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Author's Notes: First, I would like to thank The-Lady-Isis for her assistance in inspiring the muse into finishing up these drabbles. Without her, they might very well have languished in my WiP folder indefinitely.

Second, most of these drabbles are gen, but there are some occasional shippy drabbles that pop up, namely BMWW and GLHG.

Third, the number of drabbles will vary from chapter to chapter. These drabbles are episode-based, and sometimes the episode might only inspire one or two drabbles, while others might inspire four or five. It just depends on the episode.

Fourth, enjoy!

Secret Origins

J'onn J'onzz is kept closely confined, physically and mentally. The Imperium's forces have not forgotten how imprison Martians. Still, they have not perfected their methods. There are weaknesses.

His call is chaotic, but it is enough. The two that come are some of this world's great protectors, though as different as night and day. However, J'onn knows they cannot stand alone in this fight.

He calls again, seeking the greatest warriors to defend this lush, green world. There are many heroes, all doing their part, but it is the strongest of the strong that are needed.

So he calls. Do they hear him?

A cloaked figure slips from the palace late at night, stealing past the Temple's vigilant guards. The figure glides up the stairs to the statue of the goddess, her eyes intent upon the altar. It is all there, has been there for as long as she can remember. The armor made by Hephaestus, the Lasso of Truth, the tiara, all are present, waiting for their proper mistress.

She turns briefly, looking to the door. Her hood falls away. "Forgive me, Mother."

The cloak slips to the ground, the armor is donned.

The champion of the Amazons will again walk in Man's World.

A young man zips through his home city, grinning at familiar faces and waving at some kids on a playground. He zooms around a corner –

Hurry come help Batman death Earth danger help others Superman NOW!

– and promptly falls flat on his face.

"Oww," he moans as he sits up, rubbing his nose. His mind, however, is still working furiously. Earth in trouble? He is needed?

It doesn't occur to him to question the appearance of these thoughts. He just knows it is real.

"Huh," he says as he forces himself up to his feet. "Bats and Supes need my help? Who'd've thought?"

On Thanagar, Shayera had taught her students that their instincts could be a potent weapon. She told them their instincts could keep them from getting killed. She then took out a weapon and shot above their heads. They got the message.

The call nearly knocked her out of the air.

Hurry come help Batman death Earth danger help others Superman NOW!

After righting herself, Shayera grasped her mace and flew faster. Despite her mission here, she wouldn't turn away when someone needed help. Hro might scold her for weakness, but he wasn't here. She would do as she saw fit.

Sweat beads on John's brow. He keeps pushing, though his arms are burning like they're on fire. "One-hundred-forty-eight," he mutters under his breath, "one-hundred-forty-ni –"

Hurry come help Batman death Earth danger help others Superman NOW!

John's arms gave out, making him land right on his nose.

"Oww." Damn it. Almost made it.

Despite the pain, John pushes himself back up off the floor. Summoning his ring charger, he takes the ring out and puts it on his finger. After locking up his apartment, he takes off.

He's needed. He doesn't hesitate.

He'll meet his goal of two-hundred push-ups later.