zomb, the red arm sliding back into his sleeve. "I now know why no one wanted you on their crew back then… You are just a waist of space…"

As soon as those words left his mouth, Charlotte, Michael and Mayat surrounded him.

Michael had his sleeve drawn back, Mayat had thread drawn between his hands, and Charlotte had her blade pressed against Zomb's chest.

"Don't insult my nakama…" whispered Michael, as electricity pulsed in his hand.

Rage was in their eyes, making them seem less like their usual selves.

Zomb smiled, as he slid his dagger into its sheath, then lifted his hand up to his mouth.

Yami's eyes widened.

The three were obviously confused, and even more so, as he bit his finger.

"NO!!!" yelled Yami.

"Bloody Whip!" a stream of blood shot out his finger, before becoming semi-solid, more like a whip than blood, hitting into the three's chest's, sending them sprawling onto the deck.

Zomb chuckled.

"Useless… I'll tell you again… Get stronger Yami…" the blood squirmed back into his finger, as the wound healed. "Oh, and since Guren's taking a liking too you, next time I'll have to take you with us…" he waved leisurely. "Adios…"

The red arm shot out his sleeve, grabbing onto the deck of the now nearby ship, then sending him rocketing onto its deck.

Three people also stood on the deck.

The red head; Guren, from earlier.

A raven haired female with various weapons attached to her.

And a raven haired man with a sword that looked like a cross between a claymore and a revolver.

Zomb let out a casual wave, then looked at Guren.

"Do it…" he muttered.

The red haired girl nodded, then looked at Yami, and blew him a kiss.

The dragon man shivered.

Guren held out both her arms, then clapped her hands. "Seppan!"

This was followed by Raven holding his sword towards the end of the ship, and pulling the sword's trigger.


It went off like a rocket, a white trail of water being left in its aftermath.

And they were gone.

Yami winced. "Dammit…" he punched the deck.

Atsuko came up behind him, and patted his back.

"Dammit… Dammit… Dammit…" with every 'dammit' he gave the deck another punch. "DAMMIT!!!!!"


They'd left immediately.

Charlotte, Michael and Mayat hadn't suffered any severe wounds, meaning they could steer and navigate the ship, while Yami lay out on the deck, not noticing the heavy rain.

Atsuko walked out beside him, and put a blanket over him. "You'll catch a cold if you stay out in the rain like this…" she whispered. "Let's go inside and have some hot food…"

Yami gritted his teeth, but forced a smile and nodded.

Michael was at the helm, with Charlotte and Mayat in front of him, eating their dinner.

All eyes fell on Yami as he entered.

"We've been thinking Yami," whispered Michael. "We're going to head to Loguetown next. Have you heard of it?"

The raven haired teen nodded. "Yeah… It's the place where the pirate king was executed…" he smiled. "I'd love to see it…"

Charlotte slammed her fist on the table.

All eyes moved from Yami to her.

"Yami! Who the hell was that bastard?! And why'd he call you 'brother'?!"

Yami closed his eyes. "My real name is Naria D. Tanaka… His name is Zomb D. Tanaka… He is, in reality, my blood brother…"

All eyes widened.

Yami slipped the blanket off.

"My father left us when I was born, and my mother died in childbirth… So Zomb was the only one who could look after me…" he looked down at his hand. "We grew up together, and nicknamed each other 'Black' and 'Yami'… We became known as the dark twins, as we went around as pickpockets…" he let out a nostalgic chuckle.

"When I was nine, Zomb met a group of pirates who were restocking in my village… They wanted him to go with them… I told him too, saying he'd be brilliant…"

He sighed. "I got money to live by doing odd jobs, like cutting wood, or making deliveries… I was strong and fast because I and Zomb both wanted to become pirates… We each made a promise that one of us would become the pirate king, and the other would be second best… Silly really…" he took a sip of the hot tea in front of him. "Three years passed… I heard nothing of Zomb… When suddenly, one faithful day, I met a pirate. His name was 'Opera' Finch. A famous South Blue pirate, that used a rapier to slay enemies… He seemed kind enough, and even bought me an ice cream…

"Then they came…"

"W-what do you mean?" asked Mayat, his eyes wide.

Charlotte looked down. "Buster Call?"

Yami gave them a dark smile. "Yes… Buster Call… Marine ships docked in the bay, killing all who resisted. Their cover story was that a Poneglyph existed in the lower regions of the village… Finch protected me, telling me to run… I was an idiot…" he drained the cup. "I ran towards the place where the Poneglyph was meant to be kept, and ancient shrine not meant to be entered… There was no Poneglyph…" his hand turned into Dragon form. "Instead there was a Devil's Fruit… The Kuro Ryu Ryu no Mi…"

Everyone except for Yami gasped.

"Y-Your devil's fruit?!"

"Yup!" muttered Yami. "I didn't realize its significance, and was hungry from all the running, so I ate it…"


"After I'd explored and not found anything of value, I left the shirne, only to find Admiral Kizaru outside… he seemed surprised to see me, then noticed my wings. So he decided to kill me… If Finch hadn't stopped him…" he paused briefly, "Finch gave up his life to save me… I saw him die… I watched the light fade from his eyes… And I ran… How I ran… I ran towards the emergency raft, which Zomb and I had made in our childhood… And do you now who was there?" he poured himself some more tea. "Zomb himself… He'd by this time eaten a devil's fruit…" he looked up, his eyes serious. "The Chi Chi no Mi…" (Blood Blood Fruit)

"Chi Chi no Mi?" whispered Atsuko.

"I don't know much about it, but I do know he defeated me in seconds, and then set me out to drift at sea… He called in a mocking manner: 'You want to become the pirate king still? Then become stronger and defeat me! I'll be waiting!' He killed his own crew to get a pardon… He was known as 'Blood Walker' Zomb, the wildcard of the Riptide pirates…"

"Wildcard?" Atsuko whispered, taking her seat at the table.

"Yeah… He was the Jack of all trades… An assassin, a berserker, a spy, a scout… He could do it all… His only weapon was that little red knife, and the blood in his body… Literally…"

Yami brushed his face, where the scar appeared.

"This mark was given to me by Zomb's 'Bloody Whip'… He turned his blood into a cross between solid and liquid, making it a whip like state, and then used it to slash my face… The scar only appears when I feel the rage I did back then…" he crushed his cup between his hands. "He'll be the only person I kill…"

Mayat sighed, and then stood up, hitting Yami on the head with his teacup.

The dragon man looked up at him, surprised. "Ba-ka! Those tea cups are new!"

A smile appeared on Yami's face. "Yeah…" he looked down at the broken pieces of china. "Yeah… I guess they are…"


"Yo! Smoker-sempai!" came a jolly voice, as the heavenly eyes Remy Blemgar walked into the smoke filled room.

"Eh? What do you want Blemgar?" came the gruff response.

"I just got a report that some pirates have arrived on the island… And some are drawing near to it as well…" he threw down two newspapers, the East News, and, East Times.



The blue haired man winced at the papers, then snubbed out his cigar, lighting a new one. "Pirate trash…" he muttered. "They got bounties then?"

Blemgar nodded. "Strawhat Luffy currently has a bounty of 30 million beri, while Claw Yami has a bounty of 35 million beri…"

Smoker closed his eyes. "Which one's on the island?"

"Strawhat-chan…" said Remy, giving Smoker a sweet smile.

"I'll take him then…" the man growled, picking up the giant stone rod, and strapping it too his back.

"Aw? Afraid that the Dragon man will be too much for you?"


Stone met steel, as Remy drew his sword as fast as lightning, blocking the Sea stone rod. "That's not very nice… Smoker-sempai…"

The man's grey eyes met Remy's green ones. "You take care of the dragon boy when he arrives… I'll handle the Strawhat…"

He pushed Remy back, and then exited the smoke filled room.

"Not very nice…" whispered Remy, walking over to the window, and opening it, before leaping out onto the Marine base roof. "I guess I'll spend some time at the Casino…"

He let out a merry laugh, before leaping down into the streets of Loguetown.


"Oi! Guys! Look at this!"

Atsuko and Yami ran out onto the deck, where Mayat was standing, pointing at an island.

It seemed to be entirely made of city, with a great marine base at its centre.

"Wow…" whispered Yami. "Is that… Loguetown…?"

Mayat grinned. "Yeah…"

Charlotte, who was in the crow's nest, opened one eye.

"The town of the beginning and the end…" whispered Atsuko. "The birth and death place of the pirate king…"

"EH?! HE WAS BORN THERE?!" cried Yami, his eyes wide with surprise.

"YOU CALL YOURSELF A PIRATE, BAKA!" yelled Mayat, hitting him hard on the head.

Atsuko gave them a smile. Last night's event seemed to have been forgotten, and everyone, including Yami, had returned to their usual jolly selves.

"So this is the home of the pirate king… Gol D. Roger…" whispered Yami, "Amazing… We made it this far already…"

He stamped his foot on the ships barrier.


Charlotte grinned, and leapt down from the crows nest, landing beside Yami. "Is it beautiful?" she whispered.

Yami looked at her. "Eh?"

"The sea?" muttered Charlotte, walking over to him. "I was born blind… I want to know… Is it beautiful?"

Yami chuckled. "Of course it is! The sea is the best!" he looked over towards the cabin, where Michael was at the helm. "TOWARDS LOGUETOWN!"

Michael grinned. "Aye, aye Captain!"

Yami then began to run forwards, leaping atop the grinning dragon figure head.



"Yo!" came Zomb's voice, as he walked through the door.


Tock's boot knocked right into the raven haired man's face.

"OI! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE FOR?!" yelled Zomb, a boot mark imprinted on his face.

Tock threw the newspaper down at his feet.


"You just had to let your little brother get some publicity didn't you?" snarled the tall hooded man.

"I DID kill him!" snapped Zomb.

"Killing him isn't what the press wants!" argued Tock. "They want cold blooded assassinations, not some no-name pirate beating the crap out of high held figures!"


"And you're late…" muttered Tock. "Rokuya's already been allowed to leave… Lucky git…"

"Hehe! Jealous bastard!" sneered Zomb.


A hand print shot into the wall beside the two, silencing them.

A blue haired girl sat in the corner of the room, a vice admiral badge pinned to her yellow jacket.

"Shut up…" she whispered, a deadly calm in her voice.

Zomb winced. "BLOODY CLAW!!" the red arm shot out his sleeve, heading towards the girl.

She simply held out her palm, blasting it to atoms.

Zomb smirked, as the blood rejoined itself, then slunk back into his sleeve.

"You really are a git, Parusu…"

"I try…" she replied.


"Yatta!" cried Yami, s he leapt onto the shore. "This place looks amazing! I'm gonna have a look around! You guys have fun, kay'?"

"Wait, maybe we should-" started Atsuko, but he'd already run off. "-Stick together…?"

Michael tied the rope firmly around the pole. "I guess we can go have some fun? Maybe I'll check out this place's map records… There may be some stuff on the Grand Line…"

Atsuko nodded. "I'll go with you! They may have some interesting data that could help improve the ship!" she ran off after Michael.

"I guess this just leaves you and me Charlie-cha-"

He space was vacant.


With Yami…

People seemed to be giving Yami a personal loop, as he ran through the streets, people avoiding him by five meters.


He swerved to the right, running down an alleyway.

He then stopped at its dead end.

A sign stood above him, with a black skull emblem on it, two cutlasses below, a white X across its left eye.


"Wow…" whispered Yami, as he pushed open the door of the pub.

It was silent.

Two people were in the pub. One was a tall man, who was slouching over a table, a large tankard in front of him. Grey hair adorned his head, and there was a thick handlebar moustache above his top lip. He had a trench coat over him, but had no shirt, and wore a swimsuit to cover his legs.

His brown eyes fell on Yami.

"What do you want kid?" he said in a gruff voice.

Yami smiled, and sat down at the same table. "I'm Yami! Pleased to meet cha'!"

The man grunted, picking up the tankard with his bandaged right arm, and clumsily pouring it into his mouth.

"So what's your name?" asked Yami.

The man burped, then slammed the tankard down onto the table. "I want another round!"

"Coming right up!" called a voice from under the bar stool.

"The name's Raul Bonet…" grunted the man, wiping the liquid from his moustache.

Yami surveyed him more carefully. He noticed the wave like scar on his forehead. "Hey Ossan… What's with that scar?"


Yami yelled, rubbing the bump ob his forehead with one hand, and fixing his top hat with the other.

"I'm only thirty, brat…" he muttered.

"One pint of ale for the grumpy old man!" Came a merry voice.

The bartender was a young man, looking to only be in his late teens, early twenties, with mid-length brown hair, tied back in a small pony-tail. Over his right eye was an eye-patch. He wore a white shirt, and had baggy jeans, with a skull-buckle belt strapped lazily around it. Two pistols were holstered in his belt.

He laid the tankard next to Raul, and then put a glass of milk in front of Yami. "Thought you might want something a little weaker than alcohol kid."

"I'M EIGHTEEN DAMMIT!" yelled Yami.

"Stop teasing the kid…" grunted Raul, swigging from the fresh tankard.


The brunette let out a hearty laugh. "Nia! Can I have a beer over here?!"

A female voice answered. "Sure honey! Just take it from the fridge!"

The man clapped his hands, and opened the door to a small refrigerator, taking out a cold bottle of beer, and flicking its cap off with his bare thumb.

He took a long drink, then sat down.

Raul picked up a second tankard, and began to drink them both at once.

"Oi… Don't you think you're drinking a little too much?" muttered Yami.

"Only when I'm not drinking…" came the gruff response.


The brunette let out a hearty laugh. "It's nice to meet you Yami-kun! I'm the owner of this place, but I'm usually away on business, so my girlfriend serves customers mostly! You're very lucky!"

"Or unlucky…" muttered Raul.

"Say that again!" yelled the bartender. "Anyway; it's nice to meet you!"

His cyan eyes locked with Yami's crystal blue ones.

"My name's Getto. Rokuya Getto."



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