It's addicting, not having to hold back anymore. To actually use all of his strength, without worrying about hurting an innocent or a friend, it's something Clark rarely gets to do.

He watches Darkseid slam through several skyscrapers, leaving only smoke and dust in his wake, and he wonders if this is one reason why his Justice Lord counterpart did what he did. Did he grow tired of having to constantly keep himself in check?

Clark storms after Darkseid. He knows better than to let this go to his head, but he's still going to enjoy this while he can.

"A head start? You're getting soft in your old age."

"Don't you have a tall building to go leap?"

She stares at the two men walking in front of her, shaking her head inwardly. Different as night and day, and yet she never ceases to marvel at the bonds that tie them together. Or the bonds that tie them to her, and she to them.

One is her friend, with a heart as pure as the sun that gives him strength, the other her heart's keeper, full of never-ending mystery. She treasures them both.

Diana smiles. "And the adventure continues."

Author's Note: These are the last of the episodic drabbles that I have written at present time, so I'm going to cite this story as complete. However, if I get inspired to write more episodic drabbles, I'll likely put them here as well (it's possible that Divided We Fall might be added). I want to thank everyone who has reviewed! You guys are amazing! :)