A/N- i know i've not updated in like forever and for that i am very sorry. I've wrote this so as to give you a little sneak peak. Yet again sorry ! so i won't prolong yhoor update lol read away :D

Chapter3- Secrets to be told

If they were vampires then what the fucke were they doing hanging around with humans? i didn't get that. Papa Aro always told me and James that humans were not to know of their kind. The only reason James and me had known is because we are not human. Well at least not any more. I had to figure this one out and i'm not happy i have to give up my fucking drink. n second thoughts i'll just take my drink with me. I have one thought in mind this night and it was to get pissed!

I decided to use my exta quiet voice wich i knew they would hear me anyway. "Hey leeches come out the back for a chat will ya? " Their thats about as polite i will ever be.