See the lies

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"That idiot! I hate him… I hate his guts! Why are you always argh!" I yelled out to no one while making my way to the girls locker room in short quick strides. It was late probably around 7 in the evening and Takumi the captain of the boy's basketball team was practicing hard on his own. So I thought it would be nice if I waited for him but no. He told me to go home, I mean who died and made him boss, I want to wait for him cause I …I just want too! Why can't I? Forget it I though while I sped up my pace.

I dropped my basketball kit bag in the locker room for me to use tomorrow for morning practice. I slammed the door and rushed out of school forgetting all about that stupid no good idiot, but every step that I took further away from school I would feet a icy dagger pierce my heart. I'm not one to just leave people… like that idiot. I turned around and faced the school again, I guess I should wait. I leaned against the school gates, closing my eyes for a rest.

'Does he really hate me that much? What did I do wrong? Taku…' When I thought everything was peaceful a cold breeze passed, I felt a shiver come straight up my spine. "It's so cold all of a sudden" I muttered while pulling my arms closer to me to keep warm. Just how long do you intend to make me wait for you, I thought angrily, I started to drift off again, I was tired. No. Exhausted. Ms. H wasn't the type to make practice easy… she was the type to make practice like hell. I released a heavy sigh; I took a glance at my watch only for it to disappoint me. It was now 9 o clock I scowled and crossed my arms. I looked up in the sky to see a few stars, looks like the moon is full, it was so bright and details of it were clearly shown, a few seconds later a shade of black appeared blocking my view of the stars and moon, it slowly fell onto my face.

"Oi, I told you to go home." I heard someone say, I recognized it instantly. "Takumi" I mumbled while pulling off the piece of cloth off my face.

"It's cold tonight and you should get some rest, didn't you have a tough practice today?" He replied while taking a sip out of his drink.

"I was waiting for you, you unfaithful jerk" I muttered loud enough for him to hear. I tossed his uniform to him and started to walk back home.

I felt a grip on my wrist stopping me in my tracks. I turned but was pulled towards him. I felt his other arm wrap around my waist. My chest started to hurt due to my heart beating harder and harder as every second passed, it was no longer cold and I could feel Taku's wet hair drip onto uniform. "Hey…Taku?" I said out quietly. His grip on me seemed to tighten while I realized something, even though we aren't talking I have never felt this close to him.

"It's not that I don't appreciate you waiting for me, its cause you have a match tomorrow. You need your rest." Taku whispered in my ear.

That's when it hit me, why he was turning me away. It was because he wanted me to rest for tomorrow's practice game. I wrapped my arms around him while my head dug deeper onto his chest. I wanted this moment to last forever but something like this would never last long. A few minutes later his grip loosen and we started to walk in the direction of where our houses were. We had small talk but I was too busy thinking about what had just happened. We reached my house a while later, he hugged me good night and walked off. I watched him get further and further away until I couldn't see him anymore. Clouds started to appear in the sky and they were dark, but I hadn't realized. I was too busy standing outside. Rain started pouring down, lightening was seen and thunder was heard soon after, but I didn't move an inch. It felt like I was nailed to the floor.

"What's… wrong with me" I said quietly while dropped my bag and raised my hands to cover my face. I wanted to cry, I wanted to so badly. "But I won't… I'm the captain… of the girl's basketball team…so I won't, not anymore" I mutter while removing my hands and letting the rain fall onto my face. I decided to get out the rain and get inside before mom finds out.

The night was calm after the storm. I had something to eat, took a bath, did my homework, watched a bit of television. It was amazing to get some much done right after 9 pm but it's not impossible. I glanced at the clock to see it was almost midnight. Though tomorrow was a Saturday, it didn't mean I could but sleep the day. I had a match tomorrow, and it was fairly quite an important one. If we won this it would take us to a whole new level, we would get into the junior nationals, but there I was talking big again. I switched my nightlight off and tucked myself in bed. "Tomorrow… is a big day for us" I mumbled to myself and I drifted off to sleep just a few seconds of lying down.

Next Day, Saturday morning

I woke to the sound of my alarm; it just kept ringing and ringing, until I looked at the time. I shot up due to the shock, I woke up 30 minutes late! It was 7:30 am, the time I would be heading out and probably already at school. I slapped my forehead and ran to the bathroom, but things started to spin, I felt dizzy, I placed my hand on the wall trying to keep balanced and steady. I slowly made my way to the bathroom only to see my reflection, pale as a ghost. My body ached and I felt so dizzy just by the slightest movement I made. I got changed and ready. A note was left the table from mom saying that she would be away for a while. I rushed out the house quickly running towards school. The match today was at our school, giving us the advantage since we weren't the visiting team but we shouldn't need to rely on that. We should rely on our own strength.

"Mu! Where have you been? We were so worried!" Mai said while I shut the door behind me. I arrived at school barely in time and I was sweating…a lot.

"Sorry, I got up late. Anyways today we have an important game girls. We must win this! I want to go straight into offense when the ball is in our hands. We need to get as many points as possible. I want to use one on one defense for the first half. We need to cut them off right at the start. Any questions?" I asked while wiping the sweat off my forehead and changing into my uniform which bore the number 4. The captains number, the position I most proud of. We discussed a few more details on the match until it was time to head out. Everyone headed outside to greet the guys and to warm up, I sat on the bench trying to collect my thoughts. I had a major headache but it was okay as long as we win the game quickly, I looked down at my wrist to see a black sweatband.

"He gave me this for good luck" I said to myself while fiddling with it. I stood up showing confidence. I shut my locker and walked out the door, only to bump into someone.

"You should watch where your going" I heard someone say. I looked up to see Taku showing that emotionless face. "Ah, sorry. Just nervous." I said while fiddling with the sweatband once more.

"You'll win. I know you well enough" He said while pulling me into a hug, embracing me. I felt lost at first but I soon came around it and wrapped my arms around him. If he believed I could win then I had nothing to worry about. I wanted to cry of joy but it was such a silly thing to cry about. I should only cry when we won the match. That's the only right time for me to cry. I turned to my right to see Mai and Aikawa hiding behind the pillar, they were… grinning. Wait! We were being watched; I realized having a slow reaction.

"Now show me what you got. Captain" Taku said while breaking the hug. I looked up to him and smiled feeling embarrassed but somewhat proud.

"Ya. I will" I raised my right arm making his and my sweatband clash. He managed to flash a smile and pushed me out the door to where the court was. Soon later I was caught up with Mai and as usual she was grinning.

"Mai tease me later. We have a game to win" I said while raising my hand toward the basketball hoops.

"Yes captain" The team replied.

We got into our positions and waited for the whistle. Once blown the ball was thrown up in the air. I jumped when I got my timing right. I snatched the ball and passed it to Mai who attempted a 3 jump shot. She scored easily and we saw the boys cheering their head off. We continued attacking them constantly until the score was 34.16. We had twice the amount of points and it was half time yet. I started to sweat more and more while getting tired faster. I thought it was just cause I was playing hard due to being on offense but something was wrong. I felt more dizzy as we continued and paced was slowed. I turned to see Mai dribbling the ball and passing it to me.

I caught it and ran towards the basketball, suddenly I couldn't see where I was going. My vision blurred while stopped dribbling. I could hear shouts and cheers but I couldn't get a fix on what was going on. I felt the ball that I held tightly disappeared and a buzz was heard. My vision returned and I realized they stole the ball from me and made a three point shot.

"What… how did they? When?" I said to myself while staring into my hands. It was no half time. We were in the lead but still it kept bothering me.

"Hey Mu? You alright? You just blanked out there on the court." I heard Mai say to me while handing me a towel.

"I'm fine." I muttered while wiping the sweat off my face, but the truth was… I wasn't fine. I felt sick and tired. My body ached and it was uncomfortable. I had a headache and would get dizzy but I couldn't tell my team that. I looked at Ms. H who was now giving me a serious look. I had to get my game together.

"Okay guys, we're doing great so far. They are catching up but if we continue to play offense we can get far ahead of them again. Now Mai you got to work on getting more 3 pointers. Keiko keep on blocking them with your height. The rest just score!" I said to them while standing up and punching the air.

It seems to have work because they all stood up and agreed. We entered the court once more. This time I would finish this; I took a glance at my sweatband and heard those words once more. 'You'll win. I know you well enough' I stopped fiddling with my sweatband and lifted my arms up in a defense position.

"Lets win this girls!" I screamed out when the game started.

End of Game. Score 73-49 Winner: Mizuho High

"We won!!! Mu we won it!" I heard Mai cheer while ran to Aika as soon as she saw him. I was happy we won but… I couldn't think. My head was in a blur, I could no longer feel my legs and my body felt like if it was on fire. I heard cheers but it seems like the cheers would be blocked out at times. The next thing I felt was the hard cold floor.

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