Right, so I've literally just come back from the cinema where I saw Wolverine: Origins. It wasn't as bad as I was worried it was going to be. I fact I think it turned out pretty good. However I was disappointed with how poor Deadpool ended up. So, in the fine tradition of fanfic, I'm fixing it.

This is what actually happened, ignore what you saw in the movie. (oh , and if you haven't seen the movie this probably won't make a whole lot of sense. Spoiler alert)

Logan struck out at weapon XI as fast a he could before the twisted science experiment could fully turn towards him. His adamantium claws struck his face across the eyes removing the 11's most dangerous weapon. The Dead Pool's healing factor tried desperately to repair his eyes as he staggered back causing Wolverine's next strike to miss his throat and get his lower face instead. Gasping for breath from his mouth for the first time since his activation was his last act as Logan molten hot claws dug into his chest and he was pushed off the towe


#Weapon XI Online#

"Oh, That smarts" Wade Wilson groaned as he struggled up from under a pile of debris. Looking around he saw he was inside a damaged tower, there was the sound of sirens in the distance.

#Systems Check#


#Optical Concussive Blast Irreparably Damaged#


#Healing Factor Online#


#Primary Weapons… # two long swords sprouted from his hands. #Operational#

"Hello babies." Wade stretched out an arm "Huh, do theses look a little long to anyone else." He looked from the tip of the blade up along is arm. "I mean, how dose this thing even fit in me? Shouldn't I be unable to bend my arms or something?" The blades retracted. "Hey! I wasn't done with those"

#Teleportation Check# Wade felt a jerk along his spine. "What was that?"

#Error, Error. Teleportation Locked. Activation Code Needed#


#Return To Base For Mission Update#

"All right, shut up you stupid text box."

# New Mission Parameters Needed, Return To Base#

"Oh, I don't think so. I'm through working for Stryker. I mean really, sewing a guy's mouths shut is just, well, rude."

#Mission Parameters Needed#

Wade stared walking. "Relax. I'll think of something. Something fun!" The blade popped out of one of his forearms again. He brought it up and looked at his refection silently for a moment.

Suddenly he smiled.

"My, aren't you a hansom devil."

Whistling, Deadpool left the island.