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My name is Miss Isabella Swan. I am moving to Charlies (my Dad) because my fucking cow of a mother cant handle my ass. I mean whats the point in having a teenager in LA if she cant fucking handle the shit that comes with it? i know right!

So here i am on the plane to fucking Forks. This should be fun..NOT. I wonder if they have even ever heard of Gucci? Ha i bet they buy their clothes from a supermarket. OK..so i am being a tad of a fucking bitch, but you know what, i really don't give two flying fucks!

If i remember corrctly though Charlie really was never any good at the whole dicipline the daughter thing and the fact that he has never really been much of a dad to me since now he probably wont have a clue on how to deal with me. That their my friends will be fucking classic!

So as i walk through the airport looking for my dad i am already making plans on how to shake this town up a bit. If i play my cards right and play the innocent with Charlie i should get away with everything, after all he is the fucking Chief of Police here. Oh their he is in all of his old man glory ha ha. Time to play nice!

'Hey dad! Wow he really hasnt changed except a few pounds and wrinkles more.

'hey bells, how was the flight?' As always, the man of many words!

'Yeah, OK thanks' Cue the innocent grin.

The rest of the road home was spent in silence. Good, i need time to plot. I wonder when my porch will be here.

'Hey Ch-dad, do you know when my car will be here? i really don't want to be the geek at school on my first day of school arriving in the cruiser. I had a hard enough time fitting in at LA' Oh i am so good at this shit.

'Em bells its already here kid' Oh my! 6 words in one sentence, i do feel privileged.

This town really hasn't changed a bit. Still as green as ever. I wonder what James is up to?

'Hey J, whats up? just arrived in dreary little forks ha, u will so need to come over one w/e when charlies gone :P. Nyways tb B xx'

Well thats that sent. I really do wonder what the fuckers up to. The cunt is probably wrecked by now. Talking of booze i really could go a good vodka. Wonder what they get up to here?

'Hey B, aw unlucky babe, sure i will come over and see ya, just say the time lol, and nothing much just took a couple of my little pills ha, its already quite here without ya. miss ya babe, listen to me soundin like the fuckin panzy! :D nyways bells gota go, some dude just passed out and i am so gawna get pics :P hope to see ya soon, J xx'

He really is sounding like a fucking panz! Well he is my best friend (with benefits obviously)

so i suppose i wont slag his ass for it yet. I sat looking out of the window remembering all of the shit i got up to in my own little happy world when Charlie decided to tell us that we were at the house. Oh joy!

I unpacked all of my shit away. I had to basically force Charlie to get me a new walk in wardrobe, and i have to say i am impressed. It's nearly as big as the one i had. When i finished all my shit i heard talking downstairs so i went to see what the shit was.

Oh looks like i will start to like this place, their was 6 boys all standing talking to Charlie and boy were they hot! One looked kind of familiar but i wasn't sure i was too busy hiding in the hall fixing myself to notice.

'Hey Bells, its nice to see your ass finally got here!' What?

'Ehm, do i know you?' who was this dude? He was quite dishy.

'Im Jacob, we hung out as kids, and i have to say you've grew up nicely' Kid has balls! i like him!

'Oh, well forgive me for fucking forgetting when i was four, dumbass' Ha take that cunto! Wow i really do have anger issues don't i?

'Looks like you've grew a mouth on ya too, you will fit in here fine' What was he talking about?

'Anyways bells we gotta go but come down mine tonight if your up for it, just a few drinks and that, Ha sorry i couldn't lie a few bottles' My face cheered up immediately i like this kid already and he has drink. I might like it here after all.

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