Author's Notes:

Hello, dear readers! ^^ Me is back.. hehe. Although not with an update, but with a note for my constant readers. I've visited this site last night and I'm really glad to see new reviews from my old and new readers. Honestly, when I read the reviews, not just for this story but for my other stories as well, I felt sad because even though I don't update this in a year, still you find time to read and comment. It's been three years since I started UL. I started writing this in the end of April in 2009. And I'm very glad to say that this is the first fanfiction I've ever written. I have many stories written - finished and unfinished, anime/kpop fanfiction - but I could say that UL is my favorite. I reread the story last night and I remembered those days when I will write the story with my paper and pen, the writers' block, the confusion arising from my chaotic writing. I even laughed because I have so many flaws in here, not that I'm a flawless writer now, although I must say I did improve on some areas. I'm not new to writing anymore, but going back to those times, it felt so yesterday. I miss writing for UL and anime fanfictions. As much as I would like to update, circumstances wouldn't let me. As mentioned before, in my author's updates in my profile, my USB where I saved all of my stories' chapters was destroyed, and until now I haven't retrieved my files yet. Getting them costs so much, and I'm still a student. Anyway, it makes my heart swell with pride and joy that people actually loved my stories. For giving me encouraging and constructive reviews, it's hard to write, but my efforts are being paid off. I felt sad reading the new and past comments. I'm not only a writer, I'm a reader as well, and I know how it feels to wait. I know I owe my readers so much, for sticking with me though I'm really bad at updating. And seeing your comments like that, I felt bad because I can't do anything at the moment. At the moment. Well, I'm in my 4th year in college, by May next year, I'm completely free of school related activities. So once again, I'm asking you, dear readers, to bear with me. After graduation, I will write and finish all of my fanfictions, and I will post the other fanfictions that I haven't posted before. Yes, I have lots of SD fanfics.. I'm quite an ambitious writer back then. I am still now. Just give me till May, and then I will update, whether or not I get my USB back. One reason I don't want to just rewrite the chapters is because I already put the effort on the chapter I had written (which were gone). And I don't think I'd get the same effect I want if I rewrite them again, considering I let them all out the first time, the feelings and emotions accompanied with writing them aren't with me now.. So there. Once again, thank you for all my readers, both old and new. I hope you won't get tired of waiting and supporting this story and my other stories as well. Thank you and take care! ^_^

- midnightsolitaire